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Publication Order of Dirty Aces MC Books

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D.B. West
D. B West was born and grew up in the southern United States. As he studied at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, he met Lane Hart, his wife and fellow author.

West, after he lost his dad to a lingering illness, started writing “Awakening” as a way to channel his emotions, and honor the memory of a real friend. Besides writing, he enjoys traveling, playing video games, and motorcycles.

“Chase” is the first novel in the “Savage Kings MC” series and was released in 2018. Chase Fury is the VP of the Savage Kings MC and he has dealt with his fair share of tragedy through the years. But he never wanted the responsibility which comes with being at the head of the table, preferring to leave all of that to Torin, his brother. However after this unexpected attack on the Kings sends his brothers off on a path of vengeance, Chase is going to have little choice but to take the burden of being the guy in charge.

Sasha Sheridan, a reporter, has steered clear of any and all bad boy bikers that wear the bearded skull for the past decade now. As she investigates this story, she finds herself suddenly back in the Savage Kings’ crosshairs. Uncovering the secrets that the president of the club is attempting to keep hidden might very well put her life in jeopardy. She might be able to handle such a threat, however she cannot escape from the guy that broke her heart.

Chase has not forgiven himself for hurting Sasha and causing her an unbelievable amount of pain. He still wears her name on his chest, which serves as a reminder of the night when he wrecked his bike and everything that the two of them had together. Now, with the bloodshed, secrets, violence, and lies that cause chaos in his club, Chase is determined to use his second chance with Sasha to protect her. He never imagined that the best way to do this would be to get her as far away from him and his MC as possible.

This is an emotional story filled with suspense and steamy scenes. Even though the main characters in this book are going to get a happily ever after, the struggles of the MC are going to continue to unravel throughout the entire series.

“Malcolm” is the first novel in the “Dirty Aces MC” series and was released in 2020. Malcolm Hyde might look like your very own personal Jesus, he is anything but a saint. Covered in leather and tattoos, he is nothing but trouble and a smoking hot biker.

Malcolm, as the President for the Dirty Aces MC, is known for being calculating and cold. One wrong choice, getting into business with the wrong person, is all that it takes to bring down the whole MC. It happened once before to his predecessor, which is exactly why Malcolm refuses to allow it to happen again on his watch. He does not trust anybody except for those few men that wear the same ace of spades patch on their back.

This is why he never takes his eyes off the new girl, Naomi. She never intended to make an enemy out of him or his MC when she was sent in to steal everything that she could from them.

After he finds out what she has been doing, he is absolutely furious and shows no mercy until she spills all of her secrets, ones which could very well end her life. And that is when he makes her quite a surprising offer: he is willing to take care of every single one of her problems, and the only thing that he is asking for in return is for her to totally surrender herself to him.

Spending two weeks in bed with this bad boy biker sounds a lot more like a reward than a punishment. There is just one tiny little catch: once he claims her body, there is zero guarantee that he will not steal her heart as well.

“Remy” is the first novel in the “Savage Kings MC-Virginia” series and was released in 2022. After two confidential informants get murdered by a drug lord the DEA has spent months attempting to bust, agent Avery Carmichael is ordered to go undercover. She is going to need some help infiltrating this outlaw world, which is where the most infuriating and hottest man that she has ever met comes in.

Remy Fulton is the president of the newest Savage Kings MC chapter located in Rockland, Virginia. When RJ, his younger brother, gets into some legal trouble, he agrees to help out this prissy snob with her undercover operation to keep RJ out of prison. Pretending to be the biker’s most recent conquest might prove to be a lot more difficult than Avery had anticipated. Remy, from the moment that they meet, argues with her over every little thing. He is particularly furious with her once he finds out that she will be sticking around for weeks, sharing his whole life and his home.

Their family and friends cannot find out that this relationship is a fake because blowing their cover could inevitably put her life in danger. It is not a secret that these two don’t respect or trust each other initially. However once they are forced to improvise a few times while under pressure, they get more comfortable playing the part of an infatuated couple.

The biker and agent wind up getting so good at being together that even they forget that they are just supposed to be pretending while attempting to set up the deal to take down this homicidal drug dealer.

Avery is unable to even remember why she despised Remy in the first place since he has proven himself to be a caring and kind man that would do literally anything to protect his family. And while Remy didn’t even want to spend a single second with Avery at the start of her undercover operation, he all of a sudden doesn’t know just how he will ever let her go.

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