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Publication Order of Cupcake Café Books

Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas at the Cupcake Café (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Cupcake Café is a series of novels written by Jenny Colgan. The series falls in line with the baking themed concepts and stories Colgan has become known for.

+The Story

Cupcake café is another of those Jenny Colgan stories that revolve around the holidays and for which baking is as essential to the story as some of the characters. Central to the series is Issy Randall.

The primary protagonist of the series, Issy’s story begins when she comes to terms with her dissatisfaction at her office job. The fact that she is in a relationship with her boss brings little comfort.

However, it is because of that intimate relationship that Issy feels a little bit betrayed when she is fired from her job. Suddenly abandoned and without a clear path forward, Issy turns to the one thing she has always been good at, baking.

Having spent most of her childhood in the confines of her grandfather’s bakery, Issy puts her skills to good use and attempts to open a bakery of her own. In her efforts to put her life back together, Issy meets a number of influential people, this including Austin, the loan officer guiding her financial ship.

Her life slowly but surely begins to find its course even as she encounters numerous adventures and complications, both from a professional and personal standpoint.

The Cupcake café series has many fans, though many readers prefer the Rosie Hopkins’ Sweet Shop series, elevating it as the superior collection of novels and what the Cupcake Café series should have been.

People have called the cupcake café series sweet, curious and charming, not only because of the odd characters in the novels but Jenny’s unique writing style. The series is partly romantic comedy, partly chick-lit.

The romantic elements do not overtake the overall plot of Issy’s journey to find herself; rather, they are simply scattered throughout. In additional, the cupcake café series is filled with baking recipes that will leave readers salivating.

Though, if you do not bake, you can just as easily enjoy the comedic aspects of the novels because Jenny displays an uncanny ability to inject the right kind of humor into her work.

+The Author

Jenny Colgan is a British author born September 1972 in Prestwick, Ayrshire in Scotland. Jenny mostly writes romantic comedy, though she once contributed to a Doctor Who line of stories.

Before joining the health service, Jenny studied at Edinburgh University. She would eventually depart from the health service to pursue other passions, this including stand-up comedy.

She also moonlighted as a cartoonist at one point. Her first novel was published in 2000.

+Meet Me at the Cupcake Café

Issy Randall can bake. However, she isn’t a baker. This is despite the fact that she has the ability to create stunningly divine cakes. The time she spent at her beloved Grandpa Joe’s baker instilled in her the passion for cakes as a child.

However, she has since found formal employment in the city; however, when she is fired from her dull job, Issy realizes that she now has the opportunity to open her own café.

While it has its detractors, readers that just cannot gravitate to such stories, the first book in the Cupcake Café series has a great number of fans. The book has a lot going for it.

The recipes are difficult to ignore; they are everywhere and they have a way of eliciting one’s sweet tooth. The mood that Jenny creates in the café is also something impressive, drawing you into her world and making you wish you were sitting right there in the cafe.

The story follows Issy who has been made redundant at her city job. Using her severance pay, she decides to open her own café. She inherited so many wonderful recipes from her grandfather that she cannot wait to show off to everyone.

However, opening a café isn’t an easy task. Issy has no idea how to manage a business of her own, not with all the budgeting and planning involved. This is where Pearl, another character, comes into the mix, the two ladies working together to create a cozy corner that everyone in town might want to flock to in search of all the tasty treats Issy has to offer.

You cannot help but love all the characters that inhabit this world, from pearl to Austin and even Caroline; they blend together to form something you cannot help but crave. There is something enticing about watching Issy grow, watching her become the person she always wanted to be and rooting for her throughout her journey.

+Christmas at the cupcake café

Issy Randal is the proud owner of the cupcake café. And she is happier than she has ever been. Not only is she thriving as a business owner but she gets to work alongside her close friends.

However, Pearl and Caroline have little enthusiasm for the coming holiday, untouched by the snow and potential for merriment. Even worse, her boyfriend Austin could soon be moving to New York in order to pursue his career.

Issy isn’t so certain about the prospect of a long distance relationship. The rush of the Christmas season gives Issy no time to ponder the situation, the stress quickly taking a toll on everything she holds dear. It will take courage for Issy to make it through the Christmas season.

If you love baking, you will love this book which is brimming with even more recipes for the holiday season. The book picks up shortly after the first one. Issy and Austin are a couple.

The cupcake café is quite successful because they sell the loveliest cakes around. However, things get complicated when Austin is scouted by a top banking firm in New York, forcing the couple to try their hand at a long distance relationship.

Issy shines in this novel, proving just how sweet, caring and thoughtful she is. Her character drives the story and she makes it very easy to root for her success. Some people have decried the changes in Austin’s character, but they make sense considering the situation at play.

This isn’t the best Christmas book anyone will ever read. But it is definitely a worthy contender, full of fun, excitement, and good cheer.

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