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Publication Order of Curtis Chronicles Books

Author Joseph Badal is the creator of the “Cycle of Violence” series that stars ex Army veteran Matt Curtis. After leaving the Army, he becomes an orthopedic surgeon in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Matt Curtis is in his early fifties, and works hard, every day kind of guy. Him and his two adopted sons have become estranged after his wife and their mother died of cancer. He has a sister named Susan and a friend named Esteban Maldonado who he met during his service time in the special forces. This man is an average everyday kind of guy with nothing fancy about him going on.

The series of novels is both suspense and action; it features human trafficking and police corruption and smuggling drugs. Badal has wanted to get into writing since he was five, and when he finally began working on his first novel, it was something that he was able to fall in love with right away. His father passed on stories that were told to Badal’s father as child, and these tales featured Badal and his siblings as characters and everyone got their turn to be the hero. It helped him develop a foundation for writing them on his own. It helped stimulated his need or desire to write and now believes that writing is as important to him as breathing is. He became more and more passionate about writing fiction the more he has done it, and feels that he always has some ideas about things that he can write a story about.

The first novel (actually the whole series will be) in this series is based on a story that his friend told him. He heard about the story from his friend, it was all he could do not to leave and get started on writing the novel. When friends tell him a story about something that happened to them, it is something that ignites a fire in him, which makes him sit down and write something. It also makes his passion for writing stories burn that much hotter for him. Badal is also able to write stories that involve things that happened to him personally as well.

He says that while writing novel one in the series, that he did quite a bit of research on human trafficking and got very angry and disgusted about what happens when a person is sold.

“The Motive” written by Joseph Badal is the first book in the “Cycle of Violence” series that was released in the year 2016. This novel is based off of real events that happened to someone that Badal knows, but he has fictionalized certain aspects to make it more attractive. Matt Curtis learns that his sister has died, and her death has been ruled a suicide. At first he just wants to bury her and settle things for her. Matt Curtis is confronted with some serious information that is suspicious at the same time. It involves his sister Susan’s death, and it makes him wonder if she really killed herself in Honolulu or not. Matt is now an orthopedic surgeon in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but was once in the United States Army. Renee Drummond (who is his sister’s best friend) and Esteban Maldonado (who is Matt’s former Special Forces comrade) help Matt investigate what happened to his sister. At first, Matt is only reluctant to learn the truth, but the more things he learns, the more he wants to dig up the truth and take down the bad guys. The head of organized crime in Honolulu, who is named Lonnie Jackson, is afraid that Matt is starting to learn too much about him and his business dealings and decides that he has to silence him for good, and so he sends some killers to take care of Matt.

Fans of the novel like the non stop thrill ride that the author takes the readers on. It is given a swift kick in the pants by real dialogue and colorful characters in the cast. There is a big plot here and well drawn characters, and some enjoy the ways that the characters interact with each other, they do this either with romance or friendship. Fans believe that Badal is the only author out there that can deliver this level of high octane crime writing. This novel is not one that you will be able to put down until you have finished the entire thing. Once that happens, you will want to read more and more of his stuff. Some cannot wait for the next book in this series, and found that they have another series to follow now.

“Obsessed” written by Joseph Badal is the second book in the “Cycle of Violence” series.

Like some of Joseph Badal’s other work, this series features a character that served in the Army, which is something that Badal himself once did. Badal is highly decorated (some of his medals include a Bronze Star, Oak Leaf Cluster, and Army Commendation Medal) and served in important, sensitive, and classified posts; he also served in both Vietnam and Greece. He drew on his time (for which he served for six years and during the Vietnam war) in the military to write the series, and also drew on his living in New Mexico to aid in the setting of the series. He was highly decorated for his service to the United States Army where he served as a commissioned officer, and finished with the rank of captain. Not only does he write thriller novels, but he also a big financier. He has even written articles on certain things that pertain to the field. Badal has undergraduate and graduate degrees in the business field, and serves as a board member of many different companies. He has spent time, almost twenty years worth, as a senior executive and a board member of a company that was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. He even owns his own company that is management consulting and financial firm.

The first novel in the “Cycle of Violence” series was given the Tony Hillerman Prize for Best Fiction Book in the year 2016. This is an award he won once before for another novel that he wrote, but is a novel that is not in this series.

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