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Publication Order of Crow Girl Books

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A British journalist and writer of fiction, the author Kate Cann has been writing for a number of years now to much acclaim. With a strong background in literature she has been able to craft a career from the Young Adult genre, as she creates finely observed characters that her audience can relate to. Creating many iconic and intricate characters that stick with her readers long after they’ve put the book down, she is a gifted and astute novelist. One particular series that she’s well known for is that of her ongoing ‘Crow Girl’ trilogy of books, which fits into the Young Adult genre. Following the character of Lily, they tell of her fight against a group of bullies, as she gains the help of the crows in the dark wood. With a magical element to it, they’re perfectly suited for their young audience, as a set of well paced and exciting adventure stories.

Running for a total of three books, this trilogy is a complete and well developed set of books from the writer Kate Cann. Understanding her subject matter well and how to effectively craft a good story, they are clear and concise in their style and narration. Not only that, but they are also entertaining for older readers as well, as there is plenty of material available for them too.

Crow Girl

Originally published in 2005 on the 29th of September, this was first brought out through the ‘Barrington Stoke’ publishing label. Setting up the ‘Crow Girl’ series, it goes about introducing all the characters, along with the main premise of the franchise itself. Giving a sense of ambiance, atmosphere and what’s to follow, it works at building upon the premise, drawing the reader in and hooking them.

There’s a lot of themes and ideas here that are staples almost of Kate Cann’s writing as an author of Young Adult literature. Many eager fans will pick up on this straight-away, but she is well known for her fondness for magic and witchcraft. These are themes that are reflected here within the story itself, especially in regards to the character of Lily and how she copes with the world. Another extremely well realized factor is that of the woods themselves, as they lend themselves well the spooky atmosphere of the novel. Cann really knows how to make the most of this for her young readers, as she builds upon this through both her style and tone. The setting of the dark woods really creates a sense of foreboding for her audience, as she manages to take them on a journey. In regards to the character of Lily herself, she is a strong and resourceful individual who the young readers are able to relate to. Creating an affinity with her readership, she is able to draw her audience in through her empathetic and warm tone. The other characters play off her well, including her bullying tormentors who sufficiently play villains of the book, whilst not being overbearing.

Starting out with the young protagonist of Lily it sees her getting badly bullied at school, as she seeks to put a stop to it all. Taking refuge deep within the woods and away from her tormentors she comes across the crows who offer to help her. Using their assistance she then goes about getting and exacting her revenge, something which she plans to do in the most spectacular fashion. Will she be able to stop the bullies? Can she get the help she needs? What is the plan for Crow Girl?

Crow Girl Returns

Brought out once again through the ‘Barrington Stoke Limited’ publishing house, this title picks up from where the last one left off. Initially released on the 19th of April in 2006, this came out not long after the first, with much of the story still fresh in the reader’s minds. Developing the narrative and the characters it manages to build upon the premise of the first, taking it in new directions in the process.

Taking a lot of the themes and ideas that were there in the previous novel, this manages to develop them even further. This isn’t to say that they aren’t true to the original, as they don’t detract from it in any way whatsoever, as it makes a great follow-up sequel. Still with the threat of bullying hanging over her head, it sees Lily once again fighting back in order to stop her tormentors. Using the location in a similar manner as before, it really embellishes upon the world and the universe that they inhabit. The dark woods are still there, and this time they are explored a little more than before, making them feel more complete in the process. Opening the world out somewhat it manages to expand upon her previous vision, giving it more room to breathe in the process. Lily herself returns once more, this time a little older and a little wiser, having gone through the events of the previous novel. Enjoying the success of her last adventure, she is feeling on top of the world, as she is reaping the rewards of being ‘Crow Girl’. The bullies are also back, though, in order to create some conflict, as they really aim to test her and her status this time.

Her life as a nobody being but a distant memory back in the past, Lily has now made friends with the crows within the dark wood. Now with her title of ‘Crow Girl’ she is a force to be reckoned with, as well as being deeply in love and having a place in the world. That’s when the bullies decide it’s time to put a stop to it all by taking her down, something which she must in turn fight against. Can she stop them? Is it possible to fight back? Will she retain her title as Crow Girl?

The Crow Girl Returns

A clear and straightforward set of stories, they were followed up by another adventure for the Crow Girl in 2012 with ‘Crow Girl Rises’. With a complete set of adventures, they really draw the reader in, allowing the main character of Lily to resonate with them. This is something that shows no signs of stopping anytime soon either, as more and more discover her work everyday, something which will continue for many years to come.

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