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D.J. Molles is a renowned author from America who has written several successful novels base on the Horror, Literature and Fiction genres. He is particularly famous for writing the novel series ‘The Remaining’ and ‘The Remaining Aftermath’. Other than these, Molles has also written a couple of short stories which have a contest based on short fiction stories organized by the Writer’s Digest. The novel series’ written by him have been able to meet overwhelming success. Although, not much is known about the life of Molles, as he does not like to share his social life, it is known that he is married and lives along with his wife and daughter in the southeast of America. The Remaining series written by Molles is a captivating story set in the post apocalyptic world. The series shows a strong military plot filled with the attempt of the survivors to meet the loose ends and prevent the situation from getting worse day by day. The success of the series is the outcome of the amazing talent of Molles in creating exciting stories. Molles has always considered himself as an indie author, one who likes to publish his works on his own. He does not believe in going around the obstacles of finding a big publishing house in order to bring his works to his fans. Molles says that although he has given an excellent description of the military background in the series, he has never experienced it in his life. In fact, he had thought of joining the military at one point in his life. He was almost convinced by his brother to join the army as his brother was already an army man at that time. However, his wife was not too happy with the idea and as a result, he had to compromise between him and his wife and choose a career that she was happy with too. Becoming a writer was one of the best options that he could think of at that time.

For writing the novels of the series, D.J. Molles had to do a lot of research. He was helped by a number of his veteran friends and his brother. He has also read numerous war stories and has often used them to draw certain situations in the novels of his series. Molles published the first novel of The Remaining series in the year 2012 and since then he has been able to publish the installments with a gap of every six months. He says that he likes to keep up with the pace and finish his works as soon as possible. Even though the success of the series has made him famous author, Molles does not write as a full time writer. He has a day job and does not intend to leave it in order to stay connected with the real world happenings. Moreover, the experience that he gets from his work inspires him a lot to write his novels. Molles maintains a habit of reading the reviews of his novels from the readers for about 1 month after their publication. He does not believe in the idea of self promoting his works as he thinks that it is of no use to keep pushing things in front of the people. Molles says that if the work is good enough, it will definitely speak for itself and will be successful in gaining the required attention. Other than writing novels, Molles likes to spend his time enjoying the sport of skydiving. Molles has just begun his journey of a promising career. He has never been to any writer’s conference or any book-signing event. At the start of his writing career, Molles had to face a few rejections from the big publishers. He was so much frustrated by the struggle that he took a break from writing and had no idea of returning back. However, it was the joy that he used to get from writing stories that forced him to return. And out of shear motivation, Molles began writing The remaining series and pretty much enjoyed it. With the initial success of the novel series, he got an agent in the form of Dave Fugate, who helps him in getting his works published by the big publishing houses and reach out to a wider range of audiences.

The Remaining series written by D.J. Molles consists of a total of 8 novels published between the years 2012 and 2014. The first novel of the series was titled ‘The Remaining’ and was published in the year 2012 as a Kindle edition. The plot of the novel deals with the life of the main protagonist named Captain Lee Harden. The plot of the novel opens up with Lee Harden as a Captain in the United States Army, who waits inside a lead and steel encased bunker situated below the basement of his house. The outer world faces a plague that has affected almost 90% of the population of the world. The plague is spreading at a very fast rate with the help of the bacterium that burrows through the people’s brains and destroys them from inside. This transforms them into hyper and aggressive predators. They begin to kill and feed on other humans. In this difficult situation, Captain Lee Harden is required to come out of his bunker and prevent the world from getting transformed into a wasteland because of the plague. He is required to carry out the simple mission of killing the predators and preventing them from multiplying by finding a cure against the bacteria.

The second novel of the series was published in the year 2012 as a Kindle edition. The novel was titled ‘Aftermath’. This novel continues to depict the miserable condition of the world suffering from the deadly plague, as nothing seems to be going according to the plan. Captain Lee Harden, who has taken up the Project Hometown, sees very less chances of completing the project as it seems to a rather distant dream and an unattainable mission. He gets badly wounded in the process and seeks the help of a few survivors. However, a deep rift develops among the survivors which causes him to come into action again. In the middle of the widespread chaos, he seems to be pursued by another threat as someone is trying to what he has in any way possible. As a result, Captain Lee Harden is required to stay alert not just from the predators but also from his unknown pursuer.

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