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Publication Order of Cyborg Shifters Books

Cyborg Shifters (Series by Naomi Lucas)
Author Naomi Lucas writes the “Cyborg Shifters” series of paranormal romance novels. The series began publication in the year 2017, when “Wild Blood” was released.

This series is set in the same universe as Lucas’ “Stranded in the Stars” series. Every novel in the series is a standalone that just subtly builds off the others.

Warning: mature readers only, due to the elements of horror and the explicit sex scenes.

“Ashes and Metal” is the fifth novel in the “Cyborg Shifters” series and was released in the year 2018. This novel stars Gunner and Elodie. Nobody messed with Gunner. Nobody.

He was the Jackal, living chaos, that infamous Cyborg that was banned from civilized society. He’s also the only Monster Hunter for the EPED that took on the tough jobs, the under-the-table jobs. Work that usually left a trail of bones and blood in their wake. When this pirate hijacks his ship, Gunner takes it upon himself to exact a revenge which is going to ignite a wildfire of death, rage, and torment on those that made the mistake of taking what belonged to him.

Elodie has spent much of her life pretending she was a boy so she could remain with her dad out in space. He is the only family that she has left at this point. When the ship they were working gets attacked, she is taken prisoner. Each day, she feared her secret would be found out: that she’s really a woman among men. When an odd man gets dragged into the cell right next to hers, she knows that she was just living on borrowed time, because he stared at her like he knew her secret.

Readers found this novel to be an engaging read, with some hot and steamy moments, as well as some fantastic character development. Ely is strong yet still vulnerable, and is admirably brave in the book.

“Chaos Croc” is the sixth novel in the “Cyborg Shifters” series and was released in the year 2019. This novel stars Janet and Zeph. Janet was a maneater.

She knew exactly what guys wanted, took exactly what she pleased and used it to her advantage. However the men that lived in the tiny colonies back on her home planet weren’t the same as those that traveled and conquered the universe. Nothing like those Cyborgs that showed up to solve every single problem of her family, particularly the green-eyed that crowded her space. So she used him just like she used all the rest, and ended up biting off much more than she could ever be able to chew.

Zeph carried around a demon on his back, on which scratched the inside of skull nonstop. Nobody would guess that this neon green knight had this horrible secret, not with all his lies and charm. And as a result of his razzle dazzle darkness, his charisma, the EPED used him for everything that he was worth.

However sometimes missions just cannot be fixed with diplomacy alone. You have to just follow your instincts sometimes, even a croc’s instincts, in order to pursue what you actually want. He wanted Janet, wanted to keep her. However the demon wanted something else.

Readers love being transported into the world of these novels until they have finished the novel. There’s strong female characters and the cyborgs are always somebody that you swoon over. The book is filled with action, adventure, love, and steamy hot romance with some fantastic characters which are all the things you could really want in a novel.

“Ursa Major” is the seventh novel in the “Cyborg Shifters” series and was released in the year 2020. This novel stars Vee and Cypher. Terraform Zero, this virtual reality colonization game, has the entire galaxy captivated. The Champions are household names which give hope to humanity. Vee Miles believes that she’s good enough to compete among them, however it’s the costly entrance fee that holds her back.

Enter the Earthian Planetary Exploration Division. The corporation is still reeling from a publicity nightmare named Zeph, and is desperate to change the public’s opinions toward all Cyborgs. So they make Vee an offer to sponsor her. The EPED gets the PR boost they need, and she gets to hang onto the prize money. The EPED’s deal comes with strings attached though, and has to pretend to be a made-up Cyborg shifting bear called Cypher.

A male that had the look of this Viking space warrior, with enough otherworldly muscle and scars to make any woman swoon. An imaginary male who makes her heart race. Little does she know that she is being used like bait to lure the actual Cypher out of his den. Well he’s out now. And coming for her, and there isn’t any place virtual or otherwise for her to hide.

“Dark Hysteria” is the eighth novel in the “Cyborg Shifters” series and was released in the year 2021. This novel stars Alexa and Hysterian. Alexa has got one purpose in life and it is to take down those war machines known as Cyborgs. Specifically one known as Hysterian, also known as the Twitch, the Tormentor, and the Jumper. This is the Cyborg that murdered her dad and she is determined to make sure the same happens to him.

First, she needs to get close to Hysterian. Second, she will need to get him to actually trust her. But the closer that she gets, the more fascinating and stranger he actually becomes. She finds him watching every single move that she makes. He is in every shadowy corner. The guy’s even in her damn dreams. He’s also even stoking a desire within her that she has long kept buried. There isn’t any turning back as she is stranded on a ship out in the middle of outer space.

Nowhere to run or hide. But he’s her dad’s killer. Whatever happens at this point, no matter how this Cyborg makes her feel, she is determined that only one of them is going to make it off this ship alive.

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