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Cupid, Texas Books In Order

Publication Order of Cupid, Texas Books

One True Love (2013) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Love at First Sight (2013) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
All Out of Love (2013) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Somebody to Love (2013) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Love With a Perfect Cowboy (2014) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Million Dollar Cowboy (2017) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

The Cupid, Texas series is a series of award winning books based on the contemporary and romance genres. It is written by one f the New York Times bestselling novelist from America named Laurie Blalock Vanzura under the pen name of Lori Wilde. It is comprised of a total of 5 novels and 1 prequel novella, which were released between the years 2013 and 2015. Just like her previous romance series, this series too depicts the immense love between the central characters. In every book of the series, author Wilde has depicted a different set of primary characters, who carry forward the plot of the books till the end with their love and romance.

One of the most successful books of the Cupid, Texas series written by author Lori Wilde was released under the title of ‘All Out of Love’. It was released by the Avon Books in the year 2013. Author Wilde has set the story of this book in Cupid, Texas, The United States, and has introduced the primary characters in the form of Pierce Hollister and Lace Bettingfield. As the story begins, author Wilde has shown that Pierce Hollister has everything in life being a famous football player. He has fortune, fame, as well as beautiful women in life, who would go to any extent to have him in their lives, whether he wishes or not. But soon, everything comes crashing down, which forces Pierce Hollister to head back home. He starts looking after his family ranch in Cupid, Texas, and wonders what went wrong in his life. However, one thing happens very well in his life. Pierce comes across the former plain-Jane named Lace Bettingfield, who has now changed in the form of a luscious knockout. But, the trouble is that Lace does not allow Pierce Hollister to come closer to her even though he keeps making numerous passes at her. Lace Bettingfield’s older brother and Pierce turn out to be very good friends and as Lace begins to fall in the love of Pierce, it becomes extremely awkward for her. The feeling troubles her to the innermost part of her heart and she wonders what would happen if her brother comes to know about it.

When Lace was in high school, she experiences the most embarrassing moment of her life and the reason behind it was none other than Pierce. She had written a secret letter for Cupid in which she had declared her love. And when Pierce Hollister came to know about it, he made sure the letter made the school’s newspaper front page. Since then, Lace used to hate Pierce very much. After the passage of so many years, Lace Bettingfield still thinks of Pierce as an arrogant, sexy, and stubborn fellow like always. However, she is experiencing that this time things are not as they were at the time of her high school. A lot has changed, more for the good of her. Soon, Lace realizes that when the matter is related to love, things turn out to be quite different from what they seem to be. The readers enjoyed reading this book a lot. Author Wilde’s description of Lace Bennington as a smart, devoted, and determined girl to her family and friends was particularly very much appreciated by one and all. The overall story depicted in the book appears to be sweet, sexy, and funny. After reading this story, the readers felt the urge to read the other books so as to find out how the love stories of the other characters turn up.

One of the other most exciting books of this series written by author Wilde is titled as ‘Million Dollar Cowboy’. The Avon publishers are expected to release very soon this year. Once again, author Wilde has set the story in Cupid, Texas, and has described the main characters of this book as Ridge Lockhart and Kaia Alzate. The plot depicted in the book describes a cowboy’s story who returns to his family ranch to attend a wedding function and gets greeted with a lot of surprises. At the start of the story, Ridge Lockhart is introduced as the illegitimate son of a ranching dynasty in Texas. Around 10 years ago, he had left his home with the sole purpose of becoming much more successful than his father, who refused to accept him as his son. And over the years, he manages to accomplish his mission successfully and becomes the CEO of his multi million dollar company. Ridge Lockhart makes a return back to his ranch, the Silver Feather, to attend a family wedding. He is asked to become the best man in the wedding and perform all the duties of a best man with full loyalty throughout the 3 day function of the wedding. Ridge hopes that the 3 days get over very soon so that he can leave as soon as possible. Later, Ridge Lockhart’s eyes stumble upon Kaia Alzate and they continue glaring at her. The beauty of Kaia makes Ridge realize that it won’t be fair to leave suddenly as it would not put forward a good appeal in front of Kaia.

After studying about Kaia, Ridge comes to know that she grew up on his ranch and is the daughter of one of the foremen of his ranch. The foremen work as servants in the mighty mansion of the Lockharts. When they very small, Kaia used to follow Ridge as a puppy throughout the ranch. And after seeing him after a gap of 10 years makes her fall for his charm too. She finds it very difficult to fight against the attraction that she towards the sexy CEO. Somehow, Kaia controls her feelings and herself and gets determined not to make any mistake in thinking that she can acquire the love of Ridge Lockhart because she is nothing but the daughter of one of his servants. Due to this, they don’t appear to be a perfect match for each other, according to Kaia Alzate. But, when Ridge comes forward and picks her up in his arms, Kaia becomes stunned. She begins to wonder whether Ridge is the man that she has been seeing in her dreams for so long and has been waiting for all these years. Author Wilde hopes that this book will also be appreciated by the critics and readers just like they appreciated all the previous books of the series. With this book, author Wilde has made a recent contribution to the series and she is expected to write a few more romance books as a part of this series in the years to come.


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