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Publication Order of Cyrus Haven Books

Good Girl, Bad Girl (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
When She Was Good (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lying Beside You (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Before You Found Me / Storm Child (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Cyrus Haven Series by Michael Robotham

Michael Robotham was born in Australia and spent his youth growing up in small rural towns; towns that usually had more dogs than people.

Previously he was a journalist and wrote for newspapers and magazines for fourteen years in Australia, Britain, and America. He’s been in the unique position of being able to view the diaries and letters of Czar Nicholas II and his wife when they were discovered in 1991 in the Moscow State Archives.

He was also allowed access to the files of Hitler, held by Stalin, missing over fifty years and discovered by a cleaner who stumbled over a misfiled and misplaced cardboard box.

He quit journalism in 1993 and became a ghostwriter for pop stars, politicians, psychologists, and other personalities to write their autobiographies. Twelve of the non-fiction books were bestsellers with a combined two million copies sold.

Stephen King calls this internationally bestselling author “an absolute master” and with that recommendation and his fabulous track record, his first novel, the psychological thriller, The Suspect, caused a bidding war when it was only partially completed.

After publication, The Suspect, was recommended as one of the top books of the largest consortium of book clubs for the “International Book of the Month”, which was a top recommendation to TWENTY-EIGHT million book club members in fifteen countries.

Mr. Robotham’s books have been translated into twenty-five languages. They’ve also been shortlisted or won numerous writing awards.

Michael’s novels have since been translated into 25 languages and have won or been shortlisted for numerous awards including:

The Crime Writer’s Association Gold Dagger (won) GOOD GIRL BAD GIRL 2020 (won) LIFE OR DEATH 2015 (shortlisted) SAY YOU’RE SORRY 2013.
The Australian Book Industry Association ABIA General Fiction Award 2018 for THE SECRETS SHE KEEPS
The Ned Kelly Award for Best Novel (won 2005 and 2008) LOST and SHATTER.
The Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award for Best Novel (shortlisted) 2016 LIFE OR DEATH (shortlisted) 2020 GOOD GIRL BAD GIRL)
The Crime Writer’s Association Ian Fleming Steel Dagger (won 2021) WHEN SHE WAS GOOD. (Shortlisted 2005 and 2008) THE NIGHT FERRY and SHATTER. 

Mr. Robotham brings us his exciting new character, Cyrus Haven, a forensic psychologist, who is called upon to help investigate the most disturbing of cases. His job is to peel back the public layers of a persona and reveal the truth hidden away.

Cyrus has his own demons as well. When he was a boy his family was massacred. Cyrus hid well away and was one of two survivors. The other survivor was the killer- his brother Elias.

When Cyrus is working with victims or is trying to figure out what precipitated a tragedy, he knows, he really knows how heavy the past can weigh on a person. It can provoke emotions he thought were well tucked away. Cyrus has his tells and even admits his quirks. He admits he’s OCD, even acting like a kindergartner and keeping his food separated so the things don’t touch.

The first novel in the Cyrus Haven Series is Good Girl, Bad Girl. A girl is found in a secret room after a horrific crime. She’s filthy and half-starved, she doesn’t talk and won’t say her name, age, or where she came from. She could be twelve or possibly fifteen. She doesn’t fit any missing person file, and her DNA isn’t matching any data file.

Six years later, with no new information, she’s living in a secure children’s home and has been given a new name. Evie Cormac. Evie decides to initiate court proceedings to be declared an adult.

As a forensic psychologist, Cyrus has the task to determine if Evie is prepared to live her life as a free adult. As Cyrus gets to know Evie, he’s intrigued. She’s equally fascinating and dangerous and unlike anyone he’s ever met.

Cyrus’s hands are full. He’s asked to investigate the murder of a high school figure-skating champion. Jodie Sheehan was killed on a remote footpath close to home. She was popular and pretty; she was the classic girl-next-door.

Cyrus starts his investigating and teases the layers of her life to find Jodie’s secret life. Evie Cormac, the one with no past, know something about it. Cyrus is haunted with his own tragedies.

Who will end up paying the price with the telling of the truth? This dark and serious Cyrus Haven story by Mr. Robotham, a master storyteller, thrills with murder, abuse, drugs, sex, torture, and incest.

Mr. Robotham’s second story, When She Was Good, criminal psychologist Cyrus Haven and the mysterious Evie Cormac are back together. We learned in the last story that Evie has a unique ability to know when someone is lying. That skill helped Cyrus solve a very difficult case.

As Cyrus investigates the murder of Jodie Sheehan he seems to be uncovering answers about Evie’s mysterious past. There are disturbing parallels between the two young women. The more he discovers, the more he is possibly exposing Evie to unknown dangers; she may have to run. Cyrus and Evie will each have to decide if their secrets are better off buried and their monsters should never be named.

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    Looks like I will be following the Cyrus Haven series, keep up the great work. Still think your ” life or Death” novel was the best thing I had read in 5 years.


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