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Publication Order of Culhane Family Books

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The Culhane Family book series is a wonderful series of women’s fiction, romance, historical fiction, humor, contemporary, mystery, chick lit, and historical romance novels. It is written by a very well known novelist from the United States, Janet Evanovich. Janet wrote the stories in collaboration with another popular novelist named Dorien Kelly, who gave excellent contributions to the plot and the characters. This series is comprised of a total of two books, which were released between the years 2012 and 2013. Both the books’ stories are seen as revolving around the love lives of the members of the Culhane family. In the first book, it is Matt Culhane, who goes on to find his love in unexpected circumstances. Then, the next one to follow is Jack Culhane. In addition to these two lead characters, the other important characters mentioned by author Evanovich include Kate Appleton, Caroline Maxwell, and several others as well. Author Evanovich has set the stories during the last decade of the 19th century. The settings are done in Michigan and New York City. There are some exciting elements depicted by Evanovich that helped the books achieve a worldwide success. Some of them include adventure, love, passion, lavish lifestyles, social expectations, privilege, prestige, romance, etc.

Janet Evanovich is a New York Times bestselling novelist from America, who is fond of writing romance, chick lit, contemporary, and women’s fiction stories. She is particularly famous for writing the Lizzie and Diesel novel series and the Stephanie Plum novel series. Author Evanovich has also penned around 12 romance stories in her writing career. Also, she has to her name the exciting book series of Alexandra Barnaby books as well as the Trouble Maker novel in the graphical form. Evanovich’s dedication and hard work towards her novels has helped her reach the top of the NY Times bestselling lit. For writing the Fox and O’ Hare book series, author Evanovich collaborated with a famous author named Lee Goldberg. Janet Evanovich becomes very much excited when her books are liked and appreciated by her fans. She always hopes that the critics like her stories and motivate her to keep writing many more exciting stories. Evanovich is always open to suggestions regarding her stories and character descriptions. Also, she considers herself lucky to have found a career path of writing and the support of a huge number of fans from across the globe.

The debut book of the Culhane Family series written by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly is entitled ‘Love in a Nutshell’. It was released by the St Martin’s publishers in the year 2012. The main characters of this book are depicted as Kate Appleton and Matt Culhane, and the plot’s setting takes place in Keene’s Harbor, Michigan, U.S. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Kate Appleton is in desperate need of a job. She seems to be struggling with her life after being left by her husband. At her previous job, where she was working as an editor of a magazine, Kate has been fired without any proper reason. Because of experiencing too difficult situations, Kate Appleton begins to lose confidence in herself. And when nothing seems to be happening right in her miserable life, she expresses the desire to visit her parents at their summer house called The Nutshell, located in Keene’s Harbor. Kate Appleton gets the idea of starting a bed & breakfast inn nearby her home in her hometown and involve herself completely in this new business. Just after she arrives in Keene’e Harbor, Kate Appleton crosses paths with Matt Culhane. He appears to her as a charming man with a dashing personality. Later, she learns that Matt Culhane is looking to hire a spy for his brewery to have a saboteur. The opportunity seems to be a perfect one for Kate as it could help her collect some money before into her own business. Also, Matt Culhane seems to have developed a liking for her, which could easily work in her favor in getting the job. However, it turns out that Kate Appleton despises beer. And as she is new in the town, there is no one to trust her. Even though Kate begins to like Matt, she remains adamant with her promise to herself that she will not indulge in any kind of relationship until she brings her life back on track. As the sabotaging of his business continues by a mysterious personality, Matt Culhane takes Kate Appleton to do the spying for him and find out the saboteur. He ensures her that if she becomes successful in finding the one causing loss to his brewery business soon, he will give her a bonus that she will never forget. And time goes by, Matt spends more time in the company of Kate Appleton and starts liking her sweet and quirky personality. In the end, the two come very close and get involved in a romantic relationship.

The next book of this series given the title ‘The Husband List’. It was also published by the St. Martin’s publishing in 2013. This book shows the central characters in the roles of Caroline Maxwell, Eddie Maxwell, and Jack Culhane. The story is set in New York during the year 1894. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Caroline Maxwell searches for true love in life. Her younger brother Eddie Maxwell and Jack Culhane are close friends. When Caroline learns that Jack and Eddie are planning to go on several adventures, she expresses her desire to join them in order to have fun. However, she does not get the opportunity to go with them and is left alone at home. So, while Eddie and Jack get busy in seeing different places of the world, buying a number of businesses, and building up the foundations of their successful careers, Caroline finds herself stuck with her mother at home. She has nothing else to do than sending off all the men that her mother keeps calling to see and select her for marriage. After Caroline frightens off a large number of men, her mother sets her eyes on a particular man named Lord Bremerton. Although, Bremerton’s character is a little bit questionable, Caroline’s mother doesn’t see anything wrong with him and sees him as a perfect pair for Caroline. Poor Caroline is not able to decide what she must do in this situation as her instincts and her heart’s true nature give her mixed signals. Caroline’s heart actually longs for passion, adventure, love, etc., and she wishes to do all these things with Jack Culhane, who she loves from the bottom of her heart. Even though Jack possesses huge money and is a suitable bachelor, Caroline’s mom sees him as an unacceptable suitor for her daughter. When Jack Culhane begins to get hold of things and understand the things are happening in a particular way in his life, he realizes the love of Caroline for himself. And eventually, he too falls for the brilliant eyes, quick wit, and dark hair of Caroline. He starts understanding love and the real reason why numerous keep indulging in it and eventually get married. As the story approaches its end, Jack is seen expressing the desire to marry Caroline without fearing the difficulties that come with it.

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