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Publication Order of Crown's Spies Books

Author Julie Garwood’s “Crown’s Spies” series began publication in the year 1988, when “The Lion’s Lady” was released. After four books, the series ended, in the year 1993, when “Castles” was released. It is from the historical romance genre of fiction.

Each of the books features a different pair of main characters, as they each sort out their issues and have a romance together. One of the main characters is royalty of some kind.

“The Lion’s Lady” is the first novel in the “Crown’s Spies” series, which was released in the year 1988. This novel stars Christina Bennett and Lyon. Christina Bennett took London society by storm. She was able to guard her mysterious past until Lyon, who is the Marquis of Lyonwood, stole a kiss from her. It was a kiss that was sensuous and searching. He is an arrogant nobleman that has the passion of a pirate. When he tasted the wild fire that smolders under Christina’s charm and he became determined to possess her.

Christina, who is very defiant and feisty, is not just going to be conquered so quickly and easily. She is the mistress of both her fortune and heart, and she resisted the sensuous caresses of Lyon. She did not dare to surrender to the love he gives. Then, she would have to give up her secret, which is quite precious to her. She would also be giving up her promised destiny.

Fans of the novel enjoyed reading about the two lead characters in this one, and loved them so much they are eager to read this one again. Julie Garwood always writes great heroines, and this one is no exception. Despite being a fish out of water, she is still able to take the entire city by storm while she rides bareback.

“Guardian Angel” is the second novel in the “Crown’s Spies” series, which was released in the year 1990. This novel stars Jade and Caine. The Marquess of Cainewood swore he would hunt down the wretch of a pirate to get revenge for the death of his brother. Jade shows up, who has rippling hair of red and jewel-green eyes, and begs him to protect her. He agrees to help her stay safe from the people that want her dead.

She is beautiful, infuriating, and exasperating, while Caine is powerful, noble, and has a strong-will. There has never been another woman that has confounded him or deeply aroused desire in him. Jade answers his caresses with wild, yet innocent abandon. At the same time, they are pulled into treachery that is going to test their love.

Fans of the novel loved the couple and the banter they had. The hero did a great job of stealing readers’ hearts every time he said I love you; he did not feel bad for how he was or how he felt and never wavered once. Julie Garwood writes great comfort novels, and it is a given that readers will get witty dialogue, characters full of charm, and a romance that makes you feel good.

“The Gift” is the third novel in the “Crown’s Spies” series, which was released in the year 1991. This novel stars Sara Winchester and Nathan. Sara Winchester, a child bride, has grown into a beautiful woman, and waits for the day that her husband, Nathan (the Marquess of St. James), comes back to claim her heart. She is very innocent, and dismissed the old feud that divided her family and Nathan’s. Sara did not even know about his previous exploits as the notorious pirate called Pagan.

The man that currently stands before her was arrogant, perplexing, and powerfully handsome. He is a warrior gentleman that had a gentle touch that aroused her to the deepest and wildest pleasures love has to offer. Nathan never bared his very soul to any woman before now, but he was truly captivated and exasperated by her sweet and defiant ways.

On his ship, called The Seahawk, she was imperious and brave, with a determination to completely win his heart. Yet when they get back to England, her love for him is going to be tested severely when a vile conspiracy tries to tear the couple apart. As their future together is at stake, they are going to discover the true destiny of the passion they have for one another, until the end of time.

Fans of the novel find that this is one of their favorite historical romance books they have ever read. This one put smiles on the faces of readers and left them a bit misty eyed by the end of the book. Another great couple of Garwood’s that readers absolutely could not get enough of. Sara is simply great, with her naive outlook on life and the unquestionable faith that she has in her husband.

“Castles” is the fourth novel in the “Crown’s Spies” series, which was released in the year 1993. This novel stars Colin and Alesandra. Princess Alesandra was left besieged and orphaned when she was only twelve years old. Alesandra was left to be raised in a convent by some nuns. The happiest day for them all was the day that she left, as she got into a lot of trouble during her time there. She knew that only a hasty marriage to some Englishman could keep her from all of the turmoil on her land.

This raven haired beauty quickly captivated all of London society, which is much to Colin’s amusement. Colin is the Marquess of Cainewood’s little brother. When Alesandra is almost taken by some dishonorable countrymen of hers, it wakes up the same fighting instincts that got Colin knighted.

He convinces himself that he only wants to keep her safe. He pushes her into a union that is only supposed to be a marriage in name only, but her tender first kiss and reluctant caress starts a wildfire in the depths of his soul. This lovely princess rushes headlong into some unforeseen troubles, and Colin is going to follow. He knows the entire time that he just has to claim her as his own forever. He is going to risk his own life before losing this tempestuous and sweet angel.

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