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Publication Order of The Silence Books

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D Nolan Clark is a pen name that acclaimed author David Wellington uses. Under the pen name, he publishes the “Silence” series, which is science fiction and space opera. His editors felt the pen name would help distance these books from the other books that Wellington has written in his career. It helped him give readers something that they had never seen before, from the Wellington name. Under his own name, he writes about werewolves, vampires, and zombies.

The first book in the series, “Forsaken Skies” came out in the year 2016. He has said that he had been trying to write the book since he was just six years old and he saw the first “Star Wars” movie for the first time; which made him want to write fiction in the first place. He felt that he had to work towards writing this book, and his whole career has led him to the writing of this story. It grew from him wondering why, if there are so many aliens out there, than why has no one been able to see any?

The first novel he wrote and had published (under the Wellington name), which is called “Monster Island” (which came out in print in the year 2006 and is part one of his “Monster trilogy” that he published in serial form online), was something that he thought actually was a science fiction story. Due to the fact that it had zombies in it, it was put into the horror section and zombie apocalypse sub genre; this also led to him being called a horror writer, rather than something of a fantasy or a science fiction writer.

Some of his influences for writing this series include a bit of Robert A. Heinlein’s work, some of Frank Herbert’s work, Larry Niven, and Iain M. Banks; the last two were very influential for him. These are authors that he has liked since the eighties, when he started reading books.

“Forsaken Skies” is the first novel in the “The Silence” series and was released in the year 2016. The series is set a few centuries into the future, and looks at a world where humanity has started colonies all over, on different planets throughout the galaxy. It stars Aleister Lanoe, a space fighter pilot with many decorations, but starting to get old. From the frigid and light less void, came a force that was unknown to everyone.

They target a planet out in the middle of nowhere. It is the home of a group of people that are looking for piety and peace, after getting away from mankind. One of which is Commander Lanoe, who in the civil war, was one of the biggest heroes the Navy had. However, he was left with nothing but memories full of pain for him. The unalike pilots have to fight together and work together if they want to stay alive much longer. Their best, may not be good enough this time out.

This here is a book that you will not be able to put down, even if you are in need of sleep. The book deals with things like Fermi Paradox, Great Filter, and the Great Silence, yet it is still full of action and is a fun read, which readers some liked and wish they could find more stories like this one. Fans enjoyed the excitement, high adventure, technology, and fun this book provided them with throughout. It is a fully thought out and well designed world of the future. This book kicks things off very nicely, quite action oriented; and lets you know enough about the characters, so you can tell if you like them or not. This novel’s strong suit is the world building, it is full of descriptions of things like moons, space stations, wormholes, and planets.

“Forgotten Worlds” is the second novel in the “The Silence” series and was released in the year 2017. The alien armada has just suffered a shocking victory at the hands of Aleister Lanoe. He does not find this enough to quench his thirst for vengeance. Lanoe is not going to stop until he finds the home world of the armada and make it ashes.

He will have to wait for his vengeance. He faces something of a race against time, not to mention Centrocor Corporation, who is quite relentless, that is, if he wants to keep Earth around much longer. And find out the truth that he is looking for.

More character development this time around, which some liked, simply because book one was more about the world building. Fans of the novel found the pages flew right on by, despite this being over six hundred pages long. There are fun characters, lots of action, and witty dialogue. This is a series that has a lot of action and thrills, but still manages to be clever and thought provoking and still able to get people to start debates over certain things. Even though some could not understand the science parts of the book, this was still a great novel.

“Forbidden Suns” is the third novel in the “The Silence” series and was released in the year 2017. Lanoe has been on a mission of some kind since before he can even remember. Because of the three centuries of always fighting a war, he has been able to hone his abilities as a commander and a fighter pilot. Through this experience, he has never been able to lose.

He faces what could be his final mission. He must get his vengeance against the race that killed off all of the other sentient life in its way. All in a cold and systematic way. The stakes are higher than they have ever been before now.

Fans of the novel enjoyed the conclusion to this great trilogy. This is a series that you have to have several hours clear before reading because you will be unable to put the books down otherwise. Readers will miss some of the characters found in all of the novels in the trilogy, and even the aliens had some interesting characters. This trilogy is a great read for giant fans of science fiction, especially the space opera sub genres. This is a trilogy that some will want to re-read over and over again.

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