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Publication Order of Crimson, Colorado Books

A Kiss on Crimson Ranch (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Second Chance at Crimson Ranch (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Suddenly a Father (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Very Crimson Christmas (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Baby and a Betrothal (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Always the Best Man (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas on Crimson Mountain (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Romancing the Wallflower (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sleigh Bells in Crimson (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Coming Home to Crimson (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Anything for His Baby (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love at First Bark (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Crimson Colorado is a series of books by author Michelle Major. These are romantic novels with happy endings. The stories are staged in the town of Crimson in Colorado. The stories are contemporary and modern romances where the central charter always gets a second chance to find her soul mate. The characters in the stories are very close to real life. The author depicts normal people who have their set of weaknesses and are dealing with varied problems. The books are well-written with rich descriptions and have an emotional touch. The Crimson Colorado series starts with the novel”Kiss on the Ranch”. The central character of the book is Sara Wellens whose career in Hollywood has come to an end. The press too has not been very kind to Sara. She comes down to Crimson, Colorado, to sell her inherited ranch property in the town. She is the owner of half of the guest ranch and the other half is owned by Josh Travers. He is a bull rider and has a teenage daughter. Sara grows fond of the father-daughter duo in no time. The chemistry between Sara and Josh is evidently brewing up to a scintillating romance. The two characters are poles apart and no one expects the Hollywood actress to settle down to a cozy life. Josh’s daughter’s character is very well portrayed in the novel and many secondary characters enliven the plot. With numerous twists and turns on the way, the book reaches a happy ending.

About the author:
Michelle Major grew up in Ohio and her passion for a mountain life eventually made her settle in Colorado. She has a husband and two kids and she writes stories on modern romance which has happy endings. She goes a step further and talks about matured love relationships and how everybody should get a second chance in love.

Crimson Colorado series-

A very Crimson Christmas (Crimson Colorado series):-

Published- 2015:
Natalie Holt is a strong woman with an unfailing attitude in life. She resides with her 8-year old son in the guest houses floor of Ruth’s house. Ruth is an elderly lady in her eighties. Natalie is a live-in help to the old lady who has granted her the apartment in exchange for Natalie’s nursing services. Liam Donovan is Natalie’s high-school sweetheart who had left the town years back. Ruth was Liam’s nanny and the only women in his life. When Ruth’s money goes missing Liam returns to the town to help out Ruth. Natalie seems to be the prime suspect to Ruth’s missing money. What starts is another round of romance between Natalie and Liam when they realize the spark still exists between them. The search is done and Natalie is definitely connected to the missing money. The readers have to go through the book to find out the connection. This novel is a quick romance story, perfect to unwind with on a short holiday. Liam is a person who has done well for himself in life and has proved his identity separate from his successful father. He is not a very affectionate character and he quite well knows that. Natalie is struggling to make ends meet. She is trying to secure her finances so that she can rear up her son well. She is a divorced lady who left her husband due to his gambling and lawless habits. Natalie and Liam were teen soul mates but they broke-up when Liam decided to leave the town for his career. Natalie was not convinced and she stayed back. She got married and had a son. After her divorce, Natalie had been taking all kinds of jobs for sustenance and nursing Ruth was one of them. The story takes a beautiful turn at Christmas and good things happen as a god’s blessing. But right when things were looking up, another character emerges from the past, Natalie’s ex-husband. Though the road to love is still a long way, Natalie and Liam will undertake the rough journey together. The love-hate relationship is effortlessly portrayed by the author and her characters manage to connect with the readers instantly.

A Baby and a Betrothal (Crimson Colorado series):-

Published- 2016:
Katie Garrity is the cupcake lady of Crimson town. She has spent her entire life in the town and now finally wants to settle down and have babies. Noah Crawford has returned to the town after many years. His father passed away a few years back and his mom is suffering from brain tumor. The two have been best friends since childhood. Katie secretly loves Noah, although Noah considers Katie a good friend. Katie wants to have babies and after a date, the two end up together one night. A series of events follow where Noah falls for Katie, but Katie is dating other men. Katie is pregnant with Noah’s child and when Noah comes to know about it, he just wants the baby and not Katie. But like all love stories, good things happen and lovers unite in the end. The central characters are well depicted and Katie is portrayed as a caring woman who wants to impress everybody around. She is unable to say no to anyone who seeks a favor. Noah is a forest ranger who loves his work but is not ready for commitment. The story takes an interesting turn when he finally finds true love in Noah.

The Crimson Colorado books are winners through and through. They are great reads for romantic die hearts. With so many books written about teenage love, the modern romance of mature characters is excellently penned down. The author’s happy disposition and positive attitude towards life are vividly depicted in her novels. The books are light and easy novels that are loved by all. The characters in all stories are perfectly weaved so that seem real and every reader relates to them. The heart-tugging romance is not only for teenagers; even adults would love to read the Crimson Colorado series. And most importantly, the happy endings leave a sense of mirth in the heart of the readers after they finish the book.

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