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Born in June 1980; she grew in Martinsburg West Virginia. She has been an author since 2011 to date. Some of her amazing works is covenant series and also the lux series.

Jennifer L. Armentrout; the top ranking seller author both in New York Times and the USA Today. Currently living in West Virginia with her husband, her partner in K-9 known as Diesel and jack Russell who is her hyper. Despite the fact that she’s not hardworking in writing she managed to become the current top seller in New York Times and the USA today. Most of her time is spent, reading, exercising, and watching movies especially the zombie movies. Some false rumors about her state are moving around. She is used to hanging out with her husband and her Jack Russell Loki.

In class she hated algebra such that she used to write short stories during algebra classes and as a result performed dismally poor in math’s grade. At this level; her writing career started to shape. In her writing career; she has wrote the young adult contemporary and also in the pen name J.lynn has written the New Adult and Adult Romance. Amongst other novels she has written are the adult paranormal and the science fiction. She published through the spencer Hill Press, Entangled Teen and Brazen, Hyperion and the harlequin Teen. Covenant series comprises of several books starting with the half blood.

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Half-blood (covenant series)

Jennifer L. Armentrout who is the current top selling author in USA today started the Covenant series in 2011.

Half-blood is a hotchpotch of currently popular characters. They range from supernatural romance, demigods, superpowers, sucking vampires and Daimon hunters. This book is just perfect since it would not be of value if supernatural romance would go without forbidden love between demigod and an offspring of a demigod and a mortal.

The Hematoi run down from the combination of gods and mortals. The children of two Hematois referred to as pure bloods; develops godlike powers. For the half-bloods there are two options among which to choose their of the main character in the Covenant series is Alexandria who is a half blood. One option of the half-bloods is to choose to undergo sentinels training and become hunters of daimons and the other one is to forego sentinels training in favor of becoming servants in the home of pures. Alex’s mother happens to be killed by blood sucking daimons when she was a teen. She goes on run and later joins Covenant. Covenant is one of private boarding school for the half-bloods where the sentinel’s training takes place.

Alexandria who is our main character chooses to risk her life fighting and hunting the daimons rather than wasting her life scrubbing toilets in pure’s homes. Being a student in covenant is inbound to following several rules. One of them is that; it is forbidden to get into a relationship with pures. Alex is in profound trouble after falling hard on a totally pure –blood known as Aiden. As it turns out; even falling for Aiden was not the biggest problem; the problem was to live long enough to graduate and become a sentinel. She was mercilessly punished by getting extra martial arts from Aiden who is a kind Hearted pure blood. If under any circumstance she was going to fail her duties; this would mean facing something bad than death or becoming a slave. It would mean conversion to a daimon. The worst thing is that the same Aiden whom she loved so much would turn to be her hunter. This is what would really suck.

As it is lately discovered; Alex mother did not die but rather turned to daimon and at this point she was out to hunt for Alex. Luckily Alex is an Apollyon or in other words a superhuman half-blood with enough powers that can kill god. Seth who is currently an Appollyon detects some supernatural connections between himself and Alex. Seth is attracted to Alex though suspects of an affair between Alex and Aiden. Alex swears that they have never had a relationship with Aiden because she was now curious about Seth.


Alex is perseverance and consistent half-blood. Despite the agony she underwent through she was still optimistic of once becoming a sentinel. She loves Aiden despite the fact that he tortured her in punishment. She is strong and highly motivated by the miseries she has undergone. She do not back down for a fight.

Aiden becomes in charge of the Covenant after three years out of which Alex was not around. When she returns she is now under Aiden who was kind hearted despite of being a pure. He is different from other pures since he is patient and did not look down on Alex as the rest of pures.

With no keen attention you will be forgiven to think that this book is another series of vampire diaries. Though the content looks alike, this is a pure publication of Jennifer L. Armentrout.

Daimon (2011)

This book describes the life of Alex among mortals where she pretended to be like them. She most often tried to forget of the duty she trained for as a half blood. At seventeen she came in to terms with the fact that she was too freak to undertake the duties of mortals. To her mother that was right though as a descendent of gods, fate would have a mechanism of turning things around. Alex frees to Miami without her mothers knowledge. In Miami she tries to find her way back to the covenant despite the fact that her mother had warned her against going back there. The more she comes close to covenant; the more her life was getting in danger since the daimons were hunting for her.

Jennifer L. Armentrout’s young adult novel Obsidian has been optioned by sierra pictures for motion pictures. In addition her covenant series has succeeded consideration by Herrick entertainment for television adaptation. She has been considered as the Hybrid author due to her success in self-publishing while at the same time maintains contracts with small independent presses and traditional publishers. She is a great author whose books too inspiring to miss reading them.

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