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Publication Order of Cybernarc Books

William H. Keith is an American-based novelist who writes mainly science fiction, thriller and action novels. Keith is widely known for the Cybernarc, Freedom’s Ranger, SEALS, and Warstrider book series. Apart from the series that he wrote on his own, Keith has also been a contributing author in numerous book series such as Battletech, Dr. Who, Buck Rogers, Star Drive, Deep Black and so much more. He has written some of this novel using his real names while others he has written using Keith Williams Andrew, Keith Douglas, H. Jay Riker, Robert Cain and Ian Douglas. In a majority of the novels, Bill makes use of the experience that he got while serving in the United States Navy. Keith began his writing career as a freelance writer in some of the biggest role-play companies. Keith’s very first novel is the Vortex Crystal and Doctor Who, which were published in the year 1986.

Cybernarc Series

Cybernarc is the first installment in the Cybernarc book series. This is a robot buddy story, an exceedingly familiar premise, which does not seem to get old. In this book, we are introduced to Chris Drake, a Navy Seal, who has been assigned to a super-secret program, which is known as RAMROD, whose main function is to give out instructions to robot soldiers when they are in combat. Because of the huge costs that are involved in running such operations, there is only one such robot operation that is in existence. The robot operation is known as Rod. Drake was able to teach, Rod tactics through a link known as Pattern Recognition Transfer, PARET. Through PARET Rod could be able to learn from the memories and experiences of Drake. Rod, who runs through Android appearance, is perfectly normal; he is a handsome looking man who is in his thirties.

Due to Rod’s robotic origins, he has more than human abilities. He is not only resilient, but he is also super strong and has both infrared and telescopic visions. Rod can access any computer network by making use of the existing cellular networks, together with several other abilities. Despite having all these abilities, Rod is still learning how to behave like a human being, and thus he comes out much similar to Commander Data, who is featured in Star Trek. When a joint Navy Seal/DEA anti-drug mission, which was to be executed in Colombia, does not do as expected, and Drake ends up being the only survivor of the mission, thus they end up suspecting corruption and treachery in the high ranks of the Central Intelligence Agency.

It is proven that Drake’s men were double-crossed, with someone who was collaborating with the drug lords. However, they are not able to establish who the person was. It does not take long before things get a little bit more personal when the drug cartels decide to go after Drake in his residence. His daughter and wife are killed in cold blood. From here on, Drake promises to bring each and every person who was involved with the drug cartel. Drake selects Rod as his partner in crime. Ever since the first book in the Cybernarc series, this is an origin story, the type of stories that tends to take a little bit of time before moving forth. However, the author appears to have a greater understanding of the pace; thus we never get to experience the feeling that this is just any other novel-length, which is set up for a series.

The fight scenes in this novel are exceedingly crazy. Rod is badass, even at one point removes the head of a thug, and even throws the head as a weapon. In another scenario, Rod throws a punch at the chest of another person. Gold Dragon is the second book in the Cybernac book series and picks up two months after the first book, Cybernarc. This second book is filled with action, and it appears as if the author was trying to make up for the action that lacked in the first book. However, as it is the case with most of the first books in the series, it was mainly focused on introducing some of the key characters in the Cybernarc book series. Gold Dragon begins with a fight scene and remains full of action throughout the series. In Gold Dragon, we meet up with Cybernarc, known as Rod the robot. Rod was crashing into one of Hong Kong’s largest hotels, which was full of drug lords who were perceived to be human monsters.

Rod was dressed up as a civilian and was carrying a sub gun. He blasts his way through the floors of the hotel while hunting down and killing a group of Chinese drug lords, who had taken refuge in the hotel. Chris Drake has also followed Rod into the room as his backup. As it is the case with the previous installment, Rod’s humanity plays a key role in this installment, as Rod gets to learn what it means to be someone’s friend, thereby leading to some exceedingly touching scenes amid the exploding of the guts and heads. Rod is successful in executing two of the three drug lords as the third drug lord, Feng manages to escape from the hotel using a helicopter. Rod, on the other hand, is damaged as tries to escape from the hotel using an exceedingly long cable. Rod’s face is scraped off and now looks much similar to Terminator’s face. The black metal skull that is underneath can now be seen.

This, in turn, makes it a great for a horror vibe for the scene that followed, which involved a group of Chinese men who were forced to drop what they were doing so that they could get away from the scary looking robot. Feng was the main target of the hit that had been organized for the day. Thus, as they arrange for a second hit, Drake and Rod meet up with the Head of Project at Ramrod, James Weston, and the chief programmer, Heather McDaniel. She is one of the best-looking residents, who eventually develops something with Drake. With that said, Gold Dragon is an excellent read that will keep you entertained.

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