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Publication Order of DI Peter Shaw & DS George Valentine Books

The D.I. Peter Shaw series is a series of highly successful crime fiction novels written by the well known British novelist named Jim Kelly. It is comprised of a total of 6 books which were published between the years 2008 and 2015. The main protagonist in the series is depicted in the form of Detective Inspector Peter Shaw. D.I. Shaw is shown as living in Norfolk county in England. For solving the numerous criminal activities in the county, D.I. Shaw is assisted by Detective Sergeant George Valentine. As the character of D.S George Valentine also has an important role to play in the series, his name is also included in the series title in some places. Therefore, the crime fiction series is sometimes referred to as D.I. Peter Shaw & D.S. George Valentine series. Author Kelly has said that he began with the written work of the series in the year 2008. Eventually, he penned down and publish the debut novel titled Death Wore White in the same year. After writing 6 successful books in the series, author Kelly is working on the development of a few more stories in the suspenseful series. He is expected to publish some of them very soon in the coming days. At the start of this intriguing series, author Kelly has described George Valentine and Peter Shaw, getting involved in the first criminal case in which a victim named Harvey Ellis found murdered.

Harvey Ellis is first depicted as getting trapped in the middle of a lot of cars in his truck on a busy road in the county of Norfolk. And after a period of three hours, he is found dead by getting stabbed and discovered lying at the wheel of his own truck. It appears that the killer managed to strike in the middle of the busy road and surrounded by a lot of people. What was more shocking about the case that the killer neither left any evidence of his presence at the crime scene nor he was seen by anyone. As George Valentine and Peter Shaw begin their investigation, they find the case to be a tough nut to crack. But, they look determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and catch the killer no matter how cunning he might be. However, they are required to act as fast as possible as the witnesses are getting disappeared and the crime spot is also melting. Both Valentine and Shaw do not want any other victim to lose his life and so, they decide to devise a master plan so that the killer gets trapped into it and they are able to catch him.

One of the initial novels released in the D.I. Peter Shaw series by author Kelly is titled as ‘Death Toll’. The Penguin publication was the publisher of this book, which released it in the year 2011. At the beginning of the book, author Kelly has shown that the graves at the King Lynn’s cemetery are getting dug up and bodies are exhumed so that the bones of the old graves can be moved to the higher ground. This was being done at the cemetery so as to avoid flooding. But, when one of the coffins that had the dead body of a murdered landlady of a pub named Nora Tilden was hauled up to the ground, the concerned authorities of the cemetery came across a grim discovery. They discovered the twisted dead body of a young black man from the Nora Tilden’s coffin, who appeared to have been murdered by a blow with a billhook on his head. The authorities also believed that the dead body might have been dumped into the grave of Nora Tilden on night of her burial, which had taken place around 28 years ago. The police are called to look into the matter, who also appear completely baffled by the strange discovery of the brutal and the bewildering murder mystery. Shortly after, DI Shaw and DS Valentine are called to use their expertise and get to the root of the shocking case. Both of them begin their investigation and try to find who the young black man was and why was he murdered. At first, they guess that he might have become a victim of the racist crime that was very much on the rise at that time. With the assistance of their team members, Shaw and George find certain clues that lead them to Nora Tilden’s pub called The Flask, which was located along the riverbank. There, they meet the family of Nora Tilden, which is now looking after the business of the pub. With further investigation into the strange murder mystery, Peter and George come across a number of dark secrets that the family members of Nora seem to be hiding from everyone for all these years. The unraveling of the dark secrets makes them realize that they cannot trust anyone in this case. Now, George and Peter try to find out the shocking truth related to the murder as soon as possible so as to avoid the killing of any other victim by the ghosts of the past, who look to let the secret behind murder remain still hidden.

Another interesting book published in the series is titled as ‘At Death’s Window’. This book was published by the Creme crime publication in the year 2015. The beginning sequence of the book shows that a dead body was found under the waves of the Scolt Head Island. Upon investigation, DI Peter Shaw discovers some contents from the pocket of the dead man. The contents make him suspect the outbreak of the samphire wars. This war is known to be a turf battle for gaining the control of the rich sea asparagus, which is very much in demand in the local market along the north coast of Norfolk. As the sea asparagus sells for some fortune, people generally have fights among them for controlling its sale. At first, the death of the man appears to be an outcome of a one such fight for sea asparagus. But, Shaw also considers the possibility that the killer would have tried to make it look like that. On the other hand, DS George Valentine is depicted as being busy with investigations related to multiple break-ins at the homes of the rich second-home buyers. When he comes across a lethal amount of adulterated cocaine on the streets, he fears that the peaceful town is about to get devastated. Soon, the devastations begin as another dead body is discovered from a remote place. Now, Peter Shaw and George are required to act fast and stop the serial killings in order to bring back peace in the community.

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