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D.I. Marnie Rome Books In Order

Publication Order of Detective Inspector Marnie Rome Books

Someone Else's Skin (2014) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
No Other Darkness (2015) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Tastes Like Fear (2016) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Quieter Than Killing (2017) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Come and Find Me (2018) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Never Be Broken (2020) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

The DI Marnie Rome is a series of mystery and crime fiction books, which were released between the years 2014 and 2016. This series was written by one of the highly renowned authors from The United kingdom named Sarah Hilary. It is comprised of a total of 4 books. Each and every book of the crime fiction series depicts the lead character in the form of Marnie Rome. Author Hilary has described Marnie Rome as a detective inspector working in Bath, Somerset, England, The United Kingdom.

The first book published in the DI Marine series by author Sarah Hilary is titled ‘Someone Else’s Skin’. It was released by the Headline publication in the year 2014. In the plot, author Hilary has introduced the main characters as Marnie Rome, DS Noah Jake, Hope Proctor, and Ayana Mirza. At the start of the story, a couple of victims are found murdered in a similar manner and D.I. Marnie Rome seems to know better than all other detectives about such a murder case. Around 5 years ago, the family home of Marnie had become a crime scene of a bloody and shocking crime in which her parents were killed, her brother was jailed. Since that incident, Marnie Rome has not talked much about the things going on in her personal life. She prefers to keep herself focused on work. Even Noah Jake, does not seem to know much about her past life. And as Noah was one of the gay men in the department and a Jamaican by origin, he too does not not prefer to share information related to his own life. Now, Noah and Marnie come together as a team to tackle a domestic violence case. They come up against a different type of murderer and investigate about the victims who appear to be of a different brand. The accused, of the murder, Hope Proctor, says that her act of stabbing her husband was just a desperate attempt of self defense.

The witnesses to the murder were many as they saw Hope Proctor killing her husband at the shelter for victims of domestic violence, where she was staying. However, no one among them were telling the same story. This makes Marnie and Noah wonder how Proctor managed to get inside the secured shelter and into the section of his wife Hope Proctor. When the incident took place, Rome and Jake were not supposed to be there, but they had gone there to interview another resident named Ayana Mirza. They try to convince her to speak against her older brothers, who poured bleach on her body because they thought the she had brought disgrace to the family. Due to the bleaching effect, Ayana lost light in one of her eyes. Mirza fears that if she agrees to testify, then she might get killed. She knows it very well that they are desperately searching her & won’t leave her alive if they come to know that she testified in spite of their warnings. As the story progresses further, Jake and Rome come to know about many more instances of domestic violence against the women. They do not seem safe even in the shelter built for them by the government as their family members keep coming and harming them. After listening to a number of their stories, Marnie Rome feels drawn towards a familiar territory. This place casts a long shadow and she is required to move ahead carefully in order to survive.

One of the other successful books written in the series by Sarah Hilary was released under the title ‘Quieter Than Killing’. The Headline publication released this book too. The book opens at the time of winter, when the nights are quite freezing and dark. Due to a series of random assaults, Noah Jake and Marnie Rome are forced to come out on the London streets. Soon, the family home of Marnie gets ransacked and seeing the way the burglary was committed, it was clear that someone who knew her very well had committed it. This incident is followed by the disappearance of a child. What seems more shocking is that no one reports about the missing kid. After a little while, Marnie finds important clues which make it certain the two crimes were connected to her personal life. She understands that someone is trying to play games with her. It seems that the time has when both DI Marnie and DS Jake must face the reality of the chilling and creeping reaches of their troubled upbringing. They know that they cannot remain quiet in such a tense situation or else the effects might be as terrible as a murder. When Marnie begins to study about the personal lives of each of the victims in the assaults, she finds that all of them have a criminal record. This makes her suspect that one causing the assaults on the victims might be some kind of a vigilante. However, most of her fellow officers do not agree with this theory, but they start working on it as a possibility.

It looks more suspicious when Rome realizes that none of the victims have provided any description about the attacker and also not even a single witness has been found to inform about the attacks. And when one of the attacked victims succumbs to his injuries, the investigation turns into a murder case. A separate team of investigators dealing with the attacks of the street gangs informs Rome that her house has been destroyed and the tenants have been hospitalized. It seems that the burglary was committed by several young kids who were following orders. And when Rome finds a trinket box, she becomes sure that it was the work of her brother who was serving jail time. But, how could he have committed the crime by remaining inside the prison. When Rome confronts him, he gives out his usual explanations in the form of riddles and accuses Rome for not helping him out. Just like each of the new releases in the series, this book too has upped the game for author Hilary. The dark imagery and taut prose of the story encapsulates the chilling setting and action. Even the personalities of the important characters are portrayed vividly and they never seem to be detracting from the main story at any time.


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