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Biography of Lee Weeks and His Series D.C. Ebony Willis written by: racquelnk
Lee Weeks is an American comic book author, who was born in the year 1960. He is popularly known for his writing talent on titles such as Daredevil. He made his debut in professional comics inking, lettering and penciling a short story entitled, ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk’ in boo 5 of Tales of Terror Series. This was in March 1986 and Eclipse Comics published the horrific anthology. The Daredevil series that he did between year 1990 and year 1992 contains his best known work, Marvel Comics. This is where he penciled his ‘Last Rites’ storyline. It is a continuation of the likes of David Mazzucchelli and Frank Miller’s Born Again. This book featured the kingpin fall.

Lee Weeks did a collaboration with author Howard Mackie on limited series, Gambit in 1993 – 1994. Lee Weeks designed the ‘Predator vs. Magnus’, ‘Tarzan vs. Predator: At the Earth’s Core’ and ‘Robot Fighter’ crossovers at ‘Dark Horse Comics’. He drew and wrote the ‘Spider-Man: Death and Destiny’ in year 2000, limited series back at Marvel. Tom DeFalco worked with him on ‘Spider-Man: The Mysterio Manifesto’ the year that followed. Lee Weeks offered services as an artist in the storyboard. This he did for, ‘Superman: The animated Series’. He penciled the 48 page ‘The Batman Chronicles’, in 1997 bookshelf format book, for a brief moment with DC comics. The Destroyer 1989-1990, Captain America volume 4#17-20 together with author Dave Gibbons 2003, five parts Captain Marvel 2008, The Incredible Hulk volume 3 2002, 2005 Spider-Man’s Tangled Web 2002 and Justice 1988-1989 mini -series are other titles of Marvel Comics.

In the series, the 17th volume ‘Modern Masters’ that was published in 2008 by TwoMorrows publishing, features Lee Weeks as the subject. Lee Weeks is the sole artist and writer of Angels Unaware. This is the debut of 3 issue storyline of the 8 issue, Marvel anthology Daredevil: Dark Nights miniseries. The writer of, ‘Comic Book Resources’, James Hunt rated the first issue 4 stars out of 5. While commending Lee Weeks’ talent, Hunt recognized Weeks talent that made it possible to sell the story. He described Weeks as a storyteller who is visual and one who has got the art to fantastically convert his mental ideas on a page. This is regardless of weighty action scenes, snow covered street ambience or the fluid. To him, Weeks made him visualize the world as ethereal, yet grimy. He finally said that Weeks impacts a character with a grip that is rock solid. This shows that even his fellow authors who are highly competent recognize his writing talent and skill. The CRB’s Kelly Thompson also rated the second issue and he gave it 4 stars out of 5. He described it as surprisingly complex and hauntingly beautiful and in a unique manner, it addresses the superhero ideas. He also added that, it has got a fantastic storyline impression at the character. At 2015 Lee Weeks was writing ‘Superman: Lois and Clark’ as he worked together with author Dan Jurgens. All his books are available in local libraries, bookshops and online stores, where you can access them at an affordable price. Appreciate his talent and promote his work by making an informed decision to purchase his books.

Together with Josef Rubinstein and Bruce Jones, Lee Weeks in the year 2003 was awarded the Haxtur Award for the best short story category. He has not only written short stories, but also series. One of his interesting series is entitled D.C. Ebony Willis. The series has five books in which it contains. The first book is entitled Dead of winter while the second book is called Cold as Ice. They are both great books that will keep you turning pages from cover to cover. Below is a brief review of the content of first two earliest books in the D.C. Ebony Willis series.

Dead of winter

This is the first book in the D.C. Ebony Willis series with 448 pages. It was published by Simon & Schuster UK on 6th December 2012. The book has 5 editions so far and has been edited in English language. The story starts when three dead bodies are found in a rented house’s garden in North London. However, as disturbing as this is, what makes it even scary and more disturbing is that, after forensics do their investigations, they made a discovery that the prints were related to a crime in the past, that is unresolved. Nobody in the Metropolitan Police wants to have that memory again. An officer from the force, was the suspect of the first murder, but since the evidence collected was not enough, the ranks were closed by police to keep off the media frenzy that would otherwise follow the discovery. D.C. Ebony Willis is assigned the duty to discover the suspect’s whole truth, since the previous case starts to relate unavoidably to the present. Carmichael is the fierce suspect. However, reclusive and private, will Carmichael prove to be all fascinating and too tricky subject for Ebony? Find out what happens to Ebony and whether she manages to dig out any important information from tricky Carmichael.

Cold as ice

This is the second book of D.C. Ebony Willis series by Lee Weeks. It has 358 pages and four editions. It was published by Simon & Schuster UK on 5th December 2013. English is the books editing language. There is a time for everything, a time to hate, a time to love, a time to heal and a time to kill. From an icy canal, in one freezing cold winter’s day, a body of a young woman is seen and pulled out. To Dan Carter, the D.I, this looks more of an accident than a mission of a murderer. However D.C. Ebony Willis is not very sure about that. Why could her face be wrapped with a in a plastic bag and be painted using garish make-up? Consequently a call is made to Tracy Collins, a cosmetics saleswoman. Twenty years have passed since she gave up her daughter for adoption. Therefore, she is hesitant to revive the relationship between her and her daughter Danielle as well as her grandson, Jackson when they try to get in touch. However, when Danielle becomes quiet and disappears all over sudden, it becomes the middle of a living nightmare for Tracy. She worries that with the discovery of another dead body, her daughter is in real danger. It becomes evident to D.C. Ebony that there is no time to lose and, therefore, she takes on the role of playing the killer’s next victim. This has been the most challenging assignment during her entire career. This is how this book becomes a page turning thriller that is new and it will ensure you stay hooked between those pages from beginning to end. D.C. must get rid of her past that is troubled during this mission of going undercover to discover the twisted and ruthless killer.

You will be gasping for breath literally, by the end of these books. They are totally gripping. The books give an atmospheric and gritty read. Get yours today.

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