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Publication Order of D.I. Jack Dylan Books

Deadly Focus (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Consequences (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
White Lilies (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Snow Kills (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reprobates (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Killer Smile (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
When the Killing Starts (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
When a Killer Strikes (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Poetic Justice (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

D.I. Jack Dylan is the main character in novel series of crime fiction Bob and Bridgestock under the pseudonym R.C Bridgestock. The two authors, Bob and Bridgestock, are husband and wife who have almost half a century of real police life experience which makes them a master in the art of scripting down police crime series.

The character Jack Dylan was developed by Bob during his career while working for the police department. Now in the series, Detective Inspector Dylan operates in a fictional town known as Harrowfield in Yorkshire.

The character made his debut with the publication of the first novel in the series in 2011; Deadly Focus. The second book in the series is Consequences; currently, the series consist of 7 books and is currently ongoing. The first book Deadly Focus, detective Dylan must solve three mysteries two of which are homicide cases and the third one being a kidnap case despite the pressures he has been put through.

Deadly Focus
This is the first novel in D.I Dylan series by Bridgestock, a gripping detective crime fiction set in Yorkshire. When a young girl is reported missing, fears of abduction and suspicion spread through the town of Harrowfield like a bushfire. Detective Dylan fears are confirmed when the body of the missing girl is found some days later on a bleak, windswept moor. As soon as Dylan begins his investigations, another girl is also reported missing thus making Dylan confront his instincts on the possibility of a serial killer on the loose preying on little ones and has to act fast if he is to stop the third kidnapping.

Written by husband and wife, Deadly Focus takes into account the fact that Bob served for the police department in West Yorkshire for 30-years and spent 15 years working as a senior detective before he retired with a detective superintendent rank. During his career, he was tasked with investigations of Crown Court Judges endorsed several homicide cases and his expertise regarding his work. His wife also served her career life in the police force and was awarded a Chiefs Constable Commendation for her prolific work in the force. She now works as the chair of the Isle of Wight which involves community writing competitions.

From the writers of Deadly Focus, a high-octane crime thriller police procedural comes a second novel, Consequences in the D.I Dylan series.

Detective Dylan case plate is overflowing, on his back, he got two unconnected murders that he needs to solve while at the same time he’s got a missing detective that he should find. For the two murders, one victim is a young woman while the other is a small child. He spends most of his long hours of the day doing investigations and he has got a little sleep.

With pressure mounting, Dylan has to solve the murder mystery of Liz; the young woman burned alive in a public park as well as address the jigsaw puzzle of possible person who stole her half a million pounds of the money she had. Also, he needs to figure out how the missing sergeant had his involvement in the whole case.

To solve the mystery, Dylan has, to begin with, the dead woman immediate family. Unfortunately, the victim’s husband is held in prison thus proving the case to be a more complex puzzle for Dylan. The Consequence is a novel that showcases the events that detectives must undertake to answer the question- who killed Elizabeth?

Truly, consequences is a gripping mystery; Jack Dylan is not only a dedicated and intelligent detective, but his colleagues also respect him.

White Lilies
In this novel two separate fatal road crash are the primary concern, then an old lady is found dead at her home. A newly promoted detective is sent to investigate the suspicious death of the old woman, but this seems like a distraction set by the killer. On a different location, two girls are attacked and fatally injured in what appears to be linked events.

The suspicions are that one of a couple of rogues could be responsible for the atrocities, and arrests are to be made when flat occupants are brutally attacked. The attack leaves one person dead due to the injuries inflicted while another person is critically injured and admitted to the hospital. Dylan life is almost on a crashing point with Jen, his girlfriend pregnant, and several homicide cases to deal with. To add on this, a Dylan is tasked to take charge when a young boy is fatally stabbed, and an old woman held hostage at knifepoint in a subway. While Dylan is away from home confronting the mad man, Jen goes into labor and collapses. Dylan is left with a dilemma on this two life threatening situation and has to act fast enough if needs to save lives.

Snow Kills
People are reported missing every day but when the winter season kicks in, the number of individuals missing hikes up. When Kayleigh is reported missing by her mother in the worst situation that the local town of Harrowfield has ever experienced in years Detective Inspector Dylan and his team are called in to undertake the investigations. Soon, Kayleigh car is found abandoned some distance from her house with her mobile phone inside the car. Her clothing is found adjacent to nearby moorland sparking her search in the nearby quarry. The investigation now targets to a loner living proximal to where Kayleigh car was found, as the snow kicks in, human remains are found, and Dylan boss suspects that the two incidents are linked and ends up calling out the entire Major Incident Team. On the other hand, while Dylan is away, in this case, her ex-fiancé begins stalking Jen, his wife making Jen suspect that the lady had motives of her own.

D.I Jack Dylan series is a great novel series to read for the lovers of crime police procedural novels. Even though Jack has got his personal life to live and a family to cater for, most of his days are spent solving homicide cases thus making the most of the series.

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