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The Cutter Cay series of novels revolve around the Cutter Brothers. Tall, dark and handsome, these startlingly blue-eyed men are modern day pirates. Spending their days hunting for treasure and looking for their fortunes on the high seas, nothing can stop these reckless gentlemen from getting what they want.

However, when they come across women they simply have no power to resist their world takes several unexpected and possibly dangerous turns.

Cutter Cay is a romance adventure series; Cherry Adair endeavors to blend love and adventure to produce plots that are as breathtaking as they are romantic.
Readers of the series have shown an appreciation for Cherry’s ability to deliver thrilling journeys of love and lust that twist as fast as they turn, dragging fans into the depths of the Cutter Brothers’ adventurous lives, the dangers they face and the happy endings they seek.

+The Author:

Cherry Adair is a bestselling South African American writer of romantic fiction.

Cherry was born in Cape Town, South Africa. Moving to the United States in her 20s, she eventually settled in San Francisco, opening an interior design business.

With a husband and two daughters in toe, Cherry is a voracious reader. Initially achieving success in the arena of interior design, Cherry quickly found that she could just as effectively apply her creativity to writing.

Cherry wrote more than a dozen books before her first truly successful book, The Mercenary, which she sold to Harlequin (for their Temptation Line) in 1994, hit the bookshelves.

By 2000, her career had begun to pick up momentum, especially with the popularity of Ballantine, a series of novels following the agents of the so-called Terrorist Force Logistical Assault Command (T-FLAC), a secret counter terrorism force.

In 2007, she strayed into the paranormal romance genre when she added a ‘psi unit’ to the T-FLAC, this introducing a team of operatives to the counter-terrorism force who used special abilities to save lives.

Cherry Adair has shown a particular interest in combining elements of love and adventure, endeavoring to deliver to her fans heart-pounding stories that will thrill and entertain.

Asked about the elements that drove her to enter the writing arena, Cherry has often spoken of the impact her love for reading has had on her creativity, the many stories she consumed giving birth to characters and plots that eventually drove her to put them on paper.

Cherry Adair is a fairly common name on the Workshop circuit, the author giving her time to teach lively classes about writing. Cherry loves the time she spends at home, especially at her corner desk, where she can write, her back to a panoramic view of the front gardens.

Cherry Adair has won numerous awards during her long and successful career, this including the Reviewer’s Choice award for Best Romantic Suspense, the Golden Quill For Best Mainstream Single Title and the Romance Journal Frances Award for Best Romance to mention but a few.


Teal loves her career as the master mechanic of a ship. This is before she meets Zane Cutter, the Casanova of the Caribbean making her an offer she can hardly refuse.

Zane wants her to join him on a real-life treasure hunt. If she can help him dredge a shipwrecked vessel supposedly brimming with gold, silver and emeralds, she can claim part of the prize.

Zane wants a mechanic. He has little interest in finding a lover, and Teal is perfect for the job, especially since she can also dive. The fact that Teal is so immune to his charms suits him just fine, or so he convinces himself.

As a deadly enemy begins to encroach upon them and their prize, Zane and Teal find themselves stranded in troubled waters. With no one else to turn to but one another, they will have to combat a danger of unfathomable depths and the passions that threaten to overwhelm them.

Cherry Adair is renowned among her fans for her ability to craft consistently good story, and this, the first novel in her Cutter Cay series, is no different. For one thing, the characters are pretty relatable, each bringing baggage of one sort or another to the table.

With Teal struggling with a tragic past and Zane having lived a life of pleasure and adventure, the manner in which Cherry brings these two clearly mismatched characters together makes for rather entertaining reading.

Some readers have complained about the rather slow paced approach the author brings to his book, however, Cherry delivering on the chemistry between Teal and Zane but unnecessarily dragging their relationship out.

The fact that the story delivers a fairly typical happily ever after ending might also irk some people. On the whole, fans of Cherry Adair, readers that have encountered her work before, shouldn’t expect to be particularly surprised by her approach to this novel, Cherry delivering unique characters with interest plots but crafting her story in a manner most readers will recognize.


Princess Bria Visconti is determined to reclaim the money her brother invested in Cutter Salvage. Not only is Nick Cutter arrogant, but he is also too reckless to warranty such a considerable investment.

As irresistibly handsome as he might be, though, he cannot charm his way past the princess; Bria will have him return the money even if she has to board his boat, don a wet suit and take to diving for treasure.

To Nick, Bria is little more than a beautiful, spoiled princess that has lived a largely pampered life. However, once Bria chooses to accompany her to the drive site and the legendary fortune it carries, Nick begins to see a different side of her.

While clearly out of her depth, Bria is ready to face the dangers hidden behind the treasure hunt. Together, the pair will face unexpected enemies and unravel hidden secrets.

Hardly Cherry’s best book, Riptide is slow to start and seems to rush towards the finish line. However, the novel isn’t without its positives, delivering passion, a suspenseful plot and plenty of high octane adventures. With Cherry delivering a nail biting conclusion, Riptide is a wholly enjoyable read.

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