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Publication Order of Lexi O'Malley Books

Author D. M. (which stands for Donna Marie) Buckley was born, grew up in, and still lives in Tampa, Florida with her three cats and husband.

She had many adventures with a lot of her imaginary friends when she was younger. She would sometimes even confuse her playmates with her created friends, making her say that there were visiting cousins from Never-Never Land. This would make the neighborhood gatherings interesting; her mother would look on in horror, her dad would laugh loudly and embellish the tales, and her sister would roll her eyes at the whole thing.

She would draw on all of these experiences she had to write her stories. Due to things like bills she had to pay, partners in business to make happy, and a kid to raise it put her writing to the back burner. Once her life was sort of normal, she created a character named Lexi O’Malley; and found that writing was an escape, a fun one.

“Doggone” is the first novel in the “Lexi O’Malley” series and was released in the year 2012. Lexi O’ Malley (who is thirty-two years old) is a software programmer by trade was broke and out of work, and full of attitude. She was looking to start up a new career. An eccentric family member of Lexi’s, Aunt Scarlet, calls her up and shames her into looking for her missing black Lab named Bubba. She supposes that she can add out of luck to her current situation. That is due to dog detective was not really something she wanted to do for her new profession.

While she tends to the familial obligation put to her, she is able to find Bubba. He is in bad shape, after being beaten almost to death. She finds that Scarlet’s home has been looted, and learns that Scarlet’s handyman is not who he pretends to be.

She plays amateur sleuth and is shot at, crashes her car, chased by thugs, and finds that her apartment burned down. She also finds out that she is short on bravery and expertise, she can lie and stand up pretty well while she is under pressure.

Fans of the novel enjoyed the humor and the mystery that was in this book. This is a fun read and a great escape from the heavier mystery novels that are out there. Readers felt that they were surprised by how good this one was, and felt that they would read more that this author had to release. This here, is a quality author to watch, as she writes more books and readers want to see what direction this series goes in future installments. Some found that once they picked it up and started reading, they could not stop. Buckley is an author to watch, as she wrote a wonderful novel with this one.

“Twocan Sam” is the second novel in the “Lexi O’Malley” series and was released in the year 2012. Nick Romano guilts Lexi into helping him while his bullet wound heals (that he took on her behalf). Nick is a troublemaker and a prankster from Lexi’s childhood. She is now a newly certified process server and out to prove a point, and gets a service handed off to her by someone named Mark. He is a private investigator with Romano Investigations who gave her the job after he was unable to do it.

She gets her first solo assignment and has her gut instinct, wits, and all kinds of attitude in her supply. Lexi is bound and determined to get her guy and rub it in Mark’s nose. She finds herself in the home of the subject and exits minutes later, right before a huge explosion, that sends a big fireball up into the sky. It gives her second thoughts about helping that smug guy Mark out.

She has many comic misadventures in this one. She gets shot at, almost gets her head sliced off her shoulders, and followed by a lunatic. Lexi surprises herself, not just her peers, by her ability and tenacity to get the job done.

Fans of the novel found this had a solid story and the pace keeps things moving really quickly. This time around, you get to know the characters more this time out, which is something that allows for things to get a little more personal. Even the secondary characters are well drawn in this one, and these stories are very much like real life. Once again, the book has a good mystery with some laughs thrown in. this one is even better than the first novel in the series, which is saying a lot considering how good book one was.

“Three Point Turn” is the third novel in the “Lexi O’Malley” series and was released in the year 2014. A human bone is dropped at Lexi’s feet and it puts her on the hunt once again. This time, she trails a little person who has a huge attitude.

Her little miss perfect, goody-two-shoes, and estranged sister returns; which only serves to complicate matters. This sister of hers has been gone for a decade now, she turns up wasted this time. She claims to be on the run and she has just killed her husband, or so she claims anyway.

Not to mention, her newest assignment that Nick Romano (her nemesis from childhood) gave her. She has to worm her way into the confidence of Romano Investigations newest client’s wife. That is where the fun starts.

She faces a wife looking for revenge holding a gun on her, almost dies at the hands of a brutal mobster in a showdown, and is stalked again (by a sparkler throwing madman).

Fans of the novel found that this was an enjoyable read with a good story. These books come to life and it is so vivid that you can imagine things, just like the whole thing was a movie. You will be unable to put this fast moving book down for very long. This is such a great series to follow, you get great and realistic characters, vivid descriptions, and great mysteries to keep things rolling, not to mention the pages turning.

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