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Publication Order of Milo Rathkey Mysteries Books

Great Party! Sorry About the Murder (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fun Reunion! Meet, Greet, Murder (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Missed The Murder Went To Yoga (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Again! Happy New Year! (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Snap, Zap, Murder (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Clues, Cash, Pieces of Murder (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

D.B. Elrogg
D. B. Elrogg is the pseudonym for Harvey and Alyce Goldberg. Alyce is a retired teacher and never allows Harvey to use the word “very” unless it’s in dialogue. Harvey is incredibly upset about that. Harvey is a retired TV Network News Producer. After one year in retirement, they got on the cat’s nerves and she demanded that they start writing a novel. So always listen to the cat.

They hope that their “Milo Rathkey Mystery” are a little on the humorous side and their mysteries are there to solve before the reader can get to the end of the novel. Yeah there are clues and the readers know everything there is to know. They don’t throw in crucial information on the last page.

They get inspired by writing most days for several hours. They should write for longer, however one of them has got ADD.

Some of the events in their novels come from real life, however they change the details just a bit. The murder in “Great Party!” is a work of fiction. In the second novel, the solution comes from an actual murder. In the third novel, is another murder that they created. Their neighbors and friends are both scared of both of them.

“Great Party! Sorry About the Murder” is the first novel in the “Milo Rathkey Mystery” series and was released in 2018. Nobody really liked James Bonner (a real estate developer), however somebody took this dislike to murder, shooting him just after his New Year’s Eve Party. Now the cops are hoping that Milo Rathkey (an ex-cop turned private detective) is going to help them find this murderer. Milo must weave his way through the list of suspects, which includes the dead guy’s family, as his attention gets taken with a three month old hit and run. It is definitely disconnected from the murder. Right?

For Milo, life’s already been turned on its head. From a guy that sees a parking ramp as a day care for cars, to becoming a millionaire overnight. Oh and the millions came with half an estate. That is why he got invited to the party.

This novel is an intriguing and humorous whodunit that is filled with red herring plot twists and great characters, all in this out of the way setting. Before the final chapter, Milo knows who the killer is. Do you?

Readers liked this novel since it’s a real detective story where the clues are sought and investigated. Despite being given all of the crucial information to solve this mystery, some readers still found that they weren’t able to solve it.

“Fun Reunion! Meet, Greet, Murder” is the second novel in the “Milo Rathkey Mystery” series and was released in 2019. The Women of Thrana Hall are holding their high school reunion. Classmate Jessica Vogel, who is hated by most of her classmates gets pushed down the steps of this old spooky tower.

Milo Rathkey (newly rich private detective) gets pulled into this investigation. Could this murder be tied to some old school grudges, this one fatal accident from twelve years ago, or could the victim’s penchant for blackmail get her killed? Milo’s brain continues telling him that something isn’t right, however he must wait until the back of his brain talks to the front of his brain again before he’s able to solve this case.

This is a fantastic tale about misdirection and murder. Readers love these wonderful characters and enjoy how they interact with one another. The stories are unpredictable and interesting. Fans have found unexpected humor that got them laughing out loud.

“Missed the Murder Went to Yoga” is the third novel in the “Milo Rathkey Mystery” series and was released in 2020. Patsy Rand (a former district attorney) collapses and dies at a mystery book club meeting. Before she dies she utters the word “yellow”. From this tiny clue the mystery grows.

The cops ask for Milo Rathkey to consult on this case. The victim wrote this book years ago accusing this software guru of murder. The books are vanishing. Milo wonders if the book collector and the killer are one and the same.

The way that Milo solves these puzzling crimes, his thought process and attention to small details, make him an excellent private detective and consultant to the cops.

“Murder Again! Happy New Year!” is the fourth novel in the “Milo Rathkey Mystery” series and was released in 2021. Two corpses are discovered on the back lawn of the Hawthorne estate, the cops find that private investigator Milo Rathkey’s already on the scene, having been drug into this investigation by Mary Alice Bonner who was hoping to use Hawthorne for her annual New Year’s Eve party.

The dead are identified as this young couple that were touring their wedding venue just the night before. The cops believe the bride-to-be was the target. Milo suspects that the killer could’ve been after the groom. All that Mary Alice Bonner knows for sure is that it is difficult to plan a party with corpses on the lawn.

“Snap, Zap, Murder” is the fifth novel in the “Milo Rathkey Mystery” series and was released in 2022. Milo’s spending a quiet January in Lakesong, his Duluth mansion. But it’s too quiet.

Then Charlie Dawson gets murdered as he rides an exercise bike. The cops want to know who went and rigged the bike to electrocute Charlie. Milo just wonders why Charlie would die on a Tuesday.

“Clues, Cash, Pieces of Murder” is the sixth novel in the “Milo Rathkey Mystery” series and was released in 2022. Why would somebody go and buy seven ugly, winter hats in the month of May? Milo Rathkey wanted to know however the buyer told him to mind his own business. Milo would have just forgotten all about it if the Hat Man was not found floating face down in a river nearby.

Who murdered Hat Man? The clues center around this radio station contest which has treasure hunters pouring into Duluth in search of a fast payday. All that Milo wanted were four double-A batteries.

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