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After the Dragons (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Leading Edge, Issue 73(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Xenocultivars: Stories of Queer Growth(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fighting for the Future: Cyberpunk and Solarpunk Tales(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Cynthia Zhang

Cynthia Zhang is an Asian-American writer recognized for their contributions to the fantasy genre. Cynthia creates captivating characters and exciting stories, making their books a joy to read. Their characters are well-developed and relatable, drawing readers into imaginative worlds.

Their talent in crafting both protagonists and antagonists shines through in their works. Their fantasy worlds are rich with detail, filled with engaging narratives that keep readers hooked from beginning to end. Each character feels authentic and compelling, adding depth to the stories.

Fans of fantasy love how Cynthia balances adventure and character development, creating stories that are not only entertaining but also meaningful. The ability to weave intricate plots with relatable characters makes their books stand out in the genre. Readers look forward to each new book, eager to see what captivating tales will come next.

Zhang’s work resonates with a worldwide audience due to their skill in blending universal themes with unique cultural perspectives. By staying true to their experiences and background, they bring authenticity to their stories, which enriches the reading experience for all. This authenticity allows readers from diverse backgrounds to connect with the characters and themes on a deeper level.

Cynthia has a knack for making their stories relatable, no matter where readers come from. While their narratives often incorporate elements of Asian culture and folklore, the core themes—such as love, courage, and self-discovery—are universal. This combination helps to bridge cultural gaps and makes their work appealing to a broad audience worldwide.

Their ability to maintain a personal and authentic voice, while also crafting compelling and inclusive stories, sets Cynthia apart in the fantasy genre. By tapping into both specific cultural elements and universal human experiences, they create fiction that feels both unique and widely accessible. This approach not only honors their heritage but also allows readers from all walks of life to find something meaningful in their stories.

They skillfully blend imaginative fantasy with real-world issues to create compelling stories that resonate on multiple levels. Their creativity shines through in the intricate fantasy worlds they build, full of magic and wonder. At the same time, they tackle important real-world themes, such as climate change and immigration, adding depth to their narratives.

This balance between fantastical elements and genuine societal concerns gives their work a unique and meaningful edge. By grounding their stories in issues that people face today, Cynthia brings relevance and urgency to their tales. Readers not only escape into richly imagined worlds but also find reflections on critical topics, making the reading experience both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Looking ahead, Cynthia Zhang has plenty more in store for readers. With their unique voice and talent for storytelling, future works are sure to captivate and entertain audiences. Fans can look forward to more richly detailed worlds, complex characters, and engaging plots.

As Cynthia continues to explore new ideas and craft fresh tales in the fantasy genre, their creative journey is only just beginning. Readers can expect exciting new adventures and unforgettable characters that will keep them eagerly awaiting each new release. The future is bright for Cynthia Zhang, promising many more thrilling stories to come.

Early and Personal Life

Cynthia Zhang, an Asian-American fantasy author, grew up with a love for stories that has only deepened over time. From a young age, they were fascinated by the magic of reading and the endless worlds waiting to be explored through books. This early passion naturally evolved into a keen interest in writing, where Cynthia found joy in creating their own imaginative tales.

Over the years, Cynthia’s journey as a writer has been shaped by their varied experiences, including a stint in academia. While they may have initially taken a different path, their love for storytelling remained a constant. Their time as an academic honed their analytical skills and broadened their perspective, enriching their writing with depth and insight.

Now based in LA, Cynthia continues to draw inspiration from their surroundings, cultural heritage, and personal interests, including a love for dogs. This vibrant and diverse city fuels their creativity, providing a dynamic backdrop for their work. As they forge ahead in their writing career, Cynthia Zhang remains dedicated to crafting compelling fantasy stories that resonate with readers around the world.

Writing Career

Cynthia Zhang’s writing career took off with the publication of their debut novel, ‘After the Dragons,’ in 2021. This novel showcased their talent for blending imaginative fantasy elements with real-world issues, quickly gaining recognition in the literary world. Set against a richly detailed backdrop, the story captured readers’ imaginations and established Cynthia as a noteworthy voice in the fantasy genre.

Based in LA, Cynthia continues to write, building on the success of their first novel. Their commitment to storytelling and their unique perspective promise more captivating tales in the future. As they forge ahead in their career, fans eagerly anticipate the next creative works from this talented author.

After the Dragons

‘After the Dragons,’ an urban fantasy romance by Cynthia Zhang, was published on August 19, 2021. The novel was brought to readers by Stelliform Press, marking an impressive debut cementing Cynthia’s place in the literary world as an exciting new author.

In Beijing, only the Eastern dragons survive, struggling in the city’s overheated pollution as drought affects them and a mysterious disease, shaolong, plagues humans. Jaded college student Xiang Kaifei looks for abandoned dragons to distract himself from his diagnosis.

Elijah Ahmed, an American medical researcher, arrives in Beijing, driven by his grandmother’s death from shaolong. Kai and Eli team up, combining Kai’s dragon rescue efforts with Eli’s immunology research, to search for a cure and ensure safety for the dragons while confronting their own pasts and realities.

It’s an engaging urban fantasy romance set in Beijing. The story follows Xiang Kaifei and Elijah Ahmed as they join forces to save abandoned dragons and find a cure for a mysterious disease. Zhang’s debut novel is compelling and beautifully written, making it a must-read. Fans of fantasy and heartfelt stories will enjoy this book immensely.

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