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Publication Order of Kate Kenyon Books

The Painted Messiah (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Blood Lance (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Cold Rain (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Every Dark Place (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Horse Changer (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Picture Books

Arno the Garbo (With: Gary Crew) (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon

Craig Smith is a published writer. He resides in Switzerland. He is known for writing exciting fictional stories that include plenty of mystery and action.

Craig was born on January 1, 1950. He attended U.S.I. and graduated, receiving his degree in philosophy. He worked at the U.N.C. before he decided that he wanted to be a novelist professionally.

Craig Smith is the creator and author of the Kate Kenyon series of fiction. This series kicked off in 2007 with the debut of the exciting first story in the mystery series. Smith followed the success of that book up with a sequel, and there are several more installments full of action and adventure to check out!

The Painted Messiah is the debut novel in Smith’s series. This is where readers get to meet the main character for the first time.

Kate Kenyon got married young and became a widow while she remained young instead of later in life as so many do. She had walked down the aisle and stepped into a union with a very wealthy English aristocrat, and now that he has passed his wealth is her own.

With so much money and still so young, you would think that she would be satisfied. Instead, Kate is addicted to adrenaline and taking risks– even if it means that her life is put in danger. Indeed, so much the better. She’s lived the life of the dutiful wife, now it’s time to take things on in her own terms.

This means picking up such day time hobbies such as riding around with her lover and armed accomplice to hold up various establishments and practice robbery, which is totally illegal. That’s how someone like she does gets her kicks, and it turns out that is also how Ethan Brand does too. Perhaps that is why they make such a natural pair.

They say that opposites attract, but when it comes to Ethan and Kate, they appear to be two of a kind. They’re having so much fun going after whatever they want and doing whatever they feel like– within reason, of course. They need to avoid getting caught by the authorities if they want to keep their adventures going.

Now Kate and her boyfriend have set their sights on a Byzantine relic that is nearing priceless status. They have been able to avoid shooting a human at this point. Their goal is to seek thrills, not to rack up the kills. But if they keep going with the heists, they’re going to come up against a snag at some point.

Now things may become even more difficult for the widow thanks to a new person on the scene. Thomas Malloy is retired from the Central Intelligence Agency and now he has been hired by a rich evangelist whose health is deteriorating quickly. He wants Thomas to get a new painting he has from a bank in Zurich safely to the airport.

Malloy is always ready for anything, but even he is not prepared for the hail of bullets soaring his way and the betrayal that he is in store for. All of it coming one after the other means that he’s under the threat of it all pulling him down for good.

Meanwhile, international criminal Sir Julian Corbeau is hiding somewhere in Switzerland so that he can duck heading to the United States on extradition. The head of the Knights Templar, Julian has retained possession of the painting all along but has lost it. He is now doing whatever he can to take his revenge out on the people that took it.

They will pay to be sure. This painting is more valuable than others might think because it holds secrets. These secrets can be unfolded on a gradual basis, revealing how it is the image of Jesus in the end that is able to have a huge power and influences anyone that comes to have it in their possession.

Will the criminal be able to avoid being sent to America long enough to exact his revenge? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

The Blood Lance is the second novel in the Kate Kenya series. If you love sequels and liked the first book in this series, then you’ll really enjoy this thrilling action and adventure tale! You can find it at your local library, book store, or by going online to order.

The time is 1939, and the location is Austria. In Kufstein, the Wilder Kaiser is the term for the foot of the mountain there. Back then, people are shocked when Otto Rahn’s body is discovered there. He was the prime archaeologist for Himmler, but now that’s going to be through because he’s dead.

Rahn was said to be pursuing the Blood Lance, a legendary weapon of the Cathars. His quest for the relic apparently has started a chain of events through time and space that is going to massively affect the timeline of things.

Fast forward to Switzerland in 1997. Lord Robert Kenyon is a senior member of an order of knights (they belong to the Holy Lance). This financier is wealthy with money and is just generally set in life. He is also getting married, or has quite recently, to the love of his life– Kate.

He is busy climbing a mountain with Kate when they are attacked. He is killed, and his wife is left behind to die. Cut to 2008 in busy NYC, where Jack Farrell is a billionaire that decides to get out of town. It might have something to do with defrauding his company.

Now Malloy has been assigned to the job. He’s got a lot of experience when it comes to tracking down clues and people, and his detective work leads him to Germany and a certain Order. Now he must call upon old friends Kate and Ethan to help figure out the order’s secrets and track down his mark.

Meanwhile, Kate is determined to get revenge for what happened on that mountain. Will she get it? Read Craig Smith’s exciting second book in this series to find out the ending for yourself!

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