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Publication Order of Windy City Magic Books

The Best Kind of Magic / Miss Match (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sweetest Kind of Fate / The Truth About Destiny (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fairest Kind of Love (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Super Adjacent (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Happily Ever Island (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Crystal Cestari, an up and coming writer with a couple of books under her belt, lives in the city of Chicago and has been interested in writing ever since she was in the 5th grade. Her interest in writing stems from the fact that she likes reading a lot, and derives a lot of delight from being able to tell stories. She has always loved to share what she loves doing with the rest of the world, which is the reason why you will always find her with a notebook, and a pen. For her, this is the easiest way to ensure that she remembers her ideas for use later on, and is less intimidating compared to staring at a blank computer screen.

To-date, she believes that her younger (elementary self) was a wise student, and still uses what she learned from her earlier school days in her work. Crystal Cestari currently resides on the outskirts of Chicago with her young daughter. Her primary likes are bulldogs and ice-cream, with the major dislikes being wearing wet sneakers on linoleum and the span associated with broccoli.

Crystal Cestari Best Books
The Best kind of Magic
In the best kind of magic, author Crystal Cestari introduces the audience to Amber Sand, who is described as not being a witch. Although Amber Sand is not a witch, The Sand family Wicce gene is somehow seen to have leapfrogged over miss Amber. She did, however, get a magical talent that is highly specific to her—she is in a position to see true love.

The author shows that despite the fact that Amber is a good matchmaker, her skills—nay talent—ranks her very low as far as the sorcery food chain goes. In this world, birthday party magicians are ranked higher than talented matchmakers. This is despite the fact that Ambers’ talent is so good, that she can envision a person’s soul mate after only staring into their eye for a period of five seconds.

During the day, Amber, as explained by the author Crystal Cestari, works in a magic shop aptly named “Windy City Magic” and which happened to be owned by her mother. The magic shop is located in downtown Chicago, the same city where the author resides. In her lifetime, Amber Sands believes that she has seen all types of happy ending there is to see, the only exception being that she is yet to see hers. At this point, she has come to believe that fate is twisted in its own way.

This goes on until Charlie Blitzman, the son to Chicago’s mayor, who also happens to be the one boy desired by all girls in her school comes to her for help in finding a missing girl, who just so happens to be the girlfriend to Charlie’s father. Amber is distressed by the fact that she has started to fall for Charlie. Her distress lies in the fact that as much as she is unable to see her own match, she is able to see Charlie’s match, and it just so happens that it is not her!

Amber is conflicted in that she prides herself on being a true peddler of love, and can therefore not fall or pursue another boy who she knows very well is not her right match. Crystal Cestari has set “The Best Kind of Magic” in modern day Chicago and is an appealing read to readers who are intrigued by magic occurring in real life scenarios. The novel filled with sharp-witted, sassy heroines, a well-rounded cast of mythical beings, and loads of adventure is one that will have you laughing within no time. It also has the capability to make you question your long-standing beliefs in happy endings, and in the existence of mythical beings in the universe.

The Sweetest Kind of Fate
In “The Sweetest Kind of Fate” Amber finds herself entangled with a mermaid, a siren, and a witch who is not only wicked but also happens to be highly homicidal. In this book, the author Crystal Cestari takes the reader on a journey that involves this three characters. The homicidal witch in question once tried to strangle the matchmaker—Miss Amber.

The legendary matchmaker—Amber Sand—is more than surprised when her main arch nemesis called Ivy comes to her request for help in a personal issue that is bothering her. Ivy has a sister called Iris who happens to be getting married soon, but Ivy is not convinced that her sister is making the right choice, and wants Amber’s help in proving that Iris is making a deadly mistake that proves costly to her. However, when Amber uses her talent and stares into Iris’s eyes, she does not seem to find anything wrong with her. Amber is, therefore, convinced that Iris has indeed found the right match for her.

It, therefore, seems that everything is set, and Iris can as from that moment start looking forward to a life of marital harmony with her soon to be life partner. This, however, seems to be short-lived as Iris goes ahead and seeks a spell that is both dangerous and life-altering. This means that Ivy and the matchmaker have to come together by setting aside their differences in a bid to help save the day from being ruined.

As Iris is willing to place everything she holds dear in her life for the opportunity to enjoy true love, Amber is still wrestling with issues touching on her romantic future as clearly explained by the author. Amber Sand’s boyfriend Charlie Blitzman’s fate is still linked to that of another girl. Therefore, no matter how much Amber clings on to her boyfriend in an attempt to find happiness and a chance at true love, there is still the fear that their breakup will be inevitable. Crystal Cestari, the author shows that this fear clearly shakes Amber’s belief, as she still holds on to the idea that fate is never wrong! But how correct is she? With that said, the Sweetest Kind of Fate is an excellent read that will keep the readers fully entertained.

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