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Publication Order of Garrison Chase Books

The Greatest Good (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Thin Line (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
All The Good Men (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Baja Directive (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night Night Killer (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Craig N. Hooper is a Canadian thriller, crime and suspense author best known for his Garrison Chase series. Born and raised in Ontario, Hooper played a lot of sports and was also an avid reader of suspense and action adventure books. After completing his undergraduate, Hopper moved to Hawaii, where he planned to take on his lifelong surfing dream. Hooper enjoyed surfing and traveling for a few years before settling in South California. This is where his teaching and writing career took off.

The Greatest Good

The Greatest Good is the first book of the Garrison Chase sequel. The book features Garrison Chase, a special agent at the cyber-crime unit with the FBI. Chase has been on an unlucky streak. For one, he has been on suspension for a year, and his vindictive wife has been doing everything possible to keep his son away. When he gets back to work, and it seems like his suspension is about to be lifted, another unfortunate thing happens.

Agent chase’s first task after being away from work is to guard the son to the governor of California. On the morning of his first day at work, someone breaks into his home. Thanks to the breaking, he has to be taken to the station for questioning. Things get messier when a little later, the governor’s son is shot at, and rumor has it that the shooting is linked to Chase’s past. While Chase is pulled off the case, he refuses to let the case go. He is determined to find the people behind his misfortunes and bring them to book.

Follow the author on a journey to finding the truth. Chase will go to extra lengths to get the job done, clear his name, and get custody for his son. While most of his investigations will be done off the record, Chase is fortunate enough to get the help of a few friends in the agency. The mission here is tumultuous, and the twist and turns in the story will keep you captivated to the end.

A thrilling narrative, a magnificent plot, and great characters, this pretty much sums up the Greatest Good book. The book is action-packed from cover to cover, and the good thing is that it doesn’t come with the gore associated with such stories.

Chase is a lovable character. While he is excellent at his work, he shows his vulnerabilities, and this makes him more relatable. Aside from Chase, you are going to meet Eva, Chase’s girlfriend, Karla, Chase’s partner, who is the perfect definition of beauty and brains, and Mick, Chase’s best friend. This trio and other people that Chase engages within the course of his investigation make an exceptional team that adds a lot of character to this story.

If you are looking for a thrilling piece based on detective work, conspiracy, and lies, this book is ideal. You will fall in love with the main character as well as the supporting cast. The story is beautifully written, and the author has done a great job of introducing unexpected twists throughout the story. To top it all, the author has done his homework, and the story reads like an action movie from start to finish.

A Thin Line

A Thin Line is the second book in the Garrison Chase series. This book follows Chase’s traumatic experience trying to clear his name. Many want to silence him, but Chase is not easily frightened. The crime he is accused of has turned his life upside down, and he is determined to prove his accusers wrong. This book starts with a beating that leaves chase’s friend with serious injuries. Chase also gets involved in a case involving someone running for president. Chase is determined to find the people responsible for beating his friend and causing collateral damage to the presidential candidate.

Chase has always known the trafficker who framed him for the murder that almost cost him his job. What he did not previously know is that the trafficker is a small link to a sinister chain made of up of influential people. While Chase makes a solid case to his defense, clearing his name is not going to be easy. This is an intriguing mystery story that describes the thin line Garrison Chase and others like him live on. The line between light and darkness is quite small, and as a federal agent, Chase has a hard time staying loyal to people who are involved in all kinds of crimes behind the scenes.

This novel is told from the first-person point of view, which makes it more engaging. Agent Chase talks about his journey through a political scandal so vast it touches the presidency. This emotional journey is aggravated by a conspiracy where Chase loses his family. All is not lost as the contentious divorce is now behind him, and Chase is working on building a relationship with his young son. Despite all the forces working against agent Chase, his wit and fearless nature help him navigate through most of the hurdles on his way.

The main character is lovable, and it is good to meet a man who takes responsibility for his actions and choices. The rest of the cast is just as exciting and adds a lot of character to this story. The author has a way with words, and his attention to detail makes this story sound like a real-life FBI agent wrote it. The book ends well, and resisting the temptation to pick the third book in this sequel will be quite a task.

If you are looking for an engaging detective story with a relentless pace from start to finish, A Thin Line is ideal. Talk about a thin line between moral compulsion and legal requirements, patriotism, and foreign royalty. You will fall in love with the characters, and you can expect to get hooked from the first page. The twists here are many, and most of them will come as a surprise — definitely, a good read that is worth every penny and so much more.

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