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Crissy Smith is a mystery author, who resides with her daughter, husband, and 3 Labrador retrievers. During daytime, Crissy Smith can be found working her day job while at night she can be found in front of her computer bringing new characters to life. Smith has always loved the paranormal life; witches, vampires, and shape shifters have always been her number one choice when picking out reading materials. Thus, when she decided to start writing, this was the paranormal genre was the venture that she decided to choose. Currently, all of Crissy Smiths books are released by Totally Bound publishers. The Were Chronicles is author Chrissy Smith’s longest running book series. In the year 2014, a spin-off to the Were Chronicles was released. Author Crissy Smith also has several novels and stand alone.

Crissy Smith Best Books
Pack Alpha
In Pack Alpha, author Crissy Smith introduces the readers to Marissa Boyd. The book begins as Marissa is home or what should be the home for her sister’s wedding. Many years ago, Marissa was constantly told that she does not have what it takes to be vampire material. After leaving, Marissa has never looked back, despite the fact that she still longs to be back and be a member of the pack once more. When she meets with Gage, the new pack Alpha, she knew from the spot that this was going to be something that she had never experienced in her life before. Gage is an extremely strong wolf, and an alpha who is willing to protect what he feels is his. Gage considers Marissa to be one of his. Once Gage felt the pull that was normally associated with mate bond, he knew immediately that he was never letting go, despite the fact that Marissa was constantly refusing to stay.

Furthermore, Marissa also has a secretive edge that Gage feels the need to decipher. Irrespective of anything that Marissa thought or believed in, Gage was a man enough to face head-on, any misgivings. However, it does not take long, before an older lover to Melissa comes calling. Gage does everything he can to ensure that Merissa not only remains but also the entire pack remains intact. With that said, Pack Alpha is the first installment in the Were Chronicles book series. Apart from being short, this novel is also sweet as well. Marissa is an extremely likable character, who was not only beaten down but was also through a lot. Marissa made numerous sacrifices for her family. Nonetheless, when Marissa’s wedding approached, Marissa knew that she had no other option but to attend.

Marissa was more than brave to go back and face the pack that her sister belonged to. Despite the fact that Marissa did not possess the ability to shift, she still possessed all the other traits that a wolf possessed. Gage, on the other hand, was more of a tornado that had the ability to sweep away everything that it came into contact with. Upon seeing Merissa, Gage was attracted to her and went after her. Unlike most Alpha’s, Gage not only has a heart but also a deep sense of responsibility.

Pack Enforcer
Pack Enforcer is the second installment in the Were Chronicles. In Pack Enforcer, author Crissy Smith introduces the readers to Cain, who happens to be the pack enforcer and one Emily, who is a member of the pack. Apart from having a tempestuous past, Emily is away from the pack attending college. For many years, Emily and Cain have always shared an attraction. After the two exchanged a heated kiss, many years ago, Cain had to make the difficult choice of letting Emily live as she wishes without interfering with her life. Nonetheless, the chemistry between these two characters is extremely strong such that Cain had no option than to transform Emily into a shape shifter a few years ago. As the pack’s enforcer, it is also Cain’s responsibility to protect all the members of the pack including Emily. It does not take long before a threat is posed by all the female members of the pack.

Emily is informed to go back to the pack so that she can be offered protection from the new threat. For such a long time, Cain managed to fight off his attraction to Emily. Now, when the two have no option but to stay together, Cain has to fight off one of the biggest challenges in her life. With that said, Pack Enforcer is a straightforward action adventure narrative that has not only intrigue but also a little bit of heat. All the characters in Pack Enforcer have been brilliantly developed. Author Crissy Smith did an excellent job of filling the narrative with lots of suspense. All the secondary characters in Pack Enforcer have been brilliantly developed.

Pack Territory
Pack Territory is the third installment in the Were Chronicles book series. In Pack Territory, Adam has just been appointed the new alpha. Adam is more than determined to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Nonetheless, things are not going as smooth as he had expected. Apart from worrying about his father, Adam also has to make up his mind, concerning the person who is going to be his enforcer. What Adam requires is a distraction, and this comes in the form of a runaway from the pack Tasha, his sister, who asks for his assistance. Adam and Tasha’s story will have the readers sighing and giggling. Their narrative is a great romance between two werewolves who have a lot on their plates. Furthermore, none of them wants to be a burden to each other.

However, despite being able to overcome various challenges, these wolves cannot overcome the love that they have for one another. Mr. Chrissy Smith loves to ensure that the characters introduced in the previous novels, stay relevant. In the process, the readers get updates on the characters that they had fallen in love with in the first installment and nice romance stories for the primaries. The main storyline, on the other hand, keeps on evolving and building. Will the werewolves eventually come out of the closet and inform the humans of their existence?

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    I love your books in the chronicles and the shifter chronicles I’m looking forward to reading more

  2. Angela D Garcia: 3 years ago

    I loved your shifter books. Bear Claw was so good as well as the other ones about the shifters from the coalition. Have your written any other bear shifter book about the three brothers in Two Tickets to Bearadise? I was hoping to find one about the brother Sam and India and especially one about the brother Barrett.


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