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Publication Order of Crescent City Books

House of Earth and Blood (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
House of Sky and Breath (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
House of Flame and Shadow (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sarah J. Maas is an American author of fantasy novels.

She is a best-selling author internationally, making the New York Times list. She is known for writing the Crescent series, as well as the A Court of Thorns and Roses and the Throne of Glass series. Her books have done phenomenally well on the market, selling over twelve million copies and being published in thirty-seven languages.

She is a native of New York but resides in Philadelphia. She is married to her husband, and they have a son together as well as a dog. She encourages readers wanting to find out more about her to visit her author homepage or follow her at @therealsjmaas on Instagram.

Sarah Janet Maas was born in New York City on March 5, 1986. She spent her childhood growing up on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. When she was younger, she liked coming up with stories that were based off of popular tales or mythical stories. When she was younger, she also wrote fan fiction revolving around Sailor Moon.

Sarah attended Hamilton College, majoring in creative writing and going for a minor in religious studies. She graduated in 2008 and would marry her husband in 2010.

When she was just sixteen years old, she started out writing a story that would become Throne of Glass, her first novel. Back then it was titled Queen of Glass. She had written several chapters of the book and published them on, where it was viewed numerous times and was a popular story on the site. When she decided to publish it later, the story was removed from the site.

The main premise of the story is based off of the Cinderella story, presuming that Cinderella was an assassin instead of an indentured servant and was attending the ball to take out the prince instead. She began sending the story out to different agents before signing with one in 2009. In March of 2010, Throne of Glass was bought by Bloomsbury, which would buy two more books in the series. Her prequel novellas set two years previously were condensed into the book that became The Assassin’s Blade. Crown of Midnight was the second book in the series and reached young adult best-selling status on the New York Times. The last book in the series was Kingdom of Ash, and the final series had a total of seven novels.

Maas’s second fantasy series was based off of Beauty and the Beast and was titled A Court of Thorns and Roses. The first book came out in 2015, despite having been written in 2009. The series was extended, and a spin-off came out that would tell the stories of other characters, the first of which ended up being the fourth book in the series, A Court of Silver Flames, which came out in 2021.

Her third fantasy series was aimed at adults and is titled Crescent City. House of Earth and Blood came out in 2020. It was named one of the top science fiction and fantasy books by Kobo for 2020. The second book in the series came out in 2022.

Sarah J. Maas is placed at the fifth most popular author from 2016 to 2021 on Goodreads. It was announced in 2021 that A Court of Thorns and Roses would be made into a television series airing on Hulu. Maas confirmed in an interview that she would be working on the project with the writers and showrunner in the position of executive producer.

In an interview, the author has said that classical music and movie scores provide her with inspiration as an author. She also said that other works inspired her enjoyment of reading fantasy and being inspired to write it, citing Garth Nix’s Sabriel and Robin McKinley’s The Hero and the Crown. She has been praised for her characters as one of her strengths when it comes to storytelling, in addition to good world building. She says that she loves writing so much because of the sense of discovery, which provides a thrill for her.

House of Earth and Blood is the first novel in the Crescent City series by Sarah J. Maas. If you enjoy reading fantasy novels, then check out the first in this unique series and see what you think!

Main character Bryce Quinlan had a pretty great life. Everything was going according to plan. She worked her hardest during the day, and when it came to the nighttime, it was time to party. But everything changes when one of her close friends gets murdered by a demon. As a result, she is sad, hurt, and alone.

When the demon responsible is arrested and placed behind bars, all seems well. But then the crimes begin again, and Bryce discovers that she is somehow at the center of it. She knows that she’ll do what she has to so that the deaths of those killed can be avenged.

Then there’s fallen angle Hunt Athalar, who must serve the same Archangels that he tried to throw over. They use his strength and skills to help take out the enemies of his boss. When he hears about a demon going on a killing spree, he’s given the chance to find the killer, with the prize being his freedom.

As Bryce and Hunt go into the bottom of Crescent City, they find a power there brimming with darkness. It could threaten everything they care about. they also find a passion in each other that could end up being something real. Will they catch a killer and fall for each other in the process? Read this book to find out!6

House of Sky and Breath is the second novel in the Crescent City series by Sarah J. Maas. If you liked the first novel, be sure to check out the action-heavy second novel for yourself!

Bryce Quinlan is back, along with Hunt Athalar. They have done a lot to save the city, but they’re trying to just slow things down, relax, and get back to normal while they prepare for the future.

The Asteri have left them alone up to this point, keeping their promise. However, with the rebels reducing their power, you never know what could happen with the rulers. As the two and their pals somehow get involved in the rebels’ plans, they realize they must fight for the right thing. But can they triumph, or will they fall? Can they save the world? Read this scintillating sequel to find out!

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