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Cradle Series
Cradle is an epic fantasy series authored by Will Wight. The series stars Lindon, a young boy determined to learn his clan’s sacred arts. Even though this is forbidden thanks to his unsouled status, Lindon is no quitter. The series follows the growth of an under-hero who rises the ranks through hard work and sheer determination. It also comes with a complex and well-thought-out magic system. Add the fantastic action and diverse cast, and you have yourself an outstanding series. The author incorporates some sharp humor into his stories, and you will enjoy many laugh-out-loud moments as you get deeper into Lindon’s world.

Unsouled comes first in the Cradle series. The book introduces Lindon, a 15-year-old boy classified as Unsouled. For anyone in the Sacred Valley clan, this is the worst outcome and is quite rare. Lindon is shunned, looked down upon, and regarded as worthless. He is also forbidden from learning the sacred arts of magic practiced by the clan. Despite all that is working against him, Lindon does not seem to give up. Through determination, scrapping, and a little bit of cheating, he works hard to alleviate society’s position. The only goal Lindon wants to reach is to be allowed to practice the sacred arts just like other boys his age. Will this dream come true?

What starts as a coming-of-age story develops into something more complex. The author gives a comprehensive background on Lindon that helps explain his current position. Twice a year, Sacred Valley tests children between 6-8 years on the souls’ content. No one fails this test, so everyone is shocked when Lindon doesn’t pass. However, despite this setback, Lindon doesn’t let this one event shape his life. Even when he is shunned and considered unworthy and powerless, Lindon doesn’t give up. He desires to become a sacred artist and is prepared to put in the extra effort to take him where he wishes to be. It is admirable that even after an elder urges Lindon to stay home, he keeps on pushing and trying to be better.

Through Lindon’s journey, you cannot help but feel there is more to happen in the future. The event that occurs almost halfway through the story will catch you by surprise, and it will open the characters and book to levels you did not think were possible. This story leaves you unsure of what will happen next, which helps build the tension. Notable themes in this story include working hard and against all odds and paving one’s path. If you love underdog stories, you are going to enjoy seeing Lindon rise from a nobody to a respected member of society. The rise to the top is slow and hard for this young boy, but determination and hard work are a part of who he is. The story flows very well, and the fantasy world will continue to intrigue you the deeper you get into this story.

Unsouled is an intriguing fantasy story characterized by a unique magic system, intricate world-building, and a lovable protagonist. It is an excellent introduction to what seems to be a fantastic series. The narrative follows Lindon through his struggles as he works to fight for his position in society. Lindon’s journey is quite adventurous, and there is a lot of action throughout the story. The ending will leave you wanting to know what happens to Lindon after his last adventure.

Soulsmith comes second in the Cradle series. The book picks up where the first installment ended with Lindon leaving Sacred Valley in search of powers and advancement. When he gets to Copper, Lindon discovers an ancient ruin when others like him are fighting to access the treasures within. To increase his chances of bagging the treasures, Lindon turns to the skills of Soulsmiths known for crafting their weapons fusing stuff of souls. While this gives Lindon new powers, it also earns him new enemies. How will he face the sect that seems keen to eliminate him? Can Lindon stand the heat and get the treasure he is looking for?

This sequel is better than the first installments, and the way the story ends, things can only get better. Lindon’s determination continues to shine through, and you will enjoy seeing him win a few times in the story. While influential Sacred Artists often surround him, Lindon continues to work hard to better his life. However, things are not always easy, and you cannot help but sympathize with Lindon considering all that he faces. The author also introduces new characters who come with the complexities, conflicts, and tensions that were lacking before. Jai Long and Eithan are intriguing characters, and it is notable how the author brings out these supporting characters. Yerin, the Blackflame Empire, and Arelius Family also make the story more engaging.

Aside from creating well-rounded characters, the author has also done an excellent job with the world-building. The magic system gets more complex in this book, and Lindon becomes even more adventurous. It is also fun encountering more dangers and meeting more intriguing characters. Yerin, just like Lindon, has a lot of work to do, and this unbalanced team is fascinating to follow. You also cannot help but marvel at the author’s vivid imaginations and narration skills. The pacing stays consistent throughout, and story arcs remain clear from start to finish. Like in the first book, there will be many surprises along the way, and it is hard to predict what happens on the following page or how the story will end.

Soulsmith is a fast-paced, action-packed, and addictive read. The world-building here is intense and joining Lindon on his adventures gets even more exhilarating. It is incredible how the author takes the reader outside Lindon’s home and reveals secrets that even Lindon is shocked to unravel. The new places, characters, and mysteries give this story an edge and set the next installment pace in the series. Overall, an outstanding book that takes us deeper into Lindon’s complicated life.

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