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Publication Order of Eliza Doolittle & Henry Higgins Mysteries Books

Wouldn't It Be Deadly (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Move Your Blooming Corpse (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Get Me To The Grave On Time (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
With a Little Bit of Blood (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

D.E. Ireland is the pen name used by the pair of authors Sharon Pisacreta and Meg Mims from America, who are famous for writing humor, mystery, comedy, and historical mystery novels in collaboration. The two award winning authors are long time friends and have collaborated on multiple occasions for writing some of the interesting books in their careers. Tother, they have written a unique novel series based on the popular, witty play of George Bernard Shaw Pygmalion. Both the writers have admitted that they were inspired to write the series from the plot and the soundtrack of the movie called My Fair Lady. They also tried to improvise to some extent by introducing some new characters. It is said about Sharon and Meg that they love to read good books and often share many things with each other. The husbands of both of them are quite patient and they are also blessed with brilliant daughters. They are often seen meeting for tea and sharing some or the other topic of history with each other. In addition to writing together, the two writers also have their own writing careers separately. The Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins novel series that is being written by Ireland is an Agatha Award nominated series. Sharon Pisacreta was born and brought up in Detroit, Michigan. She started writing since her twenties and was initially a freelance writer for quite some time. Her typical interest in writing mystery and romance novels. The debut romantic suspense novel written by her was published in 1998. This was followed by a few more novels and novellas. Sharon writes most of her novels under her original name, however, she has written a few of them under the pseudonym of Cynthia Kirk. Her popular mystery series is known as The Berry Basket series, which she wrote as Sharon Farrow.

Before becoming an author, Sharon was involved in a number of endeavors such as being a history instructor at a college and a principal investigator at an archaeology site. Author Sharon has resided in New Jersey and New York, but she likes to call Michigan her home. She is specifically overwhelmed by Lake Michigan’s beautiful coastline. Sharon’s partner for writing the award winning mystery series, Meg Mims, is a fan of cozy mystery and historical mystery books. Meg likes to describe cozy mystery stories in her own books too. She is also interested in writing about western, Edwardian, and romance and contemporary novellas set at the time of holidays. Author Meg says that she received a lot of inspiration from the works of noteworthy authors like Laura Ingalls Wilder, J.R. Tolkien, Charles Portis, and Bernard Shaw. As far as her individual writing career is concerned, she has a thrilling mystery series under the publication from the Kensington Books, that is set in the Southeast Michigan and is expected to be published some time in 2017. Meg has used the pen name of Meg Macy for writing this series, which features a factory and a teddy shop. Along with the mystery novels, author Meg has also penned some short stories for a few anthologies. She has interests in lighthouses, animals, mystery, and history. Her contemporary romance books are set during the Christmas season and deal with rescue cats and dogs. Along with being involved in writing romance and mystery books, author Meg has also been reviewing books for the past many years. Over the course of her writing career, Meg has won prestigious awards like the Spur Award and the Laramie Award.

The Eliza Doolittle & Henry Higgins series written by D.E. Ireland is comprised of a total of 3 books, which were released between the years 2014 and 2016. Its first book was published under the title ‘Wouldn’t It Be Deadly’. It was released in 2014 by the Minotaur books and features the lead characters as Henry Higgins, Emil Nepommuck, and Eliza Doolittle. At the start of the novel, it is shown that Eliza Doolittle appears at the Embassy Ball and wins a bet placed by Professor Higgins. Following her win, she becomes Higgins’ chief rival named Emil Nepommuck’s assistant. Later, Nepommuck takes the credit of grooming Eliza and transforming her into a lady. Henry Higgins becomes enraged at this and provides proof to a newspaper in London that Neommuck is a big fraud. And when Emil Nepommuck is found dead from stabbing in the back, Higgins is seen as the prime suspect. Eliza goes on to discover that many of Emil’s pupils had the motive of murdering him. She also learns that Emil was blackmailing most of them and making wrong use of being their teacher. Soon, one more dead body is found after which Henry and Eliza decide that they have to investigate on their own to find out which of the pupils is the real murderer. When the suspects gather at the Drury Lane to watch a Hamlet performance, they begin the race to unravel the brutal murderer. The book depicts a charming mystery that keeps on becoming intriguing as the story progresses further.

The next novel in the series is entitled ‘Move Your Blooming Corpse’. It was also released by Minotaur publication in 2015. Author Ireland has depicted the delightful characters of Higgins and Eliza in yet another hilarious investigation. At the beginning of this story, Eliza and Higgins visit the one of the biggest and posh events of horse racing of the season, called Royal Ascot. The champion horse from the previous races is Donegal Dancer, which is now co-owned by the father of Eliza Doolittle. For this reason, both Doolittle and Higgins seem very excited to see Donegal Dancer become victorious once again. However, the event takes an unexpected turn when a man gets trampled at the racing event and then a body is discovered from the stables. As time is running out, Henry & Eliza’s team of investigators take it upon themselves to investigate about the mystery behind the disturbing events and find out who is responsible for the murder. They begin by questioning jealous spouses of the horse owners, colorful co-owners of the horses, especially the Donegal Dancer, and the suffragettes. They know that it is very important for them to outplay the murderer and hunt him down before he decides to take the life of another innocent victim and bring more disturbance into the event. Therefore, they continue to look at every nook and corner in search of clues about the killer. This book too depicts a traditional mystery written in a delightful manner by author Ireland. It was appreciated by many all over the world, which enabled it to become very successful.

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