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Publication Order of Cyborgs: More Than Machines Books

Sometimes, being completely immersed in creative pieces of art liberates lots of useful energy for our lives as well as triggering more creative capacities. Eve Anglais series more than machines exhaustively seeking to explain the hypothetical concept of cyborgs is not an exception. A cyborg is a human like creature with a blend of biometric parts and organic substances interwoven into one organism. However, in terms of the capacity to think, cyborgs are a step ahead than humans. The series seeks to explain the fictional concept and however, they grapple with human emotions and feelings like love, hate and anger in their lives. The cyborgs are therefore viewed in high regard following their extraordinary physical capabilities exceedingly above those of humans. They are therefore incontestably some of the most powerful creatures in existence according to the fictional series. The idea was first developed in the year 1960 by Manford Clines and Nathan S .Kline who demonstrated their capabilities of imagination beyond the natural imaginations .This definitely provoked authors like Eve Anglais to come up with the captivating piece of art which is viral everywhere, not only in bookshops but online as well ,thanks to the technological upheaval. The term cyborg can also be used to define the technologically upgraded devices like computers and portable cell phones. In addition to that, it can also be referred to the intangible networks developed like the websites in the internet facilitating easier global transaction anytime and anywhere. The term therefore should not be mistaken for a non human deity or some sort of spiritual organisms which doesn’t understand human nature but should be considered humans except for being endowed with some extraordinary physical and of course fictional emotional capabilities. They however need to blend with humans in their quests to seek their origins as well as a clear view of life.

Adopting the concept, Eva Anglais’s deep understanding of the hypothetical concept of the cyborgs came up with the intriguing series entitled more than machines. In order to exhaustively have an in-depth grasp of the series, it is recommendable that the reader should progressively read the books in order from the first to the last to completion. The series are:

· C 791-Book 1

· F 814-Book 2

· B 785-Book 3

· Aramus-Book 4

· Seth –Book 5

· Adam-Book 6

· Avion-Book 7

One of the amazing characters in the series is Seth, a cyborg. He has a hard time in his mission to save other cyborgs as well as combating the feeling s of love he has for Anasthansia who is human. Uncontrollable jealousy is all over within him making him walk out of a relationship once paving way for the jealousy which reigns in. This confirms that he actually has feelings of love which surpass the normal human level and can be very destructive. Nonetheless, Seth is a very funny character all the same. The humor attached to him in the fifth series spices up the entire piece of art and his silly behaviors makes him a darling for many readers. He also serves to reduce tension amid the bloody excerpt at times filled with both action and romance. At one time he is excepted to work hand in hand with Anastasia, the woman he is in love wit in his mission as a Cybernetic spy on the look out incase of any danger posed following most reviews from reader, seth’s character exceptionally taps into their innermost interests following his humor and confusion as a cycorp making readers enjoy the piece of art and wanting to read it more and more. He accurately is a source of relief in the tense series.

Another outstanding character well brought out is Adam. His ultimate goal being trying to blend with humans and save the cycrops from danger fuels his aggressive spirit. Being the cyborg leader in the entire earth, he is entrusted automatically with the responsibility of exercising absolute authority, bringing out a sense of control and protection for the other cycorps. He therefore has to tap into the ideas of the human scientist in order to completely understand himself and his origin. He is therefore a main figure in the series, his role clearly demonstrated to make the series even more and more thrilling for the readers.This confirms that he actually has feelings of love which surpass the normal human level and can be very destructive. Nonetheless, Seth is a very funny character all the same. The humor attached to him in the fifth series spices up the entire piece of art and his silly behaviors makes him a darling for many readers.

Another character is Chloe, who was an assigned specimen collector of eth cycoirps.He meets one cycorp and assures her that despite the chip in the brain, she still has some traces of humanity. Chloe therefore has to tap into the knowledge of the scientists in order to carry out his duties effectively. This demonstrates the idea of beyond human thinking cycorps who struggle with some traces of humanity .They are not robots or zombie like organisms seeking to destroy everything that comes their way.

Cycorps is therefore one of the best series releases globally appreciated. It’s delving in to fiction and involving characters who make it seemingly real, addictive and captivating at the same time. In addition to that, it has high ratings and is very accessible because to get it one needs to go into the website, search for the book, download it and enjoy the ultimate fun. The book not only mirrors real life situations in terms of the rapid technological advancements following devices like computers and phone or software, but it encourages and fuels imagination to a whole new level. Almost everything in existence was once someone’s imagination before materializing likewise, with authors like Eva, their glowing inspiration continually affects readers and will continue doing so in years to come. In addition to that, it will definitely enable both the movie and music industry to make strides. With more imaginations, the cycorps idea can be stressed too in movies releases foreseen the future technology the way will smith dose in some of the movies he is the main character with extremely sophisticated with undoubtedly upgraded technology.teh 2013 release the Machine demonstrates the practicability of the hypothetical cycorps and the enormous amounts of creativity triggered by Eva Anglais’s work.

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