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DF Bailey is a best selling mystery author best known for his mystery, thriller and crime novels. Bailey made his name when he published “The Will Finch” mystery series of novels starting with “Bone Maker” in 2015. The novels in the series are told from the point of view of a San Francisco crime reporter. With the novel becoming a huge success, he went on to write the “Second Life” series of novels. The novels in the second series are each stand alone titles that follow the life and times of the characters Bailey introduced in the first series. In 2018, he wrote “Five Knives,” the prequel to the series. Even though it was with his mystery thrillers that he made his name, he made his debut with the WH Smith award finalist “Fire Eyes” a psychological thriller. Given the popularity of his novels, some have been translated into German. Other awards he has won include the Whistler Independent Book Award and the Book of the Month award from ManyBooks.

Bailey was born in Montreal and spent the first few years of his life moving around North America. His family lived in New Jersey, rural Ontario, Cape May, New York City, Mississippi and McComb. He got into writing when he was nine or ten and when he was bored on rainy days he would usually sit in his room writing non fiction books on topics such as how the universe came to be. By the time he was twenty five, he had written his first novel and another when he turned twenty eight. He is happy that none of these manuscripts were ever published as they were horrible. Still, they helped to apprentice her in the craft of learning to tell a story. After years trying to find the ideal place to start his family, he finally made his home in Vancouver Island in Victoria.

After DF Bailey was established in Victoria, he got a job at the University of Victoria as a journalism and creative writing professor. He was also the cofounder and coordinator of the Professional Writing Cooperative during this time. In 2010, he decided that it was time he fulfilled his dream of becoming a full time author. By 2015, he had published “Bone Maker,” the debut novel of the “Will Finch Mystery” series.

DF Bailey’s “Bone Maker introduces Will Finch, a reporter who finds himself living a very dicey personal life. He has brought much pain and loss on himself and on loved ones, mostly from his alcoholism. He had taken leave from work to take care of personal matters and on his return he had been given a very specific assignment. His boss wants him to investigate a huge but seemingly far fetched but dangerous story. After he recovers from a family tragedy that nearly broke his spirit, he now has a chance to get a new lease of life and reboot his career. The case he has been assigned is the one of a Wall Street fraud that was found being eaten by a bear up in the mountains. His investigations reveal some troubling facts: the bear is wounded and the man’s Mercedes-Benz was found abandoned in the dry brush. The investigator also has to deal with a cop in charge of a remote town that he rules with an iron fist. To confirm his suspicions is the daughter of a US senator who believes her lover was killed for mysterious reasons. The fact that local law enforcement insist that the man died of natural causes also raises a lot of questions than answers.

“Stone Eater” the second novel of the “Will Finch Mystery” series of novels by DF Bailey is the story of 32 year old ex police officer Even Noon. She had given five years to the San Francisco Police Division but had left having won a sexual harrasment suit. At the opening of the story, she is an upmarket private investigator who works on mysteries to do with women. When Will Finch comes back to town, he is convinced that Gianna Whitelaw had been killed in cold blood. But everyone believes she had commited suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Her suicide note had been posted on social media but even stranger was that her finance had also been mysteriously killed. She had lived a fast and dangerous life and upon her death Franklin Whitelaw her US senator father asks the press to respect family privacy. But Finch gets the breakthrough from a text forwarded to him from Eve Noon. She had known Gianna and knew they did not look eye to eye with Finch. Can Eve be useful in resolving the case given her instincts and skills as an elite private investigator.

DF Bailey’s “Lone Hunter” is the story of the Lone Hunter known as Alexei who is a member of the KGB. The novel also introduces Justin Whitelaw whose family had been involved in an alternative currency known as GIGcoin. The family had kidnapped a member of the same organization as Will Finch named Fiona Page. Fiona had managed to escape and Justin who had been following her had inexplicably committed suicide, when he thought he had no hope of ever catching up to her. Will and Eve, who is now his girlfriend, had been looking for Fiona. She had told them that she would be interviewing Justin to see if she could find any information on the death of his sister Gianna. Even Noon had combed the scene of Gianna’s murder and found a flash drive. Will was working with a neighbor to try to crack the flash drive’s password to find what was on it. Once the flash drive is broken into they find that it has the software program for GIGcoin. In an attempt to find what it is all about Sochi the neighbor, Eve Noon and Will Finch need to go to Hawaii as the key required to unlock the software is with Alexei. During the meeting one of Alexei’s associates is killed by a rogue detective from San Francisco further complicating matters.

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  1. BW Pitrof: 4 months ago

    Mr Bailey, I recently finished reading the maverick series and l fell in love with them. I have never read an author’s books that the characters actually jumped out and came alive. I can not wait until the next book comes out. I also hope that there Will be more. Again thank you.


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