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DL Marshall is an award winning author of thriller fiction best known for writing work that explores the impact of geography and isolation tinged with horror.
The author was born and bred in Halifax, West Yorkshire and has asserted that he has been inspired by the bleak Pennine moors, steep wooded valleys and the industrial architecture he grew up in.

In 2016, he tried to pitch his work at Bloody Scotland. “Anthrax Island,” his debut thriller novel, was the winner of the Northern Writers’ Award when it was published in 2018.

In his debut novel, he writes an atmospheric and gripping novel that explores the incredible story of the biological weapons program run by Britain on Gruinard Island in the 1940s.

It is a scarily plausible and spinning story of how bioweapons might be a threat to the human race.

Marshall currently makes his home in West Yorkshire, where he lives with his wife and children.

“Anthrax Island” by DL Marshall is a novel set in 1942, where the United Kingdom has been increasingly getting desperate as the war progressed on the continent.

Fearing that they would be invaded by the Nazis, the British giovernment grants approval to a team of scientist to conduct tests of biological weapons in Britain. They managed to make the perfect anthrax weapon they intend to use against the Nazis.

Even though they never launched an attack against Germany, Gruinard Island on which the test was conducted would become known as anthrax Island, as it was left too contaminated.

At the opening of the novel, some government scientists are back at the island only to be stranded after their equipment fails. The government sends in John Tyler to fix the problem, and it is not long before he realizes that the scientists are doing more than research.

When Tyler stumbles upon a scientist dead inside a sealed room, he knows he may just have been trapped with a murderous killer.

It is a story full of turns and twists, plenty of action and tons of suspects that would remove anyone’s faith that the killer would ever be found.
Set in a remote island in Scotland, the protagonist is thrown from one dangerous situation into another with hardly any time to get his bearings.

DL Marshall’s novel “Black Run” is an epic work that follows on from the first novel of the “John Tyler” series of novels. In this work, John Tyler is tasked with capturing a very important target and smuggling him back to the UK from the high Alps in time for the end of year festivities.

He gets aboard a rusty freighter named the Tiburon in the dead of night as he shares quarters with mercenaries and smugglers. But he does not have much time once he takes the man, as he is pursued across France by his security team.

Nothing, not even an ocean is going to deter them. Heading into a storm in the Bay of Biscay with some nasty pursuers on his heels, it is not going to be easy.

Soon after he found his prisoner killed in a secure room on the ship and everybody is a suspect. In the Tiburon’s passageways there is nowhere the killer can run but numerous places he could hide.

While it would be an impossible situation for anyone else, nothing could beat John Tyler.

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2 Responses to “D.L. Marshall”

  1. Howsrd: 4 months ago

    Purchased all three of the John Tyler thrillers and loved them.I noticed that 77 North was the final book in the series. Why? Its a exciting series with great plots, and plenty of action. Reviews have
    been great. why not continue the series?


  2. Debra White: 1 year ago

    I want Mr Marshall to I throughly enjoyed ’Anthrax Island’, it was amazing. His research was impeccable as was the history involved. I’m a WWII history buff and a USAF veteran who loves a good mystery and this book was beyond good, it was brilliant!

    Thank you.


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