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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Darlings (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Was Not the Plan (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Banker’s Wife (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girls Like Us (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Cristina Alger

Writing high quality mystery thrillers, Cristina Alger is an American author who is adept at creating suspense fuelled novels. Keeping the reader constantly guessing at every page, she really knows how to capture the attention of her audience and hold it there. This all comes from experience, as she knows her subject matter, having worked in the world of law and justice herself.

Producing stories with strong characters, her novels stay with the reader long after they’ve put the book down. She really knows how to create a story with well crafted characters that stand out from the page, speaking directly to her audience. Coming a long way in a relatively short amount of time, she puts out work that’s well received, drawing in scores of readers worldwide.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1980, Cristina Alger would grow up with a strong passion for the written word, showing a keen love of literature from an early age. Over the years this would develop, as she would continue to nurture this talent continually throughout her education. This would carry on throughout her education, as she would take in inspiration from around whilst growing up.

Graduating from Harvard College and New York University Law School, Alger would gain a strong background in legal studies. This would then go on to help inspire her as an author, giving her the ideas she needed as a writer with something to say. Creating an air of suspense and tension in her stories, she would soon become fully adept at crafting a well plotted novel.

Working as a financial analyst, as well as a corporate attorney prior to becoming a full-time author, Alger would gain a wealth of insight. Giving her experience to draw from, she’d invest a lot of her own life into her novels, making them feel wholly more authentic in the process. Many of her stories also touch on more serious issues, and they’re relatable in a manner quite unlike anything else.

Still continuing to write to this very day, Cristina Alger lives in New York with her husband and their children. Putting out work regularly, she’s a consistent novelist, writing stand-alone titles that definitely speak for themselves. With a lot more to come yet, she’s not stopping anytime soon either, as her writing career carries on growing day-by-day.

Writing Career

It was back in 2012 that Cristina Alger would release her first debut novel titled ‘The Darlings’, which would be a stand-alone book. Not releasing any series as such, she’d largely publish self-contained novels, as she would follow up her first in 2016 with the book ‘This Was Not The Plan’. In 2018 she would publish ‘The Banker’s Wife’, and in 2019 she’d release ‘Girls Like Us’, all of which would be somewhat inspired by her own life. She’d also bring in her love of thriller novels, whilst asking larger questions, with deeper themes and ideas that would resonate with readers worldwide.

Many of the themes themselves would deal with the financial world, reflecting her own time spent within it. This would add an extra level of authenticity to her stories, making them feel a lot more real in the process, whilst also maintaining a high level of suspense. Combining different genres, she has created very much her own thing, bringing to life her many characters and worlds for readers to explore. Winning numerous awards too, including the Booklist and the Library Journal in 2019, she has plenty of critical acclaim as well, as her writing career goes from strength-to-strength.

The Banker’s Wife

First released through the G.P. Putnam and Son’s publishing label, this would be a stand-alone title from Cristina Alger. Published on the 3rd of July in 2018, it would be her third book, with ‘This Was Not The Plan’ coming out back in 2016 just two years prior. Given the more laid-back tone of the previous novel, this would opt for something more thriller and suspense oriented.

An exciting thriller filled with tension and suspense, this keeps the reader held on the edge of their seat guessing throughout. With the two main characters being Annabel and Marina, it’s a story focused on their quest for the truth and justice. Using the world of high-finance as its setting, it’s one that Cristina Alger is most familiar with, making it feel wholly real in the process.

On a private plane bound for Geneva, the banking insider at Swiss United Matthew Werner is one of the casualties after it crashes into the Alps, leaving behind his wife Annabel. Discovering his laptop, she soon begins to learn from his shady list of clients that this this crash may have been no accident, and now her own life may be in danger. That’s when Marina Tourneau, the high society journalist who’s just married into the life she’s previously written about, starts to learn about the truth of the crash herself. Given this final story, she begins to learn of the powerful men behind this crash, and, it seems, she could bring closure to Annabel’s story. What really went on on that fateful day of the crash? Who’s behind it all? What will become of the banker’s wife?

Girls Like Us

Once again published through the G.P. Putnam’s and Sons publishing outlet, this would also be another stand-alone title from Alger. This would be the fourth book to come from Alger, with it being published on the 2nd of July in 2019 to much acclaim. Focusing itself on a thriller mystery once again, this would run in a similar vein to The Banker’s Wife, whilst taking it out of the financial world.

Returning to her family home in Suffolk County, FBI Agent Nell Flynn hasn’t returned in over ten years, having been estranged from her father, the Homicide Detective Martin Flynn. Now he’s died in a motorcycle road accident though, and it’s up to Nell to come back and spread his ashes, putting the past behind her. That’s when she must deal with a new case, one that seems to implicate her own father as the prime suspect, as she begins to question the truth behind her mother’s brutal murder all those years ago. Who really killed her mother? Is her father really guilty? What happens when she asks the question ‘what becomes of girls like us’?

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