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Fat Chance, Charlie Vega (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Filter and Other Lies (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fall of Whit Rivera (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Crystal Maldonado is a published American novelist.

Crystal loves to write young adult romance stories for her readers to enjoy. She is a fan of the young adult genre and admits that she has a “lot of feelings”. This makes her the perfect person to pen books for young adult readers that they absolutely love!

Crystal works in marketing and as a manager of social media for higher education and writes when she has free time. Her debut fictional novel was released in 2021. It is called Fat Chance, Charlie Vega. If you are someone that don’t quite feel like you fit in, if you’ve felt like an outsider, if you’re a person of color, a young adult reader, or just someone that loves young adult books, check this debut novel out!

The debut novel was the first book as part of a deal to write two books. Her second novel to come out is the 2022 novel titled No Filter and Other Lies. It’s a great read so be sure to check it out if you are looking for something new or you just loved the first book from this author and want to check out another one of their works!

The author has had her work published in The Hartford Courant, Latina Magazine, as well as Dogster. She also co-founded an online magazine that is called “Positively Smitten”. Maldonado is married to her husband. Together they have a daughter and they spend time together as well as with their dog where they reside in Western Massachusetts.

Her hobbies include listening to music, going shopping, going online, going shopping online, and being extra. Check out her novels and see what this author brings to the table!

Fat Chance, Charlie Vega is the first novel to come out from talented author Crystal Maldonado. If you are looking for something funny and new to read that has tons of emotions and deals with everything from our cultures to our parents to relationships, our bodies, and more, check out this novel and get reading!

When you live in a suburb neighborhood in Connecticut where everyone who lives there is mostly white, it can be difficult. Main character Charlie Vega knows that she’s not only overweight but brown, and that makes fitting in tough. It’s even more difficult to feel like you’re not different and like you’re comfortable with yourself when you’re not and it feels like your life’s going up in flames.

Charlie knows that she’s funny, artistic, smart, and more, but sometimes all that she feels that she gets summed up as is ‘fat’. She’s never enjoyed the fact that she’s overweight, and other people seem to have a problem with it even more than she does sometimes. It can be tough to accept your own body, and Charlie really wants to relate to herself in a positive way. It’s just more tough when your mother is the one also thinking that you need to lose weight and is not very subtle in her attempts to help by leaving weight loss shakes for Charlie in her room.

It appears that just about everyone thinks that she would be better off if she were slimmer. If she were lighter, and her face wasn’t so full. If her hair were straight instead of the way that she wears it. Apparently she should be more quiet, smaller, even more Caucasian in a way. It’s tough to resist all of the pressures that Charlie feels are directed at her.

But when it comes to Charlie’s personal life, she has a great friend to share her feelings with. Amelia is her best friend and while she’s popular, athletic, and has a slim build, she’s always there to support her friend. Amelia’s really cool, and Charlie feels lucky to have her in her life. When Charlie begins dating Brian, a guy in their class, everything seems to be going so well. Until she finds out that the guy she is mega crushing on didn’t ask her out first. He asked out Amelia.

Now she’s confused as to whether she was just the second option that he went with after Amelia. Does Brian see her for who she is, or is he just another guy that is trying to have a girlfriend without really caring about her at all? Charlie thinks that if he can’t see her, well, it’s time that the rest of the world started to witness who she really is.

She’s smart, brown, fat, and so much more. Will the world accept her? Does Charlie even care? Will she find out that Brian really does like her, or be crushed by the fact that he settled? Read this fun young adult novel from Crystal Maldonado to find out by picking up a copy of Fat Chance, Charlie Vega!

No Filter and Other Lies is the second novel from Crystal Maldonado. When it comes to the main character of Max Monroe, the 21 year old young woman appears to have everything. She’s got great friends, she’s beautiful, and her life is endlessly interesting. Of course, it’s all meticulously documented and captured on Instagram for all of her followers to see.

Anyone would be jealous of having that type of life, but is it authentic? It turns out that Max is not Max at all. Kat Sanchez is 16 years old and living in Bakersfield, California. She lives a fake but enviable life online, but in the real world, there’s just boring parties at people’s houses and going to school. Then there’s her best friend Hari, who is constantly hung up on her unrequited love.

Kat loves being Max and sharing photos and networking while giving advice. She’s also become close to Elena, one of her followers. But as they begin to interact more, Kat needs to keep the charade up. When Max has a post go viral, and it risks exposing her secret, can Kat face losing her online persona and maybe her friend too?

Is it too late to keep the truth from getting out, or can she find a way to exit the illusion without hurting anyone? Read this young adult book to find out!

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