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Publication Order of Marty and Grace Books

Cryptid Hunters / Jungle Hunters (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
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The series is also referred to as the “Marty and Grace” series, as the series stars two thirteen year old twins Grace and Marty O’Hara who lose their parents after they get in an accident. Their parents left to work on an assignment for a magazine that focuses on nature.

Marty has an eidetic memory, is extremely curious, and enjoys going on adventures that involve extreme risk. These last two things can get him into trouble, and have in the past. He is athletic, has no fear, and is artistic. He loves drawing comics and playing practical jokes.

Grace has quite a bit of intelligence, but has phobias (some of these include spiders, escalators, and enclosed spaces). She is small, a writer, enjoys foreign languages and math; she stays far far away from trouble.

Uncle Travis Wolfe has his own private island, has quite a lot of wealth, and hunts cryptids. He is a cryptozoologist. He even has a nemesis named Noah Blackwood.

Throughout the series, you will learn (as do the children), that about the twins’s family history and find out everything there is to know. Assuming you can keep track of everything, the history is a little tough to keep track of.

The series is meant for kids, but that does not mean that adults will not enjoy things too.

“Cryptid Hunters” by Roland Smith is the first novel in the “Cryptid Hunters” series and was released in 2004. After Grace and Marty’s parents die, they move in with their Uncle Wolfe, who they did not know even existed before. The man, who they find to be intimidating, is an anthropologist that has spent his entire life looking for creatures that are believed to be extinct (mysterious, cryptid creatures) for a long time or creatures that have not even been confirmed to actually exist.

Fans of the novel like the way you get to see inside Grace and Marty’s personalities, and the way that these two kids are just like any other, if not a little more unusual. You will find yourself glued to the pages until you have finished reading the novel. The adventures will make it so that you only breath about every once in a while and you will like the characters you are reading about, even if you are an adult. The novel is vivid in description and it is almost as though you are able to make a movie of things in your head. Some felt that they were along for the ride with the heroes, Grace and Marty, in this one and they enjoyed every moment of it.

Some did not like the way that some things may be predictable at times, dialogue that is on the weak side and parts that seem to be cliché. Readers found that parts of the novel were slow moving and dull. Some did not think that the villains were as evil as they should have been.

“Tentacles” by Roland Smith is the second novel in the “Cryptid Hunters” series and was released in 2009. Uncle Wolfe’s latest project is to go to New Zealand to find a giant squid, and the gigantic freighter he has rented for the trip may just be haunted. Someone on the trip is determined to sabotage their trip. Grace and Marty may just be the next victims, if they keep poking their noses into things.

Fans of the novel found that the way the novel is written, you never want to put it down and the action keeps things moving and is quite entertaining. The novel pulls you in and makes you love each of the main characters in it. This is a great series for anyone to read, and it is audience friendly for whoever reads them. There is quite a bit of suspense that will make the novel exceed readers’s expectations, and the twists and turns keeps you guessing and lets nothing be predictable. Some like the way this group of people bands together when they really need to and keep things together so they can all stop the villains.

Some did not like were not fascinated by this book and found that there was not a lot of development going on for Grace, finding Marty got quite a bit more development. Some found that this novel pushed them to buy the third part of the series, and that it is not as interesting as book one. Some found that the novel has far too many people to keep track of, making the novel confusing for them. Some also found that the novel just recreates what the first novel did but changed some things, like the setting.

“Chupacabra” by Roland Smith is the third novel in the “Cryptid Hunters” series and was released in 2013. Grace has been kidnapped by Noah Blackwood, who is ruthless and dangerous. He has also taken the baby dinosaurs that Wolfe was raising. Now that a Chupacabra has been spotted, Wolfe must choose between getting Grace back and seeing a cryptid up close and personal. There is trouble all over the place and the question remains on whether or not Wolfe and Marty will get Grace back before it is too late. And if they will see a Chupacabra or not.

Fans of the novel found that this novel was the best in the series so far and that the humor and action were simply incredible. This novel delivers on everything that was being built up to in the previous novel. The novels are fun and entertaining for anyone to read, a must for middle school aged students.

Some did not like the way some of the things that Noah did in this book felt forced, just to move the plot forward. Some felt that there were continuity errors that are more glaring if you are reading them consecutively, rather than only when a new one comes out.

“Cryptid Hunters” was the 2007 Colorado Children’s Book Award winner and got the Black Eyed Susan Award. It won Nevada’s Young Readers Award. This novel took home quite a few prizes and made it onto other lists.

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