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D.L. Keur
D. L. Keur was publishing during the last couple decades of the twentieth century and self publishing since the year 2013, Dawn’s chosen to publish independently, enjoying the control and freedom that it gives her over her work. Being an independent author, she writes all sorts of books, both short stories and novels, but also some non fiction as well.

Typically, she writes her fiction under various pen names, such as C. J. “Country” James, E. J. Ruek, as well as Aeros, to publish her “space fiction”. As she releases her “Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries”, she has decided to write as herself, mainly since many of the dogs included in these crime and search and rescue dog novels have been personal to her life.

Being an author that delights in writing stories that she herself would very much want to read, this is the first series she’s written under her real name. For decades, she’s cloaked her identity under pen names. Convinced by this other author that has become a close friend and writing confidante, she decided to unveil her new identity and allow for readers to connect with some of her fiction work.

Writing is Dawn’s passion. Even though, among other things, she is an artist and musician, writing novels is what she loses herself in The Zone, immersed for hours, and even days, into the worlds that birth themselves into her brain to emerge out of her fingertips.

Dawn was conservatory trained throughout her youth on piano and flute, but retired from playing the flute professionally after she played with some notable orchestras both small and large and performed on some famous stages in Europe and in the US as a soloist. Later, after years of just teaching the instrument, she has taken the stage to play with her husband, and (on select occasions) to play classically as a soloist.

Being a student of the fantastic Professor Richard Hahn, she has written a practical guide for flutists, titled “Dawn’s Flute Notes, Practical Advice for Flute Players from Practice Room to Stage”, and like the title suggests, it is a realistic glimpse at the world of flute playing with technical help tips, advice, and tricks.

“Death Scent” is the first novel in the “Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries” series and was released in 2021. Her first mistake was dialing 911.

Drones were supposed to make Jessie and her search and rescue dogs’ lives so much easier. But instead, they went and made everything so much more complicated. Her equipment was confiscated, and her very freedom threatened, it made Jessica Anderson land right in the crosshairs of a vicious killer and law enforcement when her drones find a body on the Long Peak slopes.

Evidence points to there being other victims, however, it is Jessie and these search dogs that law enforcement call on to find their remains. What nobody’s suspected, however, is that this killer is waiting and watching, anticipating and ready.

A novel about a woman and her beloved dogs, a woman that, having fled a career in law enforcement, finds she’s the target of, both, a killer and the sheriff.

Dawn takes you away into a world that readers knew absolutely nothing about. Milo the Wonder Mutt is really some dog. These are real feeling characters, and each one of these dogs, you can’t help but love them all. Jessica was a character that readers really connected with.

“Stray Trouble” is the second novel in the “Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries” series and was released in 2021. Jessie must decide between predator or prey.

Called out for a night search for a couple of missing teens, Jessie and her dogs have to again team with Bitterroot County Sheriff Landon Reid on this dangerous case that involves felonious assault, multiple missing persons, and, ultimately, murder.

Reid takes a bullet when following this lead from Jessie’s snooping drones, his second-in-command authorizes a manhunt in order to run the fugitives to ground. Despite such a risk, and against her better judgment, she sets her dogs to tracking these criminals, just to find that she and the deputies with her are in rather deadly danger from these silent killers.

Every time readers believed they’d had it all figured out, they were dead wrong. This is a roller coaster ride of a novel that brought readers chuckles and then terror on the turnaround while Jessie and her dogs go searching for the missing.

“Grim Track” is the third novel in the “Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries” series and was released in 2022. Dead or alive? Just her dogs know for sure.

When this Alzheimer’s patient disappears, nobody thinks that it’s more than just a daughter’s careless mistake, except for Jessica. When members of this patient’s family start vanishing, too, foul play becomes a certainty.

The Bitterroot County Sheriff’s Office and the entire search and rescue team kick it up into high gear with Sheriff Reid’s disappearance as well as some of the final surviving family members.

The story about one woman and her beloved pack of search dogs that will stop at nothing in order to save the lives of a stranger and a friend.

“Dire Traces” is the fourth novel in the “Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries” series and was released in 2022. Her dogs continue finding them, however more continue disappearing.

One lost teen in Western Montana, four strayed hikers in Eastern Oregon, and then more kids getting lost in Bitterroot County tests the mettle of the newly formed multi-county SAR group and stretches the endurance of Jessica Anderson and her dogs right to the breaking point.

“Dead Falls” is the fifth novel in the “Jessica Anderson K-9 Mysteries” series and was released in 2022. The dead and the living. Her dogs continue finding both.

Abduction, rape, and multiple victims dead from unknown causes confound the Bitterroot County Sheriff’s Office up until Jessie’s dogs uncover a link to a much larger case. Jessie and her pack are tracking and on task, however what they are tracking could make Jessie the prime target for a bit of revenge.

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7 Responses to “D.L. Keur”

  1. Gail Valenza: 2 months ago

    I am on book 6 and love all of them.

  2. Jo Ray: 2 months ago

    I have read all of Keur’s “dog” books 1-8″, and some of them I have read twice. I am no expert on dog training or of fiction writing, but I have four big dogs and although they are in no way trained as Jerrica’s are, I recognise many similarities between my pack and hers. The writing: At first I thought her style was abrupt, but I soon began to recognise her train of thought and current tense timeline was completely engaging. The reader feels like she is there with Jessica, being Jessica and owning and loving Jessica’s dogs. Her thoughts and priorities are completely believable, and her values of family life and love, especially for her father, make the reader love her as a person and not just as a fictional character. Read these books! However, as the floor mat says in front of my door, “Must Love Dogs!”

  3. JERRY HUGHES: 3 months ago

    I happened across your name and K-9 stories by accident and have become an instant fan. Your description of the dogs and their prowess, along with allegiance to the pack and leader is heartwarming to a serious dog lover like me.

  4. Paula Blair: 6 months ago

    I absolutely love your Jessie & Landon series! Being a dog lover is what made me read the first book and I was hooked! Please, please don’t stop now, am interested in learning more about their live. Hope to hear you are continuing this series, like others said want to know more about Jessie’s
    family, as well as her, Landon and the dogs future.
    Love your writing, especially clean, detailed relationships without the
    sex scenes, but still with the-will they or won’t they get together.
    The future of Anderson Dogs??? Thank you

  5. Anne Thompson: 12 months ago

    I absolutely love your K-9 series and do hope more will follow. My only gripe, as a former English teacher, is that you constantly use “lay” when you should be using “lie,” which means rest or recline. Since Jessie and Landon are well educated, it doesn’t make sense for either of them to make that mistake. The dogs are lying down. Go lie down. Use Lay to mean put or place.
    Also, are we EVER going to read a book about Jessie’s other siblings, particularly exactly what happened with her twin sister in more detail? Why create an identical twin and then only hint at their fractured relationship? Details, please.

  6. Monica Patten: 12 months ago

    JA K9 series is a marvelous series that i hope you extend. As a avid reader it was refreshing to read books that you could read without a sex scene every other page. Thank you

  7. Sena: 1 year ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Jessica Anderson books and hope there will be more. You are an extremely good writer and great researcher, with information and education included in the story to make the reader want to know more.


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