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The Cowboy Gangster series is a successful series of M & M romance, gay & lesbian, LGBT romance, contemporary, and erotic romance stories. It is written by a reputed American author named A.M. Snead under the pseudonym of C.J. Bishop. The series is comprised of a total of 8 novels and 1 novella released between 2015 and 2019. Every book of this series features cowboys as the main characters. Some of the essential characters mentioned by Bishop in the novels of this series include Clint Maddox, Axel Anders, Shay Cory, Vincent Maddox, Adrian, Jules, Tazz, and several others. This series has illustrations of strong adult content and is strictly restricted for adult readers only. The whole series revolves around the lives of Axel Anders and Clint Maddox.

Clint is commonly referred to as The Cowboy. He is regarded as a reckoning force and Sanitini family’s enforcer. Since he was young, Clint has known only pain, violence, and death. Except for some of the men around, whom he considers his brothers, Clint doesn’t feel any love for others. He believes in the idea of instant revenge. His philosophy for punishing an enemy is that the punishment should fit the crime. It is only after coming across Axel Anders that Clint is forced to give up his hard nature and tough personality. When Axel meets Clint for the first time, he is a lost and frightened young man. Clint feels that the stained soul and vulnerable image of Axel Anders has a deep effect on him. He appears to be intrigued by him, thereby experiencing a change in his feeling for others.

As time goes by, Clint Maddox starts feeling that the presence of Axel Anders is disturbing the ground under his most painful and darkest memories that have been dormant for more than 2decades. As a result, he starts seeing Axel as a threat greater than the most dangerous enemy. So, he begins to look for ways to remove Axel from his life with the fear that he might end up resurrecting the past that he thought was long buried. The series progresses further by depicting various other events in the lives of Axel and Clint as well as their on/off relationship.

A wonderful novel of The Cowboy Gangster series written by C.J. Bishop is entitled ‘Outlaws of Love’. It was released in 2015 as a Kindle edition. The lead characters of this book include Axel Anders, Clint Maddox, Vincent, etc. Initially, it is shown that Axel did not know that life could be a mixture of passionate romance and a loving family. He has seen the different layers of Clint’s personality and knows that even though he is considerably rough on the outside, there is a soft-natured man inside him. Clint Maddox has proved to be a lot more than what meets the naked eye. When he was wrapped in Clint’s arms, Axel saw got the chance to see that side of the ‘Cowboy’ that very few, if any, have ever seen. As Axel keeps himself immersed in the thought of Clint, he feels he is unable to deny the fact that he has developed feelings for him in his heart.

On a fateful night when he was resting in his arms, an unexpected call pulled the cowboy away from him. Since then, there has been a string of events involving sinister villains and broken hearts. Axel cannot bear the blow he has received to his heart by Clint’s absence from his life. On the other hand, Clint faces two enemies, one of which is a faceless man threatening to destroy all those he loves and another is his heart that doesn’t want to forget Axel at any cost. Although one aspect of this novel deals with gay romance, there are other aspects involving gangster rivalries and adult content. Bishop has shown the gangsters behaving like a gangster and carrying out gangster justice. The romance depicted is quite beautiful and mesmerizing. There are not many elements of ‘fluff’ romance in this particular book.

Another beautiful book penned in the series is known as ‘Wanted Hearts’. It was also published in the Kindle format in 2016. This book opens by depicting that Axel Anders has become shattered by the cold declaration of Clint stating that he doesn’t miss him, doesn’t love him, and doesn’t want him in his life. He finds it difficult to spend each day of his life by feeling the weight of his saddened and broken heart that keeps pulling him down. Axel knows that he must move on in life and must let go of the feelings he had for the cowboy. He even tries to love another man, but fails miserably. The failure makes him realize that he is going to love the cowboy until his last breath. However, he seems unaware that the day he will breathe his last might be looming much nearer than he thinks. Clint also battles his own emotions and feelings. He holds himself back in spite of wanting to be as close to him as possible, thinking that it is the safest and best thing for Axel.

Clint is determined not to let his guard down and remain far from Axel for as long as he can. While all this is going on in his love life, he still faces the threat of the faceless enemy. Clint fears that the enemy might succeed in destroying his loved ones and steal away their lives. The one whose safety he is most concerned about is Axel and knowing he has made the correct decision in sending him away Clint feels quite content. However, following certain unexpected set of events, Clint witnesses Axel standing in front of the gun held in the hands of the same man intent on destroying his life. He becomes shattered from within and wants to save Axel’s life. Clint is even ready to give away his life for Axel. But, the decision of choosing who to kill lies with the enemy with the gun and Clint doesn’t have any control over him. This book was also loved for its rich content and intriguing love story. It attracted a large number of readers from all parts of the world and became immensely successful.

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