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Publication Order of Wereworld Books

Rise of the Wolf (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rage of Lions (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shadow of the Hawk (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nest of Serpents (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Storm of Sharks (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
War of the Werelords (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Haunt Books

Publication Order of World Of Warriors Books

Publication Order of Max Helsing: Monster Hunter Books

The Thirteenth Curse (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Beast of Bone Creek (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Picture Books

Frankenstein's Cat (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Daddy (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dinosaurs After Dark (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cheeky Monkey (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Old MacDonald Had a Zoo (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sheep Won’t Sleep! (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Curtis Jobling is a British Author and animator born in England. Despite all the books he has written over the years, Curtis is best known as an illustrator and animator, his work reaching audiences from all over the world.


Curtis Jobling was born in 1972 in Blackpool, England. Curtis was a true child of the 70s. He obsessed over Starwars, flash Gordon and Action Man. He also took a particular interest in Fantasy books, especially those inundated with action.

His penchant for horror was also kindled at an early age. With all the entertainment he was consuming as a child, it was only natural for Curtis Jobling to set his sights on television; though, in this case, it was pre-school television that he gravitated towards.

While writing wasn’t exactly his first love, Curtis Jobling was very artistic. He attended the Cleveland College of Art and Design in Middlesbrough, England.

He finished his studies in 1994 and it didn’t take him long to find a place in the entertainment arena. Curtis was granted an opportunity to participate in the production of Wallace and Gromit, an Oscar-winning animated project.

He followed that up with a stint on Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks. On that project, Curtis worked primarily as a model-maker and prop-painter. Naturally, because of the volume of manpower involved with both of those projects, they have never really been associated with Curtis Jobling.

If anything, it is his work on Bob the Builder, a BAFTA-award-winning project that really garnered him the attention he wanted, Curtis primarily operating as a production designer on the Children’s TV hit.

A vast majority of the characters and sets on Bob the Builder were designed by Curtis. As such, it wasn’t a surprise when he was given a chance to bring the animated series ‘Frankenstein’s Cat’ to Television by the BBC.

The how has been shown on networks and television stations around the world. It has also been awarded a Pulcinella Award (Best Children’s Show).

+Literary Career

Curtis Jobling has spent so many years working with children’s entertainment that very few people realize the love and passion he harbors for horror and fantasy for older readers.

Curtis Jobling had an opportunity to explore his love for all things fantasy in 2010 when he signed a book deal with Puffin. With that done, he embarked on the creation of a horror/fantasy-themed series called Wereworld. As the name suggests, the series revolves around the concept of werewolves, fusing elements of fantasy and horror.

Producing the first books in the series was not easy for Curtis who had to work at night while his children slept and, primarily when his Television workload was done.

Curtis produced a number of books before his Wereworld series. However, they were all picture books, starting with Frankenstein’s Cat and the Skeleton in the Closet.

+Rise of the Wolf

Werelords are men and women who can shift their forms into powerful and guileful creatures like lions, bears, and serpents. Drew finds his world shattered when he learns that he is a werewolf.

Even as he struggles to understand this new reality, Drew’s realization that he is no mere werewolf but the long-lost heir to Wolf King’s throne introduces a whole slew of complications.

Drew has no moment to waste in mastering his newfound powers. If he cannot muster his wits, he stands to fall to the tide of enemies swarming the land; Drew has a destiny. He is the only one that can bring the Kingdom together, uniting its people in an uprising against the tyrant that rules them with an iron fist: Leopold the Lion.

But Drew’s emergence hasn’t gone unnoticed. The King knows of his existence and the threat he poses. He will not rest until Drew is dead and his rebellion is broken.

Curtis Jobling started his literary career on the right footing with ‘Rise of the Wolf’. This is hardly the best-written novel around. However, it is definitely a departure from the Children-centric content Curtis produced during the earliest years of his career.

More importantly, the book achieves its primary goal, which is to thrill and entertain. The world is intriguing and worth exploring. The Werelords are an interesting concept, bringing Wolves, Bears, lions and even boars to the table as powerful creatures that can shift between human and animal form.

Drew stands at the center of the story; life on a farm with his parents and brother ends when a monster descends and unleashes mayhem, drawing Drew into the fantastical, almost wondrous, yet quite horrific world of Lyssia.

It doesn’t take Drew long to learn of his destined future and the prophecies he is expected to bring into being. Drew changes the lives of all those people he meets, even as he struggles to understand his place in a new world.

Drew is easy to love because he is so uncertain and unsure of himself; as such, as the unlikeliest person to save the world, Drew struggles to become the hero the land deserves.

+Rage of Lions

Lady Gretchen is abducted by the Werelion Prince Lucas. Drew and his friends will stop at nothing to intercept Lucas before he flees to Bast, his homeland. The chase leads Drew into numerous encounters with various Werelords, eventually depositing him in the exotic city of Cape Gala.

There, the Beast of Bast awaits.

All sequels try to be better than their predecessors. This is one of the very few sequels that actually succeed. Curtis Jobling cuts back on the dialogue to the story, and this might appeal to some people while absolutely irritating others.

Additionally, the world grows even darker, making the book a little difficult to recommend to Children. None the less, the numerous plot twists keep things interesting, Curtis Jobling exposing all his characters to so much danger that you cannot help but worry anxiously about their eventual survival throughout the novel’s run.

If there is one failing in Rage of Lions, it is Curtis Jobling’s tendency to shock for the sake of it. Some of the scenes have little more purpose than jarring readers. Additionally, some of the young characters sound far older, which is probably why it is a good thing that there isn’t as much dialogue.

Overall, this is one heart-stopping sequel.

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