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D.I. Charlotte Savage Books In Order

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Publication Order of DI Charlotte Savage Books

Touch (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bad Blood (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cut Dead (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Boat House (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tell Tale (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Two Evils (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Boneyard (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Puppet (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chronological Order of DI Charlotte Savage Books

The Boat House is a prequel to the DI Charlotte Savage series, chronicling her very first case.

D.I. Charlotte Savage is the lead character in a police procedural mystery/thriller series written by bestselling English author Mark Sennen. The series follows detective Charlotte Savage together with her colleagues at Plymouth CID, England.

The debut novel Touch of the series Charlotte Savage was published in 2011, while the second book Bad Blood was released in 2013. The series is ongoing and currently, consist of over five published novels.

This is the first book in the series. DI Charlotte Savage together with her team in Plymouth is conducting their investigation into a series of attacks on women. The victims, apparently young women, are be drugged, assaulted and left for the dead with only a minor memory of what had transpired. Soon, when a body of a young woman is found on a beach the case apparently becomes a murder inquiry. Detective Charlotte together with her team must do whatever it takes to bring the killer to justice before any more lives are lost at the hands of this serial killer.

This is a story about a serial killer and rapist; the story is told from criminals, police, and victims point of view. Throughout the novel, there is plenty of tension and humor as the police progress with their investigation. The ending is good and avoids any contrivance while the locations such as South Devon, Plymouth, and some small glimpse depicted are good as well. The main protagonist DI Charlotte and other secondary characters such as her hubby are well crafted while the writer writes very clearly and clean.

Bad Blood
Bad blood is a blend of police procedural and thriller from all time English authors Mark Sennen. A body of a six-year girl is found buried beneath a patio; later a pedophile is murdered, but when a member of Detective Inspector Charlotte is kidnapped, and some of the men killed in cold blood, it becomes apparent that the killer on the loose has no mercy towards his victim.

Also, it also becomes apparent that the killer is not making a random selection of his victim but rather in an organized manner, and soon Savage might be the next victim on the murderer’s list. She begins the hunt for the serial killer determined to get him at all cost. This book keeps the reader attention absorbed and with a fast moving plot full of twists and red herrings to ensure that the lovers of police procedural get the drama they want.

Cut Dead
Detective Inspector Savage is back, but this time round chasing a serial killer who was on the most wanted list ten years back but presumed dead. However, now he is back, and this time he means business, that is killing more people than he used to 10 years ago.

Three headless corpses are found dumped in a pit, and this case is particularly challenging for the detective and her team. The victims have the marks of a killer who butchered young girls years back a murderer who was never caught by long arms of the law.

Could have the original serial killer be on the loose or could this be a copy cat? With the endless number of bodies and increasing death counts, Inspector Charlotte is up against the case in pursuit of the serial killer before he strikes again.

Tell Tale
This is the fourth installment of the D.I Charlotte Savage series by Mark Sennen. This time, Charlotte clearly knows the person who killed her daughter. Unfortunately, before he can serve her cold revenge dish, a series of disturbing event begin to occur in Dartmoor. A dead woman naked body is found dumped proximal to a remote water reservoir, later, the dead woman housemate is reported missing too, and detective Charlotte knows that she must act pretty fast. Charlotte knows that the son of her Chief Constable is responsible for the death of her young daughter; however, she understands that because of the social status of the Chief Constable winning this case in a court of law would be almost impossible. In seeking justice for herself, she seeks help from a local criminal Kenny Fallon where she manages to track down her daughter killer. However, the question is will she get her revenge and at the same time avoid being caught by those who denied her justice?

In addition to her troubles, in a police department full of rogue and corrupt officials, her hunt for the serial killer will not be a downhill task for her but rather an uphill task. Also resisting her temptation to kill the killer once found would be even harder for her.

This gripping tale is fast moving but relatively easy to follow, despite changing situations and scenes. Mark provides the thoughts, emotions, and feelings of Chubber and Charlotte that is utterly convincing and the author has also made it easier for get an understanding of the contradicting urges that consistently fill the mind of a woman determined on getting revenge.

Charlotte Savage is a great creation considering her primal role in the series and comparison to other character depicted in some more recent modern detective fictions.

Tell Tale is a development of Charlotte Savage who is fighting her demons while at the same time is forced to deal with crimes that are not only challenging but also somehow unordinary.

The Boat House
This is a short story that introduces, D.I Charlotte Savage in a transparent manner; the novel starts well with a vivid description of the characters and various places.

When a hermit the head of a local harbor that he had found a body, Detective Savage is sent out to conduct an investigation, since all the uniformed officers are attending a local football tournament. This short story novel gives a glimpse into the detective first ever the case; it also provides a sneak preview of the author’s next book.

The scenic aspects are well described, for instance, the river with mist blurring vision and some distorting things are also well crafted.

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