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Here Lies Daniel Tate (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Cristin Terrill is a reputed American writer, who is popular for writing young adult, science fiction, dystopia, contemporary, time travel, thriller, fiction, and mystery stories. She rose to fame with her debut novel called All Our Yesterdays. Following the immense success of her first book, author Terrill wrote a couple more books, the first one as a mystery novel and the second one as the sequel to her successful first book. These two books have also managed to reach out to a large number of readers from all parts of the world. Author Terrill’ success as a writer has helped her develop a large fan following. Her fans keep praising her on various social media platforms and are now waiting with eagerness for the release of her upcoming books.

Terrill was born in the United States and has earned her bachelor’s degree in Arts from the Vassar College. She also holds a master’s degree from Shakespeare Insititute, Strafford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom on the subject of Shakespearean Studies. As of today, author Terrill resides just outside of Washington, DC. Whenever she is not writing novels, she likes to keep herself busy by teaching and organizing workshops on creative writing for teens and kids. Terrill maintains that she is very grateful to all her fans for keeping her motivated all the time with the praising comments and reviews. She hopes they continue to shower their love and support for all her future projects just like they have done for her previous novels. Currently, author Terrill is busy with finishing the writing part of her next book and hopes to make it available for editing and subsequent publication very soon. Terrill is hopeful that she might work on a novel series sometime in her writing career.

The debut book written by author Cristin Terrill in her literary career is entitled ‘All Our Yesterdays’. This book was released by the Disney Hyperion publication in the year 2013. The novel consists of the central characters in the roles of Marina Marchetti, Em, Finn Abbott, the Doctor, and several others. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Finn Abbott and Em get locked inside cells by an evil man called the Doctor. He wants them to tell him everything he wishes to know from them. The Doctor keeps Em in a cold and bare cell that does not provide him even the slightest of comforts. In the cell adjacent to Em’s, he keeps Finn Abbott. Both Finn & Em have no idea about the things that Doctor asks them, so they do not know what to tell him.

It turns out that the things that the Doctor inquires them about have not happened yet. Em & Finn share their pasts, but they seem pretty uncertain that they will have any future together. They wish to find their way out from the Doctor’s captivity at any cost. They feel they present situation is full of torture. Having kept separated in different cells, and overhearing the anguish of each other while the Doctor seeks answers from them relentlessly makes the two very sad at their miserable condition. A time comes when they realize that they cannot get out of the cells or go back to what they were before getting captivated by the Doctor. Finn Abbott & Em long for the world they were aware of, but they don’t see any chances of getting back there any time soon.

Later, Em discovers a note hidden inside her cell. The discovery of the note changes everything for her and Finn Abbott. She finds that the letter is written by the future self of her own and provides some simple and clear cut instructions about freeing herself from the evil Doctor. For that, Em is required to go back in her past through time travel and prevent a tragedy from happening that appears to get unfold very soon. To make the matters worse for her, Em has to go after and finish the boy that she loves in order to change her future. This seems to be the only way of getting out of the miserable situation and Em is willing to do it. This novel was nominated for the Missouri Getaway Readers Award in 2016 and received the Thriller Award by ITW in 2014 in the category of the Best Novel of Young Adult.

Another exciting book penned by author Terrill is called ‘Here Lies Daniel Tate’. It was published in 2017 by the Simon and Schuster publication. The lead characters mentioned by Terrill in this novel include Daniel Tate, Patrick, Jessica, Lex, Mia, Nicholas, etc. Terrill has done the plot setting in California and Vancouver, Canada. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that a young and street savvy boy looks for a home and uses a fake identity to become a part of an unknown family. It does not take him much time to realize that the family he has chosen to stay with is wrong in every sense. Following this, several thrilling events take place in the life of the young boy.

Daniel Tate was just 10 years old when he vanished from an elite community in California. The search to find him came to an end when no trace of him could be found by anyone. After six years, Daniel resurfaces on the Vancouver streets and seems to have undergone a drastic change. Initially, he looks all traumatized to talk anything about himself, but seems fine and alive. When his family comes to know about him, they get him back to California and shower all the love and care on their dear son. They provide him comfort and luxury with the hope that he will regain his lost memory very soon. Everything looks perfect and Daniel’s surprising return is seen as a miracle. However, the only thing that doesn’t look perfect is that the boy is not the real Daniel Tate.

In reality, he is a small con artist, who carries out odd gigs to earn his livelihood. When he learns about the story of Daniel’s disappearance, he builds up a scam and present himself as Daniel. He thinks that this lifetime opportunity will help him become the heir to a fortune of wealth. However, his joy turns into shock when he comes to know that each member of the Tate family has some secret to hide. Daniel realizes he has landed himself in a dangerous situation as he begins to fear for his life. The story takes several ups and downs before the real identity of the con artist is revealed and also the dangerous secrets of the Tate family members, for which they were ready to kill. The book was well appreciated for its uniqueness and intriguing characters.

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