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Craig Alanson is an American author that writes science fiction and fantasy. He is best known for ‘Expeditionary Force’ and ‘Ascendant’.

Alanson made quite the splash when he appeared on the publishing scene in 2016. A lot of people think that ‘Columbus Day’ was the author’s first published novel and for good reason.

Before the publication of ‘Expeditionary Force’, most people had no idea that Craig Alanson existed. ‘Expeditionary Force’ put him on the publishing map. People were drawn in by his story of a United States soldier who takes to the stars to fight an alien force that might or might not wish him harm.

And once ‘Columbus Day’, the first novel in the series, found an audience, the author did not let up. The next two novels in the series were published that same year. The speed with which Alanson wrote fiction forced readers to take notice.

By 2017, the author had added two more novels and a novella to the Expeditionary Force series. By 2018, that figure had risen to 7 novels and a novella; Alanson was on fire. He knew he only had a short window to make his mark on the publishing industry.

So he dug deep, crafted his stories and churned them out, keeping readers continuously engaged and engrossed with his story of a young US soldier fighting aliens.

And yet, ‘Columbus Day’ wasn’t Craig Alanson’s first novel. That honor goes to ‘Aces’. ‘Aces’ was also a science fiction novel. It told the story of two siblings whose trip out of a planet colony ended in disaster.

It is difficult to determine whether the book was simply poorly received or if Alanson saw no purpose in pursuing the story it told any further. Either way, the author moved on from it relatively quickly. The fact that he published ‘Aces’ in 2016, the same year within which he also published the first three novels in the Expeditionary Force series is a testament to his work ethic.

Craig Alanson’s books typically feature unlikely heroes, individuals that are thrown into impossible situations. Once there, these ordinary souls must rely on their courage and their cunning to attain victory.

The author’s stories are action-packed, though Alanson always finds the time to develop the depth of his characters.

Considering the frequent nature of his publishing schedule, specifically the fact that he releases so many full-length novels in a year, it should come as no surprise to learn that Alanson is self-published.

Traditional publishing is normally a slower avenue with a variety of processes that must be maneuvered before a book can reach the shelves of a bookstore. So you rarely see traditionally published authors releasing more than one novel in any given year.

One assumes that Alanson chose to pursue indie publishing because the avenue allows him to tell the stories he enjoys in the format that suits him. However, the author has been known to field complaints regarding the quality of his work.

The first couple of novels he wrote were quite notorious for their many grammatical and spelling errors. Interestingly enough, the issue did little to debilitate the author’s success.

Alanson’s followers love the characters he creates and the stories he writes. So they have always shown a willingness to overlook the grammatical and spelling errors.

However, casual readers are not quite as forgiving. Indie published novels have a reputation for being poorly edited and, unfortunately, Alanson’s debut novels only strengthened that argument.

Strangely enough, the author has always said that he uses beta readers to check his work, so people do not understand why his first few stories struggled with so many errors.

+Columbus Day
Everything changed the day the Ruhar came. Before then, things on earth proceeded as they always had. Men fought one another for money and power. And then an alien culture descended, far more advanced than anyone could have imagined, and humanity was forced to turn their guns to the sky.

They stood no real chance, not against the Ruhar. But just when all seemed lost, the Kristang swooped in to save the day. The second alien race to grace the earth with its presence, the Kristang ships sent the Ruhar running.

And then they seduced earth’s forces into a war they claimed would end the Ruhar threat once and for all. Humankind was more than happy to help where it could, especially if it meant securing its borders once and for all.

But it was all a lie. The Ruhar were never earth’s enemies.

Columbus Day is the first novel in the ‘Expeditionary Force’ series. The book is narrated from the perspective of Joe Bishop, an Army Specialist who was minding his own business one random Columbus Day when aliens invaded earth.

At first, the lines seem clear enough. There’s one alien army that is obviously hell-bent on destroying them while another seems quite determined to save them. So Joe is among those humans who choose a side and leap headlong into the intergalactic conflict.

But over time, it becomes obvious that there is so much more going on than meets the eye. The humans are merely pawns in a game they barely understand.

+Spec Ops
Earth was invaded by two warring races. The human race was drawn into a conflict that they knew nothing about. Colonel Joe Bishop was one of those that survived the resulting melee.

He got a promotion out of the whole deal but now something grim awaits his future. Joe agreed to take a captured alien starship out into space for a foolish mission he knew he would never survive.

Joe had made peace with his fate. But now the UN has decided to send a few dozen elite troops with him, a development that has only saddled him with more responsibility.

Spec Ops is the second novel in the ‘Expeditionary Forces’ series. The book picks up with Joe having decided to use a ship earth captured to traverse space in search of an artifact that could protect the earth in the future.

Joe is working with a super intelligent AI that might hold the key to the mysteries of a powerful race of beings.

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  1. Janet Atkin: 8 months ago

    I am so excited for the 4th book of “Convergence”! I wonder if you know when it will be out? I read the first 3 right away! Today I found myself missing the characters in that seri!! I am 71 years old, and have read all of the expeditionary force books! RC Bray makes them come alive, he is the best!! Please let me know, if you are able, when the 4th book comes out!!
    Thank you, Janet

  2. Jasper: 2 years ago

    The Dayton Incident mentioned in several of the ExForce Books, refers to an Incident taking place during the Homefront Battle. “Homefront” is Book 7.5 (7.4) of the ExForce Series. It is at present, unfortunately, only available as an Audio Play, thru Audible.

  3. pam: 2 years ago

    unfortunately i do not know! i am looking for the same information. i have read all the expeditionary series through book 8 which had multiple references to the dayton, Ohio incident but i cannot find it. Is there a novella that contains this? i have been searching internet and amazon with no luck. If you find out please enlighten me!

  4. Dave: 2 years ago

    What book has the invasion of Earth and the almost nuking of Dayton? Battle of Homefront? Brock the fighter pilot?


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