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Cruel Shifterverse Books In Order

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Publication Order of Cruel Shifterverse Books

The “Cruel Shifterverse” series is a set of bestselling romance fiction works by Jasmine Mas. On the personal front, Mas is a lawyer that graduated top of her law school class, even though she decided to spend much of her free time pursuing her passion for writing.

Jasmine spent her childhood and teenage years battling an addiction to romance fiction and ultimately gave up and decided to embrace it. She penned “Psycho Shifters,” her debut novel in 2022 and has since then penned several other works in the series.

Jasmine has become known for penning interesting romance fiction that finds its inspiration from some of her favorite TV shows one of which is “The Witcher.” Her romance usually whisks her readers into tropes such as alpha males and bullying, even though she has been known to add a strong female flair to her tropes.

As for her inspiration, she asserted that she grew up reading Johanna Lindsay and was obsessed with her books. However, the book that change her life has to be James Patterson’s “Maximum Ride,” which she loved reading when she was in grade school.

As for her reading habits, it is all about enemies to lovers’ romance with a dark streak and strong heroines.

Jasmine Mas pens some delicious paranormal romances which always come with some powerful women and possessive alpha males. Her romances are usually dark with unexpected turns and twists, tortured backstories, lots of action, and powerful romances.

Mas has said that for the longest time she has been a lover of rebellious sassy women and alpha men that are at least six feet tall. Other things she likes in her books include unhealthy coping mechanisms and dark humor, and unique omegaverse stories.

Jasmine Mas currently makes her home in Miami, Florida, where she lives with her husband and her fluffy cat. She is also a lawyer and caffeine addict who loves to overpay for cycling classes and goes for long runs every week she can get time.

The “Cruel Shifterverse” series of novels is all about an awesome woman named Sadie and her friends.

She is a determined, resilient, and strong woman who goes through a lot but always remains determined to have others respect her even if she has her down moments.

She is well known for her colorful language whenever someone pisses her off and she is never one to let anyone step on her toes. Even though she often has to deal with alpha males, she is a snarky woman that never takes shit from them.
Sadie does not care whether the alphas are happy with her or not, as she will often just do whatever works for her.

The “Cruel Shifterverse” is an excellent omegaverse series that follow a lead that is very much capable of holding her own but sometimes finds herself in situations where she needs the help of the alpha.

Sadie has just enough chutzpah and femininity to bring out the possessive and protective side of the alphas. Most of the time the alphas do not want her to remain at the compound where they live and they also do not want to have anything to do with her.

The interesting thing is that the alphas often come unhinged whenever someone shows her any affection or touches her. There is always the push and pull between the alphas and the heroine, as they will not let her live her life as she sees fit but do not want to admit that they care for her a lot.

“Psycho Shifters” is the first novel of the “Cruel Shifterverse” series of novels that introduces Sadie and Lucinda her younger sister.

The two are orphans that had been left on their own at Dock’s tavern when they were small kids. Dick always had a fondness for Lucinda but never liked Sadie and often beat her up.

At the opening of the novel, she is a twenty-year-old woman who has all manner of trauma and scars following years of working as a slave to Dick. She finally gets the opportunity to get her freedom when she discovers she is an alpha after she is tested.

As the first-ever female alpha, she has to train with three other alphas and be part of a crew facing up to the fae queen who is interested in annexing shifter lands. If she does not die at war or at the hands of the fae monsters, she might just succumb to the hateful but gorgeous three alphas she has to live with.

What is important to note is that there are several realms in addition to the Fae and Shifter realms. There are portals connecting the realms and these are the places where the alpha generals and soldiers make their stand.
They do this to prevent fae monsters from coming into the shifter realm to cause all manner of chaos.

The second novel of the “Cruel Shifterverse” series of novels is “Psycho Fae,” which picks up from where the debut novel of the series left off. Sadie and her friends Cobra, Jax, and Sadie find themselves at the mercy of the fae queen, following the betrayal by one of their trusted colleagues.

As if not being prisoners of the despicable fae queen is not enough, Sadie and her crew have to compete in the deadly Fae Games, where competitors fight and maim each other for sport.

In this book, Sadie comes across as a total badass even if she is still childlike and innocent at her core. These qualities make it easy to fall in love with her attitude and her personality.
It does feel like it is easy to connect with her since she has been thrust into one crazy world that she does not seem to fully understand or get a grasp on.

“Psycho Beasts” the third novel of the “Cruel Shifterverse” series opens following the escape of Sadie and her crew from the Fae realm.

They had been hoping that they would have some quiet time to deal with the events of the previous few months but that is not to be. As soon as they arrive in the realm of the Beasts, they are taken to the local don who runs the mafia.
They have to participate in a series of trials and pass if they are to be allowed to remain together and live as alphas in the city.

In this work, we get to see each of the characters’ journey toward healing and personal growth. Jasmine Mas takes the time to build strong and sweet relationships and these bonds would help them, get through whatever life would throw their way and survive.

We can also see that these are complex and layered characters that are very different from each other. Unlike most characters in such works, they are not slightly crazy or violent women coming with a traumatic past or super functional males.

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