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D. Rus is a young Russian author that made his fiction writing debut with a bang in 2013. He became a very popular author in the literary market in Russia upon the publishing of “Alterworld” in 2014.

This was the novel that made him an overnight bestselling author. It was also this work that made him credited by critics with the creation of the LitRPG genre, which was a completely new genre of literary fiction.

Rus’s works are set in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG), the virtual reality world where he usually tells some interesting stories.

Rus has made a reputation for himself telling stories of ordinary people that find themselves stuck in a game where they have to follow the rules. The characters is also forced to preserve their integrity and follow the rules even as they strive to make the world a better place.

Following the massive popularity of his debut novel, D. Rus went on to pen more than half a dozen novels in the Play to Live series of novels. The series has become one of Rus’ most popular series even though he has over the years written several other series.

It is not every day that a fiction author invents a totally new literary fiction genre and hence Rus. D is not your ordinary author. Merging gaming conventions, fantasy, and science fiction, Rus made LitRPG one of the best fiction genres in Russia.
While he penned his novels in Russian and found much of his earlier success in his country of birth, he would become even more popular in Western Europe and North America.

In Russia, he got a nomination for one of the most prestigious literary prizes. He was nominated for the Start award for best debut science fiction novel. Most of his novels in the “Play to Live” series of novels have been translated into English. His works have also become bestselling titles on Amazon.

Rus. D continues to write LitRPG novels and has not stopped wowing fans with how good he is at penning his game-like series.

“Alterworld” by D. Rus is set at a time when there is a perma effect and a new pandemic that has taken over the world in the near future. Whenever a player engages with their favorite game, they need to be aware that their consciousness could become one with the virtual world and in doing so abandon their bodily host.

Some people may find themselves forever stuck in the world of Tetris but these would be the lucky ones, especially if compared to those that have to spend their lives eternally in tank simulators with their scorched hulls.
While it is an uncertain world, many people including wronged crime victims, shell-shocked army veterans, the terminally and the handicapped among many other misfits in society escape to this limitless world of MMORPGS with their sorcery and sword rather than live in the real world.

Max was once upon a time a seasoned gamer before he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. He decides to take the opportunity of a lifetime and together with the woman he loves and several trusted friends, he takes the promise of immortality.
Together, they begin roaming the AlterWorld, sampling the ecstasy and agony that is derived from absolute freedom.

It makes for a fast-moving story that will appeal to any tabletop, RPG, and MMORPG player. However, it is also an interesting story that will even draw in non-gamers.

Taking place in a fantasy world it is an intriguing story that is based on science fantasy while providing immersive and very exciting gameplay.

D. Rus’s novel “The Clan” continues to follow Max the seasoned gamer that cheated his fate. He had made the decision to swap his cancer-riddled body for an immortal one in the world of sorcery and sword MMORPGs.

He had become a member of the perma players, a new group of humans who are eternally stuck in virtual cities and castles of the Alterworld. They will now have to live by the forever-changing rule of their new world, as they learn to live together in justice, love, and peace.
But eternal life and liberty are a poisoned chalice. Some of his new friends are greedy for power and others become spies and traitors. The crimes of slavedrivers and torturers are encouraged as they offer a constant flow of gold back to the people who control the game in the real world.

The real controllers are the power-hungry governments that have been planning on taking over the limitless resources and magic technologies of the Alterworld.

This second work in the series is significantly different as compared to the adventure and action of the first novel. Alterworld has been transformed into more than a playground as Max has over time discovers.
The world has transformed from a place of sorcery and sword into a world where world and clan building has become more dominant which makes Max’s life more complicated.

The third novel of the “Play to Live” series by D. Rus is “The Duty.” The work still continues to follow the characters introduced in the first two novels of the series.

In this work, the perma players’ new reality has gained new color and depth. There has been a first death and first birth of the virtual world.

Meanwhile, the very thin and invisible umbilical cord between the Earth and the Alterworld has been growing even thinner and the coming catastrophe cannot be prevented even by the Fallen One.

Maybe Max should have pretended he never saw the Russian girl that had managed to get away from terrible slavery conditions living in virtual China. Maybe he should have pretended not to hear her desperate pleas for help as she clutched at straws.
But since he could not ignore her pleas, his actions result in a full-blown confrontation that sends thousands of men into battle on the frontier as it hacks through impervious mithril armor, melts desert sands, and burns kilotons of mana.

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