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Crazy World of Electra Brown Books In Order

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Publication Order of Crazy World Of Electra Brown Books

Life at the Shallow End (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Out of My Depth (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Swimming Against the Tide (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taking the Plunge (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Falling Hook, Line and Sinker (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Crazy World of Electra Brown” series written by author Helen Bailey is a collection of novels aimed at the teenage crowd (the series is considered children’s fiction and young adult fiction). The “Crazy World of Electra Brown” series also explores the feelings of teenage angst.

It centers around the main character of the series Electra Brown. Electra Brown is a bit shallow. She only likes certain kinds of boys (handsome and popular) and feels that others are ripe to be picked on. Her dad cheats on her mom with someone else, and he winds up moving in with the other woman. Electra, at one point, decides that it is up to her to try and get her parents back together. Everyone around Electra has their own problems, but she is only worried about certain aesthetic things, like her hair, wardrobe, and makeup at a given time. She is self-absorbed.

That being said, she does have a serious side as well. She gets to the bottom of her family’s problems, and she even serves as the go to person for answers for some people. She is also interested in the handsome boys from her school, and is severely insecure about her looks, and wants the attentions of a certain boy at school. She is a classic thirteen year old in Britain.

Her friends include two girls that she goes to school with; their names are Sorrell and Lucy. Sorrell is a vegetarian against her will and buys (with her own money) a lot of meat. While Lucy lives in the perfect home and she has the perfect family and she is required by her parents to be very tidy.

“Life at the Shallow End” is the first book in the “Crazy World of Electra Brown” series. The novel was released in 2008. Electra Brown’s family is going through problems. Her mom is constantly watching daytime television, her dad is having his mid-life crisis (he has even announced that he is leaving the house to go live with someone else), and her brother (the little runt) is shoplifting sanitary napkins. Google, the guinea pig, has gone mental, too. Despite all of her problems, she is still wondering whether or not green eyeliner goes with blue eyes or not.

Fans of the novel found it to be enjoyable and wanted to read further installments of the series. Some found the book to be relatable and hilarious. Some found these books to be great escapism, and great for girly girls. Fans of the novel also felt that Electra acted in certain situations exactly the same way that they themselves would if faced with the same situation. Some fans, who were older than the intended audience, found themselves being reminded of their younger years and felt the nostalgia and enjoyed the books. Fans found the book to be very funny to read. Fans found the book to be an easy read, and picked up more and more as the novel went on. Some found the book to be written for them in particular, and they could not wait for future installments.

Some did not like the book and felt that it was very hollow and shallow to read. Some found the book to be too trashy to actually read, and found that they were too old to read the novel. Some did not like Electra and said that she was very shallow, only liking handsome and popular boys and picking on the boys who were not handsome and not popular. Some readers found that Electra’s parents’s situation was not quite realistic. Some readers found this book to be a ripoff of another series that was a lot better than this one was.

“Out of My Depth” is the second book in the “Crazy World of Electra Brown” series. The novel, like the first book in the series, was released in 2008. Everyone wants answers and wants Electra Brown to answer them. They want to know whether or not their son is being bullied or not. Some dude named Sorrel wants to know why Lucy has become a Stroppy Cow when before she was the Princess of Cool. Even her own dad is asking her about her mother’s love life while they eat pizza and garlic bread. In this novel, her parents are still married, but not living together at the start. Instead, her dad has been staying with the woman that he cheated on Electra’s mother with.

Fans of the novel found the book to be funny and entertaining. Some enjoyed reading about Electra and could not put the book down until they had finished the whole thing. Some readers enjoyed the way Bailey moved the story forward and allowed her readers the chance to see her characters progress and evolve in this installment. They could not wait until the next installment of the series. Some felt that the start of the novel was a bit slow, but really picked up steam after a certain page number. The novel, for some, was cannot miss, cannot put down reading that was easy for them to pick up and read. More light, enjoyable reading.

People who did not like the novel found it to be written for kids between the ages of twelve and fourteen. For some, the novel was a chore to finish, and the readers did not like the wasted time they spent reading the book. Feeling like they could have spent their time reading something better. Some found Electra to be too wrapped up in her own life and was too self absorbed.

Helen Bailey was nominated for a “Queen of Teen” award in 2010 for her work on the “Crazy World of Electra Brown” series.

She herself has shallow moments, she admits on her website. She even believes that shallowness is something to be celebrated and encourages her fans to send in stories about their own shallowness. She used to daydream while at school and write in her diary about the goings on at her school that day and why she was not involved in any of it. Bailey uses these shallow moments and works them into her novels about Electra Brown.

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