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CSI Reilly Steel Books In Order

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Publication Order of CSI Reilly Steel Books

Taboo / Serial (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inferno / Victim (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Torn (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hidden / The Perfect Life (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Watched (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crime Scene / Quantico (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trace / One Little Mistake (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Aftermath / Pretty Guilty Secrets (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Endgame (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Last Girl Alive (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

The CSI Reilly Steel Series is a series written by a husband and wife under the pen name Casey Hill. They are known as Melisa and Kevin Hill. The series has about seven books. The pioneer book of the series is known as “Taboo” and the second novel is known as “Torn” They were published in 2011 and 2013 respectively. You can find these books online where you can either choose to purchase the novel or read them online. Alternatively, you can find these books locally from the library.


This is the pioneer book in the CSI Reilly Steel Series. The novel had its initial publication on 1st January 2011. This smart novel has about 409 pages and 18 editions. The setting of the novel takes place in Dublin. The main character is known as Reilly Steel, who is a foreign investigator. She has been missing his father for a while and this is the reason why she has chosen to move from the United States in order to stay close to his father.

There are several incidences that are coming up just after Reilley has moved to stay with his father. There are several cases of murder and this is described as a twisted game. Due to the rising incidents of murder in the area, it means that Reilley has a great task to deal with.

The first case is when young couples are found dead in the upper scale part of the city. They have just been assassinated in their apartment and a lot of questions now remain to be answered. In order to carry out the investigation, Reilley needs the help of others and this is the reason why she works with Pete Kennedy and Chris Delaney. As they carry out the investigation, they find themselves in a tricky place. This is because the serial killer knows every move they make and to stop or do away with the evidence, he is always a step ahead of them.

Reilly is a trained personal and with her experience in this sector, she find a suitable way to bring down the serial killer. She aids by providing the police with an edge that I a barrier to finding justice for the murdered couples. After this, there is some light at the end as now the body count rises. Besides this, the serial killer has decided to play tricks wit Reilly directly. Did Reilly finally bring down the serial killer? What tricks did she use to bring him down in case he did? These are some questions you will be left asking yourself as you continue reading the novel.

From the above information, it is clear that Reilly is a strong, courageous, and intelligent woman who is able to lead her team. She is a great woman who can easily lead the team. Get a copy of the novel today and you will love the suspense and thriller today created by Casey Hill.


This is the second novel of the CSI Reilly Steel Series that was first published on 31st March 2012. It has about 25 edition and can be found both online and locally. The novel’s protagonist character is known as Reilly. In the book, there are a lot of gruesome murder cases that needs the attention of Reilly who is a forensic investigator. She has a lot of task in order to get to the root cause of every incident. This means that she has to decode the science, read the clues, and reveal the murder.

At the moment as ferociously and skilled serial killer strikes Dublin, they realize that skills of the trained forensic investigator isn’t enough to deal with the situation. This, therefore, implies that an external aid in required with immediate effect. When the corpse of these two victims fail to provide the crime scenes and their hidden secrets, Reilly believes that there are a lot of questions to be answered.

When things fail to add-up just as expected, Reilly now believes that she is likely to be dealing with the serial killers themselves. She suspect so as the crime suspects are aware of crime scenes investigations. This makes it very hard for Reilly to come to the conclusion of her investigation. Did she finally find the solution to this?

Besides Reilly having nightmares over this, the police are also very frustrated when carrying out the investigation. The frustration of the police makes it hard to impenetrate the nature. This occurs at the moment only a third of the entire population have lost their lives. With the aid of professional forensic investigator, Reilly, they seem to be finding the way forward. This is because they have now confirmed that it is the same elaborate and graphics are being employed in the execution. Through this, they have also been able to track down that the serial killer uses different blueprints in carrying out the murder. This will give them a little bit of clue to know who or where will the serial killer target next time? Does he have an endgame? On the other hand, we also find some love stories in the novel. The two colleagues of Reilly, that is Kennedy and Delaney are falling in love slowly by slowly. This is something happening as Reilly watches. Despite starting to fall in love, they are able to maintain a possible and professional friendship.

Reilly is, therefore, a tough, hardworking, and a team leader. She is very dedicated in providing the best for Dublin after choosing to come into this small city to stay with his father. She is more than willing to find out the cause of the murder in Dublin despite the fact that some serial killers are always one step-a head of her investigation team and the police.

These are some of the unanswered questions that you will only find answers to by continuing with the reading. It is an excellent novel that you don’t want to miss reading. Based on what you need, you can always find a soft copy of the novel online or read it from the local libraries. This is one of the best series by Casey Hill.

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