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D. I. Nick Dixon Crime Books In Order

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Publication Order of DI Nick Dixon Books

Damien Boyd, the father of the series D I Nick Dixon Crime, is truly a master of the game. His writing are worth every penny. That is how good his books are. With a backing as a solicitor, he knows the nuances behind the crimes a bit too well. That is brought about beautifully in his books. No stones are left unturned as far as the research on any of the books from the series D I Nick Dixon Crime is concerned. His eye for details make the series so popular amongst readers.

All the books written by Damien Boyd are fast paced crime novels with Detective Inspector Nick Dixon holding centre stage. Boyd’s experience of the law especially criminal law gives him the edge over other writers of his league. Born in London, UK, he served in the Crown Prosecution Services for a while. This added to his experience and knowledge bank. One the publishing of the fifth book in the series D I Nick Dixon Crime, one of the critics appreciated and commended Damien Boyd on the research done by the author in preparation of the book. Another critic hoped for more books by Damien Boyd. In the same breath he hoped that the great stories could also probably be made into TV Serials at a later stage.

In the series, D I Nick Dixon Crime, “As the Crow Flies” is the first book. Like all the books in the series, this book is a fast paced action packed crime thriller. The book describes how a small town is shaken awake when Detective Inspector Nick Dixon’s climbing partner is found dead. The book talks about how D I Nick Dixon is not convinced about the circumstances surrounding the death of his climbing partner. Once he starts working on the case, he is convinced that there is undoubtedly an element of foul play. One thing leads to the next leaving the Detective Inspector to follow the trail.

In this book, the author builds up the suspense by opening the Pandora’s Box. One death is followed by another. For a layman, the leads could be very misleading. However the readers are guided through the maze of baffling clues with a clear build-up of thought. It is here that the experience and expertise of a solicitor come shining through.

The series, D I Nick Dixon Crime, smells of murder and foul play. Open one cupboard and you have the skeletons falling out. One death leads to another. At some point in the books the reader even wonders whether the hero D I Nick Dixon is even aware of what he is doing. The reader is as confused as the hero is depicted to be at that particular point in the book. The tipping point comes when the lead character decides to go against every rule. So much so, that he puts his own life at risk in order to get to the bottom of all things.

The book “Heads In The Sand” from the series, D I Nick Dixon Crime, shows again how the sleepy town of Burnham-on-Sea is rudely awakened from its deep slumber. The severed head in the bunkers of the golf course of the town sends shivers down the spine of the people of the small and peaceful town. The services of Detective Inspector Nick Dixon are called upon to get to the bottom of this mess. It is for the D I to investigate and come up with a full report on the ugly and gory crime that had been committed. The central character in the book, Nick Dixon seems to be running out of time while he tries to connect the dots of unsolved murder cases going back three decades. He feels that he literally has to speak with the ghosts to get to the bottom of the whole case.

The intricacies involved in the book are admirable. The D I is portrayed as questioning the basic hypothesis he had embarked on in the beginning. He wonders if there is more than one serial killer stalking this small town. The way the mystery unravels itself if for the readers to enjoy. The levels of excitement can be felt. The undercurrents are very strong and the reader has to have his antennas tuned at all times to ensure that no clue is missed out by him.

D I Nick Dixon Crime series is a collection of four books. Each book is as fast paced as the other. The last book in the series, ”Swansong”, is about how, after the murder of a small sixth grade girl, D I Nick Dixon is made to go undercover to investigate the murder of the small girl. The stakes are as high as ever. Dixon must fight a lot off demons before he can crack the case. But crack he must. This high pitched crime thriller sends blood gushing to the head.

The high pace of the novels in the series, D I Nick Dixon Crime, makes the mind go into a spin. The books can be compared to a roller coaster ride where action is high paced and stakes are even higher. One error can change the entire scene. Actually there is no scope for any error. This would only derail the entire process of investigations. All decisions must be carefully taken. All parameters must be double checked. All courses of action must be fault proof.

The D I Nick Dixon Crime series, is a work of genius. The finest of detail has been looked into. The detailing is extremely intricate. It has been fine-tuned by the knowledge of the author as a solicitor. The lead character looks at every clue from the eye of a perfectionist who has too much at stake to allow for any follies. There are pitfalls at every step. The entire series has the same level of enthusiasm and dedication portrayed on the part of the lead character. His commitment to solving the case in each and every book of the series is not infringed upon. He works in the most hostile circumstances but without batting an eyelid. This quality of D I Nick Dixon fetches him great praise. All in all, the series, D I Nick Dixon Crime, is a very good read and worth all the effort.

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