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Publication Order of Brave Hearts Books

Heart of the Emerald (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Touch of Sugar (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Lady Maid's Honor (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love Over Par (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweet Apple Blossom (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Doctor's Agreement (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Runaway Suela (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Brothers of Copper Pass Books

Wyatt's Warrant (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dirk's Defense (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stetson's Secret (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Houston's Hope (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dallas's Dare (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seth's Sacrifice (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Malcolm's Misunderstanding (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Brothers Steele Books

Sharp as Steele (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Carved in Steele (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Forged in Steele (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of A Chocolate Bliss Christmas Romance Books

Snowflake Kisses (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Merry's Secret Santa (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Colors of Evil Books

Shades of Crimson (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Coral Shadows (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of A Christmas Masquerade Books

A Christmas Deception (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Christmas Traditions Books

Christmas Lessons (By: Patty Smith Hall) (0)Description / Buy at Amazon
Handcarved Christmas (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sadie's Gift (By: Niki Turner) (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sadie's Gift (By: Niki Turner) (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fruitcake Challenge (By: Carrie Fancett Pagels) (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Apple for Christmas (By: Darlene Franklin) (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas Lessons (By: Patty Smith Hall) (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Nutcracker Christmas (By: Jennifer AlLee) (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Holly Daze (By: Gina Welborn) (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eleven Pipers Piping (By: Angela Breidenbach) (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Fate of the Faes Books

Publication Order of Finding Love in Disaster Books

The Rancher's Dilemma (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Soldier's Redemption (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Finding Love the Harvey Girl Way Books

Cooking with Love (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Unconventional Lady (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Serving with Love (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Warring with Love (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Guiding with Love (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Hearts of Courage Books

The Game (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Local Betrayal (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
After the Storm (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Heart of Valor (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Suspicious Minds (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Time to Hunt (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chronological Order of Hearts of Courage Books

Publication Order of Highland Springs Books

Murder Live (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Say Bye to Mommy (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Breathe Again (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of A Hollywood Murder Books

Killer Pose (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Killer Snapshot (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shoot to Kill (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kodak Kill Shot (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Snap a Killer (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Love's Sporting Chance Books

The Reversal (By: T.I. Lowe) (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lured by Love (By: Debby Mayne) (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
On Thin Ice (By: Janice Thompson) (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tobogganing for Two (By: Darlene Franklin) (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taking the Plunge (By: Angela Breidenbach) (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love Over Par (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Misty Hollow Books

Secrets of Misty Hollow (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deceptive Peace (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Calm Surface (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lightning Never Strikes Twice (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lethal Inheritance (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bitter Isolation (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Say I Don't (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas Stalker (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bridge to Safety (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of A Nosy Neighbor Mystery Books

Anything for a Mystery (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Killer Plot (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Skin Care Can Be Murder (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death by Baking (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Jogging is Bad for Your Health (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Poison Bubbles (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas with Stormi Nelson (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Good Party Can Kill You (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Overcoming Evil Books

Mountain of Fear (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Exposure at Sea (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Secret to Die For (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Captured Innocence (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mistaken Assassin (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Collision Course (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chronological Order of Overcoming Evil Books

Mistaken Assassin(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Captured Innocence(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mountain of Fear(2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Exposure at Sea(2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Secret to Die For(2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Collision Course(2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Plain Sanctuary Books

Sarah's Deception (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sarah's Welcome (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sarah's Predicament (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sarah's Decision (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Plain Sanctuary (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Pretty Must Die Books

Publication Order of Red Hat's Club Books

Publication Order of River Valley Mystery Books

Deadly Neighbors (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Advance Notice (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Librarian's Last Chapter (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Romance in Paradise Books

Publication Order of Romancing the Bachelor Books

Hillbilly Cinderella (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Secrets of the South Books

The Lovers' Lane Murders (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Shady Acres Mystery Books

Beware the Orchids (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Path to Nowhere (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Poison Foliage (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Poinsettia Madness (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deadly Greenhouse Gases (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vine Entrapment (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Summer Meadows Mystery Books

Fudge-Laced Felonies (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chocolate-Covered Crime (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Candy-Coated Secrets (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Maui Macadamia Madness (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Tail Waggin' Mystery Books

Cat-Eyed Witness (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dog Who Found a Body (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Troublesome Twosome (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Four Legged Suspect (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Unwanted Christmas Guest (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wedding Day Cat Burglar (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Taming the Cowboy's Heart Books

Warming Stone Cold Lodge (By: Cindy M. Amos) (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Reluctant Cowgirl (By: Renee Riva) (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
I'd Rather Kiss My Horse (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of A Time for Love Books

Unraveling Love (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Price of Love (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Service of Lovela (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of A Tiny House Mystery Books

Caper Goes Missing (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Caper Finds a Clue (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Small Caper (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Caper's Dark Adventure (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Strange Game for Caper (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Caper Steals Christmas (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Caper Finds a Treasure (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Typecast Christmas Books

The Romance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (By: Amanda Tru) (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Scrooge Falls in Love (By: Susette Williams) (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Act of Love (By: Kimberly Rae Jordan,K.R.Jordan) (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Curtain Calls and Christmas Wishes (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Wife for Hire Private Investigator Books

Saving Sarah (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lesson for Lacey (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mission for Meghan (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Long Way for Lainie (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Aimed at Amy (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Wild Horse Pass Books

They Call Her Mrs. Sheriff (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Willingham Sisters, Flowers of the Desert Books

Publication Order of Woman of Courage Books

A Love for Delicious (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruth's Redemption (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Charity's Gold Rush (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mountain Redemption (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Taming the Sheriff (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finding A Way Home Again (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
In a Texas Ranger's Arms (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Doctor's Heart (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Portal (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Viva Las Villain (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Christmas Stamp (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Hour (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dear Jillian (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Whisper Sweet Nothings (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Like Ships Passing (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Sketch of Gold (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Lonely Heart (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Savannah's Trial (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Moira's Quest (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Competing Hearts (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Most Reluctant Bride (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

How Bad Do You Want It (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Timeless Love Books

The Portal (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Stitch in Time (By: Susette Williams) (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Melody's Next Christmas (By: George H. McVey) (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
For the Love of Liberty (By: Heather Blanton) (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Right Time for Love (By: Tina Dee) (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Calico Capers Books

The Dress Shop (By: Robin Densmore Fuson) (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Millicent's Mistake (By: Rhonda Gibson) (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hazel's Quest (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Romancing America Books

with Lynn A. Coleman, Frances Devine, Lynette Sowell, Myra Johnson, Cara C. Putman, Jennifer Collins Johnson, Marilyn Leach, Winter A. Peck, Gina Conroy, Muncy G. Chapman, Carole Gift Page
Florida Brides: Margaret's Quest/Red Hills Stranger/The Way Home (By: Muncy G. Chapman) (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Florida Weddings (By: Kristy Dykes,Lynn A. Coleman,Kathleen E. Kovach) (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Florida Weddings: Cords of Love/Merely Players/Heart of the Matter (By: Lynn A. Coleman) (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hoosier Crossroads: Picket Fence Pursuit/Pursuing the Goal/In Pursuit of Peace (By: Jennifer Collins Johnson) (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rodeo Hearts (By: Joyce Livingston) (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hawaiian Dreams (By: Carole Gift Page) (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Windy City Brides (By: Frances Devine) (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gateway Weddings (By: Myra Johnson) (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cherry Blossom Capers (By: Frances Devine,Lynette Sowell,Cara C. Putman,Gina Conroy) (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Threads of Love (With: Frances Devine,Marilyn Leach,Winter A. Peck) (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Path to Love(2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Destination Christmas(2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seven Brides for Seven Mail-Order Husbands(2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Yesterday's Mail(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The MISSadventure Brides Collection(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Forget Me Not Romances: Volume 3(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
In Danger's Path(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Coffee Club Mysteries(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Joyful Christmas: 6 Historical Stories(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Heart of the Midwife(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tea Shoppe Mysteries(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Run Faster(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Missing Pieces(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Five and Dime Christmas: Four Historical Novellas(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Summer Suspicions: Ten Christian Romantic Suspense Novels(2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Cynthia Hickey

An American author of historical romance fiction, Cynthia Hickey, is well known for writing with great precision and accuracy. Creating stories that have become hugely popular around the world, she has established a name and brand for herself quite unlike any other. Knowing her audience well at this point as well, she has managed to deliver many stories that have really created an impression. Keeping her many readers reading throughout, she’s excelled in her craft, creating something quite different in the process.

Paying close attention to detail, too, she makes sure to depict each historical era that she’s writing about with accuracy. Making it authentic, she has established a sense of realism that’s quite unlike any other, really allowing her work to truly shine. Becoming a household name for many, she ensures that her work speaks to readers in a manner that’s completely different from everything else out there. Giving her stories a real sense of depth, too, she manages to immerse her readers in the period setting, giving them an insight they may otherwise not have had.

It is also her numerous characters that are something to be admired as well, with each of her personalities feeling fleshed out. Coming alive on the page essentially, they definitely feel real, making a powerful impact on the audience as they really get to know them. Resonating strongly with the reader, she manages to ensure that they care about her characters, too, rooting for them the whole way. With so much more to come yet, she definitely won’t be stopping her writing career any time soon either, as there’s so much more on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up as a natural-born storyteller, Cynthia Hickey would always be keenly interested in the written word from an early age. This passion of hers would develop throughout much of her life, as she would continue to hone and refine it as time went on. Allowing her skills to progress as an author, she would eventually turn to writing full-time, finding what it was she really wanted to say.

Taking much of her inspiration from the world around her, she would carry on learning her craft, continually looking for her next big idea. Living between Arizona and Arkansas, she also works as a detention monitor at her local school, all while writing regularly. She has children and grandchildren, as she currently lives with her husband in Arizona, with more books expected to follow.

Writing Career

Always a storyteller, Cynthia Hickey would later to becoming a full-time writer for a living, successfully reaching an international audience. Her first book, titled ‘Fudge-Laced Felonies,’ would be a cozy mystery, and it would also start off her much loved ‘Summer Meadows Mystery’ series. She would also go on to write other series, such as ‘Overcoming Evil,’ ‘Woman of Courage,’ and ‘River Valley Mystery.’

All of this would help her establish a name and successful brand for herself as one of the leading figures in the industry. Gaining a lot of commercial and critical success, she would come to have her many praises sung by critics and the general public alike. Maintaining a presence both online and off, she gains numerous award nominations while continuing her long and illustrious writing career.

To Snap a Killer

Initially released through the ‘Winged Publications’ outlet, this would be the fifth book in the ‘A Hollywood Murder’ series. The last books would also be mystery novels featuring the same character Kelly Canyon, but they’d all have stand-alone stories. They can be picked up at any single point, with the series continuing chronologically, as there’s plenty for fans and newcomers alike.

Now finally getting married, the only wish of the grandmother of Kelly Canyon is that nobody dies during the reception. That’s when a top Hollywood agent is killed, and Kelly and her friends are this time pushed into a case involving Kelly’s own father’s death many years prior. Moving between Hollywood and Las Vegas, Kelly must do whatever it takes to hold onto what’s hers and solve the case. Will she manage to find the killer, though, can she find out what happened to her own father all those years ago, and what will happen once it’s time to snap a killer?

This novel works on many different levels, as it’s highly entertaining and an easy read while having some emotional depth to it as well. Making for an extremely engaging story, it moves along with confidence and wit, keeping the reader guessing every step of the way. There’s also plenty for fans of the series to enjoy too, as it has many arcs and developments carrying on from the previous books.

Vine Entrapment

Originally coming out on the 1st of August in 2020, this would initially come out through the ‘Winged Publications’ publishing imprint. This would be the sixth book in the ‘Shady Acres Mystery’ series of novels, following on directly from the previous five books. The series itself follows Shelby Hart as she solves various different cases, and they don’t need to be read in order, with each mystery being self-contained.

Looking to get married once more to a man who won’t be leaving her at the alter this time, Shelby Hart hopes to find her perfect partner. That’s when another murder takes place, and Shelby is hired in order to clear the name of her own mother and hopefully solve the case. Not only that, but her grandmother also vows to pay her a gift for managing it, but she can’t receive it as payment. What is the gift then, can she solve the case and bring the killer to justice, and just who is behind the vine entrapment?

Making up the last novel in the mystery series, this is definitely a great finale to end everything on, wrapping it up essentially. The story itself will keep readers constantly guessing throughout, as there are plenty of twists and turns here along the way. Its character development is also something to be admired, making for an extremely engaging story that works on multiple levels.

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