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The 7th Month (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Laughing Buddha: Malachai Samuels vs. D.D. Warren (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
3 Truths and a Lie (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Fiction writing is one of the most common pieces of literature and the profile features numerous writers. However, some of them are masters of their art. They come up with creative and captivating stories that always lead to bestseller credentials. Lisa Gardner is an American born bestseller fictional writer known for her several suspense books. She has authored various books under her real name as well as some romance novels under the pseudonym Alicia Scott. Her recent creation is the D.D Warren series that features seven epic novels filled with suspense and character building. Lisa’s imagination and choice of setting is impeccable. The reader is traversed over multiple developing stories and puzzles that unravel to connect at the end.

Books and plot synopsis

The D.D Warren book series is basically about a series of kidnappings and killing, exiles and of course the regular duty of crime investigations. Bobby Dodge and D. Warren are the main characters of the story, although there are many other repeatedly appearing characters. The first book in the series is Alone. This novel is incredibly plotted and begins with Bobby shooting the husband of Catherine. Bobby is a sniper/state trooper with Massachusetts and finds himself faced by a man who has barricaded himself, the wife and son. With the man pointing a gun to his wife and no time to decide, Bobby shoots the man and saves Catherine. The interesting scenes begin when Bobby realizes the man he shot was the son to a powerful judge called Gagnon who is ready to hunt and ruin him. Gagnon blames Bobby and Catherine for his son’s death and the ill-health of his grandson Nathan. Suspicion is further raised when Prudence, the nanny taking care of Nathan is reportedly killed. The story develops with more drama as a notorious criminal Ricard Umbrio is released from prison after 20 years. Apparently, Ricard had abducted Catherine 20 years ago when she was a child. However, she was rescued and testified against him. There is suspicion over whether the judge had a role in his release. Lisa reveals her characters personalities later in the story as it continues to develop, creating mini suspense in between the various story lines.

The next book is Hide which introduces another character, Annabelle Granger. Bobby, who is now a state police receives a night call to a homicide scene where six girls have been found mummified in an old abandoned mental house basement. The crime seems to have been committed about 20 years ago and the only lead they have is a silver locket hang on one of the girls neck. The locket has the name Annabelle Granger on it and the police department publishes these findings. Later, a woman shows up at the police department to claim the name and testifies to giving the locket to her friend 20 years ago when they were kidnapped. Annabelle’s parent have been moved here from one place to another trying to escape a sexual predator, but since her parents are now dead, she decides to return to her birth town. Lisa Gardner builds suspense through out the novel just like she did in the first book before revealing her characters and giving readers all the information they have been waiting for as well as a new beginning for the next novel. Other books in this series include The Neighbor, Live to Tell, Love You More, Catch Me and Fear Nothing.

The neighbor is basically a story about Jason and Sandra, a couple who stay next to a sex offender on parole. In this book, Lisa describes various phenomena including the routine epic homicide detective procedures, media and internet influences, a bit of love and affection as well as past mysteries. Detective D. Warren is assigned to investigate the whereabouts of Sandra’s and why Jason’s family is reluctant to give information on their childhood. The book is very engaging and readers will find it difficult not to complete the story until Sandra and Jason’s mysteries are solved. Live to tell describes the story of brutal killings, a nurse troubled with past experiences and affection of a mother to protect their child. Once again D.D Warren, who is a veteran detective is given the role of investigating the circumstances and perpetrators of the killings.

Love you more is even more dramatic. A state police trooper called Tesla is married to an abusive husband who batters her. In self defense, she shoots him and D. D Warren is head of the investigation. Since Tesla is not saying a word regarding her dead husband, the missing 6 year old daughter and conspicuously battered face, Warren has a rough time solving murder and saving a missing child. Catch me is typical of all the preceding books in the series with multiple puzzles. Warren is back from a maternity leave with a son, Jake and receives a challenging proposition. Charlene reports to Warren that someone is planning to kill her in four days and would like the detective to handle her homicide investigation. However, she is the best runner, shooter and fighter which keep Warren wondering whether Charlene will be the victim of a homicide plot or perpetrator. In Fear Nothing, Lisa Gardner surprisingly creates a whole new story that links back to the others in a fashionable way and opens up for possibilities of future novels in the series. The story is a description of risks Warren faces from two daughters left forty years ago when their father was imprisoned.

Four of Lisa Gardner’s works have been turned into movies, although D.D Warren is not part of them. The Perfect Husband was aired as Instinct to Kill, The survivors Club was made into a CBS movie and Hide was also made into a movie aired by TNT TV.


Lisa is a master in the suspense genre and all her recent works have been solely focused on the same. She is expected to write more novels and continue developing her series characters. She has won various awards in the United States and France. Her work is printed in over 30 countries with over 22 million copies. Readers will be anticipating a development of the D.D Warren series to wrap up the story or introduce a twist for new generation of characters.

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