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Cuttersville, Ohio Books In Order

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Publication Order of Cuttersville, Ohio Books

A Date with the Other Side (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heiress for Hire (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seeing is Believing (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

The American author Erin McCarthy has been writing her Cuttersville, Ohio series for some time now to much acclaim. With a long and extensive background in writing romance novels, this is one of her highly popular entries into the genre. It also manages to show the author clearly in her element, with her both well developed style and tone of voice. In regards to the series itself, it manages to follow a bright and breezy narrative arc throughout, keeping it both fun and quirky. Following the love lives of the inhabitants of the area of its namesake, it charts the ups and downs of their romances, as they get to grips with the modern dating scene. That’s also not to say that it isn’t ‘generic’ in any sense, as, whilst it understands it genre, it works taking it in a different direction, thus giving the characters and the location a highly detailed sense of realism.

Whilst this may be based in the real world with a clear sense of location, as given in the title, it’s most definitely a work of fiction. It hasn’t had any adaptations into any other forms as of yet, but, running for over three novels so far and counting, there’s still a lot of opportunity for it to expand. The stories themselves, whilst operating in the same universe, still work as stand-alone novels, offering easy accessibility for any readers or potential newcomers to the franchise.

A Date With the Other Side

Originally published in 2005 on the third of May, this title was initially brought out through the Berkley publishing label. Intended to start the overall Cuttersville, Ohio franchise as a whole, it works at setting up the scene and establishing both the style and the tone. Whilst it gives its readers some idea of what to expect in the following novels, it also works as a stand-alone book as well.

Setting up Cuttersville as a ‘town of the haunted’, this particular story establishes the town itself and the sort of visitors it gets. Focusing on Shelby Tucker, it tells of her time as a tour guide working within the town showing people around its more haunted locations. That’s when she comes up against Boston McNamara, an out-of-towner sent there by his boss, something which he is most unhappy about. Not only that, but after spending a night in one of the supposedly haunted houses he wakes in the nude to see Shelby standing before him. A potential relationship soon develops and starts to blossom between the both of them, working up despite Boston wanting to leave the town as soon as possible. They only wanted a no-strings type of commitment free deal, but it might all be a little too much for the both of them as things begin to move quickly. Will they ever get to be an item and live together happily ever after? Can Boston overcome spending longer than is necessary in the small town of Cuttersville? What will become of them both as they make a date with the other side?

Heiress for Hire

Initially published in 2006 on the third of January, this was set to be the follow-up to the previous title in the Cuttersville, Ohio series. Not working as part of an overarching narrative, though, it operates as a stand-alone title in of itself, thus ensuring that it’s a quick and easy read. This is brought through in the tone and style as well, which McCarthy sets at a light-hearted and fun pace for the duration.

This time featuring Amanda Delmar, the story follows the young Chicago socialite who’s lived a fairly charmed life up to this point. Whilst she has lived in somewhat of a bubble, though, she still has her heart in the right place, something which the other characters quickly realise. As she tries to make it on her own, she finds that she needs to look inside herself to discover who she really is. Finding her own way, this looks at what it is for someone to become their own person, taking stock in what they want from life. This is also reflected in the surrounding characters as well, who also manage to gain an insight into what they need. With the action revolving around the central character of Delmar, though, it works with her as the core protagonist drawing it all together. The location of Cuttersville is also used to great effect again too, with it being almost a character in of itself that brings everyone together.

Amanda Delmar is a rich young socialite living the high-life, that is until she decides to spend a summer in Cuttersville, a supposedly ‘haunted’ town. Expecting to have just a bit of fun, she is instead cut-off by her rich father, and is made to get a job of her own there. Working as a nanny for the local farmer, she soon starts to form a bond with him as their feelings for each other begin to develop. Will she be able to make it on her own? Could she settle down in such a place? What will become of the heiress for hire?

The Cuttersville, Ohio Series

Establishing a very real and grounded sense of modern romance, this particular series works at creating characters who actually resonate with the readers. They also manage to give a clearly defined sense of location as well, as it becomes highly apparent that the author, McCarthy, has an affinity with the place. This passion comes through on the page, as the reader is drawn deep into the world, whilst also allowing her own idiosyncratic voice to come through too. What really comes through, though, is how the place itself is almost a character within its own right, alongside all the principal players in her novels. Readers really get to feel like they know the place, despite never having visited there in real life, as it becomes fully formed in their minds. With a lot more room for this series to expand, it seems she will be writing these books for quite some time to come.

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