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D.I. Marjory Fleming Books In Order

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Publication Order of DI Marjory Fleming Books

Cold In The Earth (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Darkness & the Deep (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lying Dead (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lamb To The Slaughter (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead In The Water (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cradle to Grave (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Evil for Evil (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bad Blood (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Third Sin (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

The D.I. Marjory Fleming series is a biography book series by Aline Templeton. She grew up at the East Coast of Scotland in the fishing village of Anstruther near St. Andrews. The quiet environment and the beautiful memories of a close community and beautiful scenery inspired her to write the Fleming series in an imaginary similar set up.

Aline Templeton went to Cambridge University where she studied English which was her childhood passion. She later contributed to the work of literature by teaching for some years so as to contribute to the world of literature. She is married to Ian and has been blessed with two children: Clare and Philip. They currently live in Edinburgh in a house built by an anonymous astronomer. She later greatly contributed in the freelance articles writing industry and also wrote several stories in various magazines and newspapers. His work has also appeared on both TV and radios all over the world.

The Marjory Fleming Series

Aline Templeton first wrote six separate novels. After finishing these books, she realized that the characters she had created in her books had disappeared in the process. She then resorted to writing a series with characters where she could associate herself in her small community town in Scotland.

Aline Templeton build her major character in the series as a tall woman with not very beautiful body but an athletic body with clear hazel eyes. She however gave her a pleasant voice and a face someone cannot resist to look at. Her main character in the Series is Di Marjory Fleming; a detective instructor who is struggling to take her children to school before going for her demanding job of carrying out investigations.

It is out of her demanding career that she named her book series Marjory Fleming. She builds the character of the woman to be tough but with a sense of justice that is greatly desired in the whole world mostly in the current male dominated world. The woman was however dedicated to give all that she had attracting admiration from several readers of her novel.

Aline Templeton’s experience when she went for an occasion in Scotland contributed to the further development of Marjory Fleming. On going back home, she associated herself with the famine and suffering she had witnessed in Wingtown, Galloway Scotland. She then thought to herself what it will be like to be a farmer’s wife in the small town. Aline Templeton then decided that her main character Di Marjory Fleming must be build on such a ground. This was further fuelled by the fact that she was in a police force that protected the law of the land which is now compelling farmers to wipe out squads which can eventually wipe out generations of breeding in future.

As the series opens up with its first book; The Cold in the Earth, Fleming who always lived in the neighborhood suddenly felt as an outsider in the farming community putting a threat to marriage to her husband Bill. The effects of dissertation still persist as that effect of drought is still evident as the media had stopped focusing on it. Aline Templeton therefore tries to the best of her ability to highlight the various problems as experienced in the countryside which she thought are not idyllically expressed in various lifestyle magazines.

In her second book in the series, The Darkness and The Deep, Aline Templeton build his book in the fishing village which has deteriorated as a result of the various destructions of the fishing industry at the village. This is quickly followed by Lying Dead which is her third book in the series set in a picturesque hamlet with locals driven out of the village; due to the high prices they are required to pay for second homes.

In the Lamb to the Slaughter, the town people are threatened by the construction of a new superstore. The Cradle to Grave and Dead in The Water is an Eastern European workers theme that is their voice of nature. This alludes to the similarities of the local council that is seen as bringing disaster to an otherwise isolated community.

The series then proceeded to Evil to Evil which is centered on a former soldier who has been forced to fight the local hostility and reveal all his secrets that he has lived with for a very long time. Finally in his book, Bad Blood, a young lady revives her anguish in that village out of a terrible past.

All in all, the books in the series describe a situation where are majority of people are foolishly cruel and inconsiderate. It is also in the same world that there exist punches of good fellows who are honest, friendly and welcoming.

Characters In The Series

Di Marjory Fleming is introduced as a policewoman at the start of the series. Her colleagues are also prominent police in the country. She is a happily married woman, with kids, aging parents and a very demanding profession with serious day to day challenges. Marjory is happily married to her husband Bill who is a farmer at Mains of Craigie just outside Kirkluce market at Galloway Constabuly headquarters.

She is 5’10’’ tall when in heels and her rather big stature as resulted to her being nicknamed ‘Big Marge’. She is a very professional lady who believes that justice has to prevail no matter the situation someone is in.

Marjory Fleming was inspired to join the police force by her father who was also a policeman. She wanted to prove to her father that she can do anything a son would have done to him so that he could reduce the regret he had for not having a son. She however never achieved this though she received a promotion in her job. Her mother Janet was lovable and warm hearted. Her calmness and love keep the family warm and caters for the inadequacies of her daughter by cooling delicious delicacies in the house.

Di Marjory Fleming was blessed with three children namely Cameron, Catriona and cat. Cameron (cammie) is obsessed with rugby game while cat is a normal teen that goes on ups and downs of the normal youth life. The family grows as the series continues and are adults at their final book. Tam MacNee, who is her boss, is a hard man who loves the work of Robert Burns so much. His wife Bunty is a diehard fan of animals.


The series is set up at Galloway which is at the south-west corner of Scotland. This is a very beautiful place that has mouth watering features that are unknown to many. The place is bypassed by a number of roads with varied astonishing features, unspoiled old fashioned villages and towns in the wide skies.

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